July-Sep 1998 - Seeking Castlebar Relatives & Friends

Free Noticeboard for those seeking their long lost cousins in and around Castlebar. Send us some details of your relations or ancestors. We will post them here with your e-mail address and hopefully someone will recognise your family and let you know.

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30 Sep 1998
Frank Dennis
* Seeking: Hoban,Egan,Durkin,Halloran
* Details: My great grandfather Dennis F. Hoban was born in Castlebar on November 11,1844. His parents were John and Bridget (Halloran) Hoban. Dennis was youngest of a large family.Only know of his sister Mary.Also related to a P.J. Egan born in Mayo July3,1857. He was the son of Michael and Winneford(Durkin) Egan. Would like to know if anyone recognizes any of these as members of a family they know. I live in Scranton Wilkes -Barre area of Pennsylvan.ia. U.S A.Please contact me if you feel you may know something.Thank you, Frank Dennis Hc#1 Box 2086 Tannersville, Pennsylvania 18372 U.S.A.

28 Sep 1998
Frank Thomas Dennis
* Seeking: John and Bridget(Holloran)Hoban Circa 1840's
* Details: Great grandfather Dennis Hoban born Castlebar Nov.11, 1884 son of John and Bridget.John came to America in 1848. Located Rochester New York.Joh's son Dennis eventually settled in Plains , Pennsylvania U.S.A. Would Like to hear from any relatives living today in Ireland.

28 Sep 1998
George Flaherty
* e-mail: Adams1090@aol.com
* Seeking: Richardson
* Details: Looking for Richardsons from Derrywash

28 Sep 1998
Mary Ellen McHale
* Seeking: McHale and McNicholas
* Details: My mother was Honora McNicholas who immigrated to New York in l929 from Castlebar. My dad was Thomas Michael McHale who immigrated to New York from Castlebar in l929 also.

23 Sep 1998
B Kielty Griffin
* comments: Will be visiting Castlebar in Oct. Going to Sarnaught where Kielty side of family was evicted during famine. Are there any Kielty's in area?

21 Sep 1998
* Seeking: Jacob BECKETT
* Details: Jacob BECKETT lived at "Spencer Park" around 1900 in a large 2/3 story house. The house overlooked a large lake down 3 lots of large steps. He was married to a BRAITHWAITE (My relation) who died about 1914. I have a letter and photos of his dated 15/1/1914.
We think you may be talking about Turlough House - located at Turlough Park about 5 miles from the centre of Castlebar. The round tower in the background is most likely Turlough/Parke Round Tower. The house is still standing and designated to become the site for Ireland's national Folk Life Collection. Mayo County Council own the house and are currently in the process of obtaining funding for this venture. The old steps are still there (if a bit uneven) but the lake was drained as part of the Moy River drainage in the 1960s. There are tentative plans to refill the lake as part of the restoration plans. It is a lovely place to walk around through the grandeur of bygone times.
We will be taking some new photos of Turlough House for the web site in the near future. You should be able to confirm from these if it is indeed the same house. If you can scan your old photos and e-mail them we would be delighted to include them on the site and we would also like to write up a bit more detail about your relations. We will ask the local historians here for more details too and forward this information to you.
Regina McGarrigle

20 Sep 1998
John Connor
* Seeking: Seeking Elle Murphy (maiden name)
* Details: From Derryhick, Parke, Castlebar
Elle is one of six Katie, Maud, Delia, Johnny and Michael
She left Castlebar in the 1940's and is believed to have moved to Birmingham, England where she worked on the trams in the Selly Oak area. My family has no idea if she still lives in England, as she has never been back to Ireland since leaving in the 1940's. We believe she would be in her mid 70's now and would love for her to get in touch as her brother and sister Johnny and Maud would love to see her again. I am the grandson of Katie her sister. I'm sorry we do not have more information, but we are hoping someone reading this will know her or her family and will get in touch with us. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

20 Sep 1998

20 Sep 1998

18 Sep 1998
John McHugh
* e-mail: McHughj@hotmail.com
* Seeking: McHugh
* Details:

18 Sep 1998

17 Sep 1998
MIchael J. Lyons
* Seeking: McCue and Lyons
* Details: Help me to find the McCues and the Lyons that lived in Meelick. Tant started the pipe band that played in Swinford. Mary Murphy was his sister and my aunt. I grew up in Meelick and went to school there. Bill Swords was the head-master in the school.

