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The year 1952

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Posted by Royal on July 05, 2004 at 17:47:43:

Whilst going through some records,I came across a few interesting stories relating to the year 1952,which some may find interesting ;

1)Fifty two years ago in 1952,the death took place of Mrs.Mary Kirby R.I.P., who with her late husband James,was the first officially recorded couple to be married on Croagh Patrick.They resided in John's Row,Westport & when she died,all her children (2 daughters & a son)were residing in America.
2)The first time as far as I know ,that a sitting Councillor on C/bar U.D.C.,was disqualified & had to vacate his seat.The Councillor in question was Augustus Bourke (C/bar Cinema)& the disqualifacation was due to a Local Government technicality.He apparently paid rates on the Cinema for one year which were not due & when he subsequently deducted the amount the following year,that's when the technicality arose.Even though he was owed money.he had no legal right to deduct the amount & in doing so,he rendered himself liable to disqualification.There was alot of sympathy for him in the Chamber & luckily for him,he was co-opted back on to the Council at the next statory meeting of the Council.
3)History repeating itself - In 1952,the issue of a proposed playground at St.Patrick's Avenue was a hot topic.The U.D.C. were planning to build one when they were informed by the County Manager, that the land in question did not belong to the U.D.C. (which was news to them)& was to be returned to St.Mary's Mental Hospital.All the Councillors were outraged yet they could do nothing about it.Apparently,the land had never being legally handed over to the U.D.C. Strange that 52 years later,the playground is being built on land not very far from the proposed original one.

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