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For 'M', private and confidential

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Posted by Green n Red Forever I nominate: ......By Butch on August 08, 2004 at 12:55:01:

that the photograph posted by a person(S), under the handle, 'Green N red forever': Be the official snapshot for the N.B.. That after it be choosen by a democratic vote of Aye Aye Aye! by the members of the Board ,whomever they may be!,A requistion, deposition, or petition placed before 'M'',that the NB icon be permenently placed on the 'Boards front page,in a prominent position, naturally!. Compressed for space, but clickable to a decent size for a new arrival!!,and perhaps a small legend to go with it telling the arrivals of how we stabbed them all, the horses that is!. Just kidding folkes. The top of Stobal has a comanding view of Castlebar, with Crouagh Padraig looming in the horizon. And easy access to main arteries attained. Steeped in historical folklore, legends, facts, fables, and fibs.. The "Garden of Stobal",makes an ideal 'signature' & linkature.

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