14 Sep 1998
Betty Kielty Griffin
* otherdetails: Researching Kielty name. Left Sarnaught about 1847. Can someone tell me name of parish church and graveyard for Sarnaught? Visiting in Oct. Thanks

14 Sep 1998
Jim Moore
* Seeking: Patrick Joseph Lavelle
* Details: Left Castlebar and Settled in Liverpool (England) at the beginning of this century? Three brothers emigrated to USA (New York), via Liverpool, at the same time. Are there any relatives still living in Castlebar?

14 sep 1998
Rich Brunett
* Seeking: McNealy or McNeela
* Details: Last know address was "Martin McNeela
Curradrish Castlebar
Co. Mayo, Ireland"
Four Daughters- Mary, Delia, Winefred and Annie
Four Sons- John, Jimmy, Patrick (Pakie) and Martin
Their farm is now owned by the Morans. Please forward info or photos.

14 Sep 1998
Richard Brunett
* seeking: My grandmother and her family grew up in Curradrish Castlebar, Co Mayo. Her Address was Martin McNeela Curradrish Castlebar Co. Mayo
I would really like to get a piece of the old house for her. She's 91 now and it's something i've been wanting to do. If you could help, I could forward a prepaid U.S. Mail Box and my address.

11 Sep 1998

Kieran Long
* Seeking: Fr. Mattie Long
[e-mail address passed on]
9 Sep 1998
* Name: South Mayo Family Research Centre
* e-mail: soumayo@iol.ie
* Details: The South Mayo Family Research Centre, Main Street, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo have computerised the various 19th century genealogical records for the Castlebar area and provide a professional research service. E-Mail for an information leaflet and application form.
5 Sep 1998

3 Sep 1998
Kathleen Brammer
* seeking: Searching for GAUGHAN and BARRETT links to the County Mayo area.
3 Sep 1998
Jeff Truncer
* Seeking: Alan Hope
* Details: Works at Baxter Healthcare

2 Sep 1998
* Seeking: BECKETT
* Details: "Spencer Park" .. a large house with a lake & croquet lawns with a tower in the distance ... about 1900 - 1914.

2 Sep 1998
* comments: Like your website & stuff.
Would anyone know what or where "Spencer Park" may be?
I have a letter & some photos of a big (2 storey) house near a lake with what looks like a tall thin tower in the background (letter & photos from about 1900-1914)The letter was sent from "Spencer Park". I'm in Australia, and would appreciate any info.

1 Sep 1998
hugh blunt
* Seeking: donal mcilinn
* Details: he works at airport bar and is a friend of tony mchugh

31 Aug 1998
Barbara Gibson
* Seeking: McEwen Family
* Details: McEwen family emigrated to Canada approx. 1843: James,Robert,Ellen,Ann,Susan,Bessie-was m.Wm.Ready. (Susan m. a Wills, Ellen m. a Rea, Ann m. a Ferguson) Believe family included 4 more daughters. Parents possibly John McEwen and Mary Carr (dau. of Captain Carr. Ballina mentioned in family story, also Enniskillen and Castlebar. Seeking family history in Ireland for McEwen and Carr families in particular.

31 Aug 1998
Greg McGrail
* Seeking: McGrail/McGreal
* Details: I'm researching the McGrails of Connaught. I've set up a website ("McGrail's Drumkeerin Genealogy Page")at http://members.lsa.net/shamrock for all members of the McGrail/McGreal clan worldwide.
Other names being researched at the site are:

30 Aug 1998
Hans Bennis
* Seeking: margaret * Details: i met margaret during the 4 days walkins in 74-77. i forget her surename, but at that time she work at Cafola's in the mainstreet. she was about 17-18 years old.
30 Aug 1998
Hans Bennis
* Seeking: Brian Coleman
* Details: I met Brian during the 4 days walkins in 74-77. his address at that time was Sion Hill, Castlebar

30 Aug 1998
Hans Bennis
* Seeking: ernie sweeney
* Details: i was 23 years ago in castlebar for the 4 days walking festival and stay 2 years at ernie's place

28 Aug 1998
Emer Mc Cormack
* Seeking: Cunningham
* Details: Sean and Mary
9 children

Wed, 26 Aug 1998
Julie Kearney * Seeking: Kearney * Details:
Sun, 23 Aug 1998
Pamela L. McHaney
* Seeking: McHaney
* Details: I am working on my family tree and know very little about my background. I live in the United States and would appreciate if any one has any information on my name... thank you in advance,

