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By Linenhall
Oct 18, 2006, 08:28

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At the Linenhall - 18 Oct 2006 - Beezneez present Unforgiven.

Bachelor brothers P.J. and Seamie await their sick father’s death for different reasons. Meanwhile, neighbour Mary is nursing her ill mother towards death under the watchful eye of P.J., who has big plans for the aftermath of the deaths. When the brothers’ father dies, another brother, Eamonn, comes back from America for the funeral. Will his arrival wreck P.J.’s plans, and why did he leave in the first place? Unforgiven is the third play in John McDwyer’s Leitrim Trilogy (with Lovely Leitrim and Callaghan’s Place), and is described by the author as "a mad play about mad people who live content in their own madness". Whereas the previous plays were serious with funny moments, Unforgiven is "an all-out comedy with a few serious moments". Leitrim language tumbles off the pages towards a final denouement which will leave the audience hooting with delight. John McDwyer directs Michael Roper, Finbar Ryan, Mary Morris and the author himself in a trademark Beezneez production that guarantees ‘A Good Night Out’ for patrons.

THEATRE - Wednesday 18th October @ 8.00pm Beezneez - Unforgiven

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