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Rainforest Project

Our Poems and Stories
A Stormy Night

It was a stormy night,
And it was not bright
Because there was not light,
And I got a fright,
But I had to use my might,
To not get a fright,
When there was no light.

There was a lot of thunder,
It made me wonder,
About the trees going all asunder,
And that's why I wonder,
About the thunder.

The rain was hitting on the window pane,
And I got a fright again,
I felt like drinking some gin,
But that would be a sin,
For drinking under the age of ten.
Maybe I will just put the gin
Into the bin.

By Robert (Rang 6)

Boys and girls

Boys wear trousers,
Girls wear blouses.
Boys get mad,
Girls get sad.
Boys are a hoot,
Girls are cute.
Boys act the fool,
While girls play it cool.
Boys like to boast,
And girls like to toast.
Boys like to take,
While girls like to make.
Boys are the pest,
And we know the rest.
Girls can make trouble,
So I think we are double.

By Anna (Rang 6)

Changing Times

The leaves swept across the playground.
The rusty red and golden brown leaves move quickly with the wind.
While the snow falls softly onto the windowsills.
The icicles slowly melt and become spring.

By Mandi

Ghost girl

It was summer and I was going to America California to my aunties for two weeks.
So I'm shopping for some clothes. I'm in the shoe department looking for flip-flops.
When the lights go out. It's pitch black and I can't see a foot in front of me. I feel a gust of wind behind me! I turn back and shake my head it was probably my imagination. I started walking around, cautious of the things around me, afraid of the unknown darkness, so silent and undisturbed. Looking for someone to help me. I started shouting for staff but I was all alone.
I was suddenly aware of the icy cold wind all around me. I felt closed in and light headed. My eyes started watering. It was like my heart was in my head. I fell to my knees in pain. My stomach was in a twist. I fell to my side hitting my head off a shelf when icy cold hands burning through me like a hot knife on butter picked me up. Sharp pains like someone stabbing me all over. Without warning I was dropped harshly to the ground. I felt a slimy concoction slip down my throat I woke up to darkness. It felt like forever since I opened my eyes but only to darkness. I fumbled to my feet and made my way out of the store. I started walking home when all else failed .It was very cold for a summer's night so I decided to rest.
A flood of light hitting my eyes like a thunderbolt and a man in war clothes shaking me awake talking in old brutish English in a sorrowful tone awakened me. "Did you get lost."

By Annie

I dream of being in heaven
And it's a white and peaceful world,
Everyone was there that had disappeared
And you didn't know where.

I dream of being in heaven
Where there is peace and no war,
Maybe I'll meet my family and friends,
But I'm glad I'm still on earth.

I'm still alive my heart is pumping,
And I've still got time to live.

By Natalie

Hello Goodbye

I said, "Hello!"
And you said, "Goodbye!"
And I said, "Goodbye!"
And you said, "Hello!"
When you said, "Hello!"
I said, "Cheerio!"
When I said, "Goodbye!"
You said, "Hi!"

Happy Sad

I was happy, you were sad.
When I was sad, you were happy.
You were glad that I was sad.
I was happy that you were mad.

By Karen


There's A Burglar Downstairs

There's a burglar downstairs,
I heard him in the night,
I heard him creep through the window
And scramble out of sight.

So I crept out of bed and opened my door,
And I found myself falling right through the floor,
Then I fell on my bum,
And broke my thumb,
I looked around,
And there was not a sound,
Except for the water dripping on the ground,

So I said to myself,
In all of my cares,
I was mistaken,
There's no burglar downstairs.

By Katherine

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Sixth Class have been very busy with various art projects.
Below you can see some of our beautiful clay work.





We have been working with pastels. We ae very proud of our masterpieces!

The solar System



We dressed up in our Halloween costumes on October 22nd

Click here to see some more Halloween pictures!

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Rainforest Projects

We have been very busy learning about the Rainforests.

We even made our own mini-forests!



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