Wed, 19 Aug
sheila ziegler
* Seeking: killeen,john
* Details: possibly dennis or julia

Sat, 15 Aug 1998
Andy Jack
* Seeking: Tadden
* Details: Anyone with the surname Tadden

Sun, 9 Aug 1998
John R Stanton
* Seeking: Stanton
* Details: Grandfather John J Stanton born in Castlebar ca. 1847 (or so it says on his US Navy service certificate). His parents were Edward Stanton and Mary Horan. Probably emigrated to US ca. 1860.
Fri, 7 Aug 1998
Kathleen Brammer
* Details: could someone tell me how to find information on births and marriages ? I am looking for birth information for Ellen Gaughen b about 1845 to Michael and Catherine Mcneely Gaughen. Would the Catholic church have records that go back that far? Ellen married Patrick Barrett sometime before 1870. They came to the US in April 1870 to Pennsylvania. I would appreciate any help finding information for my Greatgrandparents.
Thank you

Wed, 5 Aug 1998 margaret stone
* comments: greeting from irish lass in upstate new york usa mother was born in county mayo town of ballyglass in l902 maiden name of murray. Daughter of john and bridget murray. Went to school in fahy. Do i have ANY RELATIVES LEFT in county mayo?
Tue, 4 Aug 1998
Jack Vahey * Seeking: VAHEY * Details: The Vahey name seems to originate in Co Mayo Ireland. I am researching it and would like your input if interested. Visit the Vahey web page at
Long live Ireland
Jack Vahey in Portland Oregon

Tue, 4 Aug 1998
Daniel McCaffrey
DANFAC@AOL.COM * Seeking: McCaffrey or McCaffery, LaVelle & Moran families

Sun 2 Aug 1998
JOHN RATTRAY * Seeking: armstrong, geraghty
* Details: armstrong of manulla,station road also onetime occupiers of newsagent,store in spencer st castlebar,
geraghty lucy,freda geraghty
daisy armstrong ( margaret rattray )

Fri 31 Jul 1998
Harry Loos
* Seeking: Noud Wijnen, Ans Wijnen
* Details: living in Glenisland, fellow dutchman

Wed Jul 29 1998
Name: Joyce Falink
e-mail: jfalink@rconnect.com
Seeking: Cecilia Burke Carr and John Burke of Ballmew (?)
Details: My ancestor is Patrick Burke who was born in the County of Mayo. He went to Jamaica, West Indies, in the early 1800's and I have a copy of his will written in 1817 in Jamaica which names his brother, John Burke of Ballmew (not sure of spelling), near Castlebar, and his sister, Mrs. Cecilia Burke Carr of Castlebar in the County of Mayo in Ireland. Would like to be put in touch with current family of these people. Hopefully, someone will recognize these names as their ancestors too. Would love to hear from you. Sincerely, Joyce Falink, Cannon Falls, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Tue Jul 28 1998
Name: Armstrong
e-mail: h.b.higgins@bham.ac.uk
Seeking: Ann and Dan O'brien
Details: Ann is a school teacher

Sat Jul 25 1998
Name: asta kellly
e-mail: shelly@yahoo.com
Seeking: shane gannon
Details: living in breaffy

Fri Jul 24 1998
Name: Robert and Gail McDonald
Seeking: McDonald family, Garvin family, Kane family, Sheahan family
Details: Searching and hoping for a connection to our Irish roots. Having grown up listening to the "elders" talk of how their family came from Castlebar, County Mayo---we feel a strong connection to orginal home and hope to have opportunity to travel back home. We have passed on to our children, love of family and tradition and would like to connect to family still in Castlebar. I realize this is not our first attempt at E-mail to you but , we will continue to hope for a answer. Bob and Gail.

Wed Jul 22 1998
Name: breege mc tigue
Seeking: edward mc tigue
Details: lived in burren, castlebar.
i think that his fathers name was john mc tigue, but am not positive. I would like as much family history as possible.

