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Re: A good weekend read

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Posted by Butch on August 07, 2004 at 12:42:56:

In Reply to: A good weekend read posted by Mrsk on August 06, 2004 at 03:15:52:

In the year 2003 Murrisk, Our very own President MacAleese,was in the U.S.A. making a speech to a group of Virginians honouring their annual Írish festival'. I, had turned on the Telly at the exact moment Our Pres.was berating the Irish people in a stern voice, stating that: "The Irish people with their new found affluence and their love of of conviviality had abused alcohol and it's first cousin drugs and this behaviour would no longer be tolerated". The excesses described above,seem to mirror the inhebriated tone of Mrs Macaleese,and the inefectual bleat of Nancy Reagan "Say No to Drugs". Bill Clinton gave Billions of dollars to the Country of be be dispersed where?. Have the poppy fields of Afghanistan been destroyed?. A"mule" is not a Mule any more. A Semi- truck was passing thro'the Mexican border when it was stopped and searched and five million dollars was found inside, the driver was let go after extensive questioning,and interogation lasting at least thirty seconds!. Thanks Murrisk, the article you posted is incredulous. I have often wondered If I could whip off the top of a champagne bottle with my Russian sabre. According to a reliable source there were more pubs in Castlebar forty years ago, then there are to-day. He's right folkes another great link. Perhaps we need a drinking school A; How to pace yourself B; How to mix drinks and not get sick. C;How to say the alphabet backwards,while pointing your finger at your nose,standing on one leg. Please mail me for your free bottle of "DANDY,S REMEDY FOR HANGOVER GONE GONG". Just like Tombstone folkes hand in your keys,and take a hackney. It should'nt read "Don't drive and Drink", but," If you drink you are incapable of driving(correctly),Period. All pubs that provide taxi service and provide designated drivers deserve honourable mention,so stand up and be counted!!

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