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This week, be ready to take control. Plan for the future so as to make life simple. Stand up for yourself and don't be a soft touch. Life is for enjoying so go out and enjoy. Some one from the past gets in touch

Beware of idle gossip and be prepared to stand your ground. Make sure all the facts are known and then and only then can a rational decision be made. It will all work out for the best in the end.

Embrace the future and all the wonders it holds. Love is on the horizon but are you sure you are looking for it in the right place. Maybe a second look at your social life is required to meet your perfect partner.

Make someone in your life feel special today and you will be surprised with the benefits it brings you. A business opportunity comes your way, do examine it carefully to make sure it is what you want in life.

Be prepared to listen to others and try and understand their point of view. Someone is dropping strong hints in your direction maybe an old romance is about to be rekindled.

On the personal front life has never been better, but be careful not to burn the candle at both ends. Accept an invitation to a social gathering. At work tough decisions have to be made are you prepared to do it.

You will be called upon to use your diplomatic skills to the best this week but try to remain detached. On a personal front stop sitting on the fence and go for it opportunity comes to those who take it.

Financial affairs are to the fore this week so manage the finances carefully. Don't let others walk over you, life is for living so live a little.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and all your plans will come to fruition, all that hard work was worthwhile now take the rest that you deserve.

Allocate your time wisely this week so that you get everything done. Avoid those who try to create problems and make life harder than it actually is.

Listen to what others have to say they are only trying to help. At work the flirtatious smile may lead to something special at the weekend.

Do what is right for you for a change, things that happened in the past are best left in the past.Look to the future that special companion that you have waited so long for is is about to come along.