Sun Jul 19 1998
Name: sean moran
e-mail: smoran1@compuserve.com
Seeking: Bourke Mary (nee Devaney)
Details: Mary Bourke was from Kilkeel near Breafy, she was left a widow in 1880 and evicted from her home. She had six daughters they may have emigrated to USin 1883 any decendants please contact i have the full story of the death of william her husband.
PS hello castlebar look forward to visting soon

Sun Jul 19 1998
Name: Bernard James Halligan
e-mail: halligan@attcanada.net
Seeking: Friends from McHale Road or past students from St.Geralds College in 1960/1961
Details: Hello,
My name is Bernard Halligan. I was born in Castlebar in 1946 and lived at #33 McHale Road. We had a very large family. I am presently living in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada which is approximately 100 kms west of Toronto. I would love to hear from anyone from Castlebar.
Bernard Halligan

Thu Jul 16 1998
Name: Adriane and Leonid Volkov
e-mail: leolevo@aol.com
Seeking: Geraldine Kilcogne
Details: Married to John Kilcogne, last known living place : Rusturk, Mullrany

Thu Jul 16 1998
Name: Aine LaComfora
e-mail: SMTP: Aine.LaComfora@astra.us.astra.com
Seeking: John cresham

Wed Jul 15 1998
Name: Mary Kelly (Corcoran) Castlebar
e-mail: lcorcoran@tinet.ie
Seeking: Jim Kelly, Florida
Details: From an article on the Mayo News on Wednesday, July 15th, 1998, I discovered that a Jim Kelly is my first cousin wishing to trace his relatives in Ireland. Hoping for him to contact me in September during his visit to Ireland.

Wed Jul 15 1998
: Trevor Daly
Just relocated to Castlebar from New Zealand

Wed Jul 15 1998
Name: Trevor Daly
e-mail: tgdaly@iol.ie
Seeking: New Zealanders
Details: I'm currently living in Castlebar & would like
to know if there are any other New Zealanders
living here.

Tue Jul 14 1998
Name: Kathleen Brammer
e-mail: Bram298@aol.com
Seeking: BARRETT/GAUGHAN Families
Details: I know there are some of you left in the Castlebar area! Don't try to hide from me. My Great great grandfather was Patrick Barrett, I believe he was from Castlebar, along with his wife, Ellen Gaughan Barrett. Ellen was born , I believe between 1842 and 1845, to Michael and Catherine McNeely Gaughan. If there are any of you with access to church records at that time, I would love to know if they were married at the Catholic church there. I visited your city in December but didn't have that information at that time . Could anyone help me place them there? Patrick died in 1894 and Ellen died in 1916 in Marion Ohio. We just found that they are buried in an unmarked grave and want to remedy that as soon as we find out their life stories. They left Ireland in April 1870, I do know that for sure. Would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks friends!

Tue Jul 14 1998
Name: Larry D. Loiselle
e-mail: larry.loiselle@lords.com
Seeking: Pleasant Webb and Family
Details: 1. Pleasant (Plesent) WEBB1 was born about 1765 in Ireland?.1 In 1880 his son, Elias, said that his father, Pleasant was born in Ireland. He died between 1830 and 1840 in Ohio, USA.1 Around 1800 Pleasant and family came in to the Ohio valley from Rutherford County, North Carolina. In 1803 he was in Scioto County, Ohio and was said to be a notorious character, said to be a Tory during the Revolutionary War. Pleasant was in Greenup County, Kentucky in 1820 and in Lawrence County, Ohio in 1830, he did not appear in the 1840 census, so it is believed he died between 1830-1840.
A writeup on Scioto County, Ohio states that in 1803 Pleasant Webb murdered a man named Squires at the Licks and the salt boilers drove him away from Licks after his crime. It appears that Pleasant went into Greenup County, Kentucky.
Pleasant (Plesent) WEBB and Unknown (Margaret?) BLACKWELL had +2 i. Elias WEBB.
+3 ii. James WEBB.
+4 iii. Hanley WEBB.
+5 iv. Aden WEBB.
+6 v. William WEBB.
+7 vi. Margaret WEBB.
+8 vii. Baker WEBB.
+9 viii. Sarah (Sally) WEBB.
+10 ix. Temperance WEBB.

Tue Jul 14 1998
Name: John Schlafer
e-mail: krschlaf@frontiernet.com
Seeking: Kilcourse
Details: My mother was Catherine Kilcourse.

