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Angling News

Northwest Angling News for Week ending 10th Sep 2006
By Markus Muller
Sep 14, 2006, 09:27

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River Moy

The Moy system accounted for 558 salmon this week bringing the total catch for the season, so far, to 7,525. Fishing conditions continued to be good with some fresh fish caught in the entire system. The best fishing again was on the Ballina Salmon Anglers water with a reported catch of 136 salmon (21 released).

The Moy Fishery reported a total of 98 salmon for the week. On the Ridge Pool, Liam Illingworth, England, had two fish, 1 of which he released. Jack Worswick, also from England, landed a fine 7.99 lbs salmon, whereas Thomas Gilligan from Co. Laois had a fish at 7.9 lbs. On the Cathedral Beat, Greg McCreight from Northern Ireland had 5 salmon on fly, 4 of which he returned and Gerard Nevin, Longford, landed a nice 7.8 lbs. salmon.

On Mount Falcon, 35 salmon were reported for the week, 29 of which were released. Padraic & Colm Conroy, Galway, had 4 fish together (2 released) with best fish at 6.5 lbs. On the Knockmore Club (Scott-Knox-Gore) Fishery, P.J. Daly, Co. Laois landed a fine fish of 11 lbs. Lorenzo Serrano, Spain, who fished the Coolcronan Fishery had 2 salmon for 2 days with best at 10.16 lbs. On Byrne’s, English angler Malcolm O’Daffron, had 9 salmon for the week, 4 of which he released. On Armstrong’s, Frank Maloney, Tipperary, caught 2 fish for 2 days. His best fish, which took a worm, weighed in at 10 lbs. Rinanney reported 62 fish for the week and 20 fish were caught. The East Mayo water produced 20 salmon for the week and it was here that Dublin angler, Norbert Bannon, had a fine 4.74 lbs. brown trout on the fly as well as a 3 lbs. salmon.

Easkey River

The Easkey continued to fish well during the week. The Fortland Fishery reported 12 salmon for the week, 7 of which were released. Robert Rountree from Northern Ireland landed 4 fish, all of which he released.

Owenmore River

The heavy rain earlier in the week resulted in high water levels on the Owenmore and fishing conditions remained good, particularly towards the end of the week. A total of 21 salmon (15 of which were released) were reported for the week on the Bangor Angling Club stretch. Scientists from the Central Fisheries Board were radio tagging salmon as part of the catch and release programme during the week and they caught and released 8 salmon.

Glenamoy River

The high water levels brought a good run of salmon into the river and anglers enjoyed good fishing during the week. Local angler, Michael Noone, landed 3 salmon, 2 of which he returned, and Oisin O’Sullivan & Neville Thomson had ten salmon between them, all of which they returned.

Newport River

There were two salmon reported for the week on the Newport River. Visiting angler, Pat Smith, had one fish and Richard Myers caught a fine 10 lbs. salmon on an Ally’s Shrimp. Both anglers were guests of Newport House.

Ballinlough Fishery

Angling conditions were ideal on Ballinlough during the week. However, just a few rods went out catching a total of 9 trout, 7 of which were released. Mike Brown from Loughrea, Co. Galway landed 4 trout, all of which he released. Meanwhile, junior anglers enjoyed a day on the lake and Pat McNamara had a fine Rainbow trout of 2 lbs while Sinead Hughes had one at 1.5 lbs.

Lough Conn

Fishing on Lough Conn picked up during the week and local anglers did particularly well fishing in the evenings. Dermot Dunne, Co. Offaly, and local angler, Seamus Kelly, had 7 fish between 1.25 lbs. and 1.75 lbs. They returned all their fish which came to Bibios, Sooty Olives and Golden Olive patterns. Visiting Dutch anglers, Hans v. der Linden and Piet Keizer caught 3 trout each for 8 lbs., with best at 2.5 lbs. Best flies for them were Octopus and Green Peter. Marie Kelly from Wicklow was lucky and caught her first Lough Conn trout weighing 1.5 lbs. Marie’s fish took a Daddy Longlegs pattern.

Lough Arrow

The Ballisodare & Collooney Anglers held their Annual Fly Fishing Competition on Sunday, 10 September. Twenty-eight anglers took part in the event and fishing conditions were good. Joe Quinn (Ballina) and John Walsh (Cloghans) won the competition with a fine 3 lbs. trout. Local anglers Fechin McMorrow Senior and Junior came 2nd with Thomas Walsh and Keith Somers, both from Castlebaldwin, in 3rd place.

During the week, Karl Murrin had one trout at 2 lbs.

Bilberry Lake

The Kennedy Cup was fished on Bilberry Lake near Castlebar on Sunday, 10 September. Twenty-six anglers took part and landed a total of 23 trout. The competition was organised by Bilberry/Lannagh Angling Club. Winner with the heaviest fish (1.85 lbs.) was Mat Fahey. The heaviest bag was taken by John McGookin who was runner up with 4 fish for 4.59 lbs and Padraic Costello had the next heaviest bag with 2 fish for 3.15 lbs.

A cross border competition was also held on Bilberry Lake during the week with a team from the Larne Angling Club taking part in the event. Results were as follows: 1st John Burke (NWRFB) with 6 fish for 10.54 lbs.; 2nd Philip O’Brien/Gleeson with 3 fish for 2.51 lbs.; 3rd Verdin Lill (Larne) with 3 fish for 2.45 lbs.

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