Tue Jul 14 1998



Wed Jul 08 1998

Name: Kathleen Brammer

e-mail: Bram298@aol.com

Seeking: Barrett/Gaughen

Details: Patrick Barrett married Ellen Gaughen, Ellen was a daughter of Michael and Catherine (McNeely?) Gaughen. She was born in 1842 in Mayo Co. I believe Castlebar. Emmigrated to Shenandoah PA , then to Marion County OH. Would love to get some family records of her in Castlebar. Possibly, birth, baptism, marriage etc. I was there in December, but have found more information since and hope to place them in the Castlebar area. I have her date of birth as Sept. 7, 1842. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Mon Jul 06 1998

Name: Pat Connors

Seeking: Mary Ann McEntee

Details: Mary Ann was born in 1850 and migrated to Troy,

NY in the USA. She married James O'Connor from

Tipperary. I am looking for some McEntee relatives.

She was my great grandmother.

Sun Jul 05 1998

Bob and Gail McDonald


Greetings to all in Castlebar from your American cousins living in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Facts about us-we have 5 children, two sons-in-law, 2 grandsons, one 17 year old cat, 13 year old dog. Bob works as a milk hauler transporting 7,000 gal. of milk from the farms to the dairy daily. Gail is a Montessori teacher on the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Reservation. Like many in our community we are proud to be of Irish ancestry. Family orginally from Castlebar-McDonald, Sheahan, Garvin and Kane. In Ojibwae language, greetings are---Ahani or Boozu!

Sun Jul 05 1998

Name: pol & bernie duffy

e-mail: dubhthaigh@att.net

Seeking: quinn

Details: they own a farm supply business on st martins terrace, springfield

Sun Jul 05 1998

Name: Richard

Seeking: Kearney

Details: Shranalee, Pontoon Road

Sun Jul 05 1998

Name: tara frances

e-mail: taramartina@webtv.net

Seeking: bridie lofus

Details: was a dear friend and i just heard she passed away sometime in october 1997 and would lie to know if its true so i can contact the family, she lived in swinford would appreciate any help you can give me, sincerly tara

Wed Jul 01 1998

Name: Rebecca Wilson White

e-mail: rrcrw@flatoday.infi.net


Details: I'm trying to figure out where my relatives came from. My great-aunts always said that we came from Mayo County, Ireland and the town that they would name sounded something like "Glen Haven" or maybe "Glen Island." I would love to have some information on where that town is. I believe my great-aunts said that it was on the coast. I would love to buy a detailed map of Mayo County or a map of where specifically this town is. My great grandmother's maiden name was MaGlaughlin. Her two youngest daughters were identical twins who were named after Irish nuns, named Libretia and Laurentia. My great-aunts also said that we were part of the Burke clan! If anyone knows where my ancestors lived, please send me a reply. Thanks! P.S. I live in Melbourne, Florida, USA

Tue Jun 30 1998
Name: Bob and Gail McDonald
e-mail: bgmcdon@journey.com
Seeking: Patrick McDonald and Bridgette Sheahan, William Robert Kane and Mary Garvin
Details: Family left mid to late 1800"s to Westport Canada, coming to Mt. Pleasant Michigan and settling here 1900.

Mon Jun 29 1998
Name: Bob and Gail McDonaald
e-mail: bgmcdon.com
Seeking: family history of John McDonald aand Catherine Kane McDonald, or parents were Patrick McDonald and Bridgette Sheahan.
Details: Interested in family from Castlebar, County Mayo went to Westport Canada then to Isabella County in Michigan, USA in late 1800's. other family names include William Robert Kane and Mary Garvin.

Sun Jun 28 1998
Name: Cameron Eppler
Seeking: Beckett
Details: My grandfather's name was Ronald Carey Beckett.
I believe he had a brother named Jacob. He married
Jacoba Morrison, my aunts name was Olivia Morrison
but we called her Patsy. The Beckett estate was
called Spencer Park, but I am told thats been
torn down. I want to visit Castlebar next spring.
Thanks for any info you can find.

Thu Jun 25 1998
Name: Craig Mylett
Seeking: Mylett or possably spelled Mylott
Details: Family thought to have lived in Castlebar area until around turn of last century. Christian names Thomas (father) with 3 sons William, Harry and Alun. (Alun died young, possably TB?)
My Grandfather, William Mylett used to visit Castlebar as a child. This would have been about 1900. We think that this was to visit family. He had two brothers, Harry and Alun. Their father was Thomas Mylett. At the time they were living in the Manchester, England area.
If you have any information about them please contact me at crai@clara.co.uk Craig Mylett

Sat Jul 18 1998

We're planning a trip to ireland in the summer of 1999. Very excited. Stumbled on this website while looking for places to visit and CAMP. See you in '99!

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