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Castlebar Information Age Town, County Mayo in the West of Ireland. Our information age town projects are sponsored by eircom
Castlebar Information Age Town, County Mayo, Ireland - WebSite sponsored by eircom

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Photographs updated every day from Castlebar - Panto 2001
Pantomania in Castlebar - Aladdin 2001. Photo: Courtesy Michael Donnelly

Have You Seen the Panto Yet? Aladdin in the TF all this week. Check out photos of the cast of the January 2001 Pantomime in Castlebar.

Castlebar One Million Campaign:   Join our campaign to reach One Million Hits Per Month. Ask your friends to visit! We have reached 496,000 by 16th January. It will be close!

Castlebar Rotary Club - Irish Film Premiere: The Irish Premiere of Mel Gibson's new film What Women Want will be held in Castlebar on 26th January, one week before it opens nationwide. A limited number of tickets are still available.

Rotary Charity Irish Film Premiere Friday 26th January 2001 in aid of local Castlebar Charities and Elderly Mayo Emigrants


Keith Heneghan: Have a look at Keith's striking photographs. You will have seen many of them in the National Press.

Castlebar Parish Newsletter: Parish newsletter from Castlebar: This Sunday's Parish Newsletter

The Quiet Man: Guest reviewer Peter Jordan takes us through one of his all-time favourite classics

Reflections: Glenisland Islandeady Parish Millennium Magazine - Reflections - read extracts and find out where to get your copy.

Birds and Wildlife in the Garden: Read Horkan's January Gardening Newsletter hosted on the Castlebar server network.

Castlebar in Sound and Vision

Last Week's Moon Eclipse: Lunatic stuff? Claire de Lune.... on a clear night the moon disappeared over Castlebar! We took the camera out to watch the moon go and come back again. Almost perfect viewing in Castlebar.

New Castlebar Realvideo footage: Big Brother is watching you on Castlebar's Traffic Cam. Can you identify the lunatic driver in teh small red car?

Castlebar four days walks: Ramble on the Burren mountain with the walkers and get their views on Castlebar's Four days Walks festival

CRCFM Live: Live RealAudio webcast from CRCFM - 11:00 to 21:00 weekdays and 9:00 to 18:00 weekends. Ireland's first community radio to be webcast live. CRCFM's web site gives details of programmes and presenters.

Castlebar Guestbook: Say Happy New Year to your friends and relations in Castlebar and abroad.

Castlebar Roots: Have you got Castlebar roots? Post your family details on our roots board. Your long lost relatives may just see it!

Mayo Papers Review: Browse through our quick overview of the weekly papers for Castlebar and Mayo.

Tennis Club: Warren Atkins wins National under-14 title. Check out the report on his heroic performance at the Castlebar Tennis Club Website.

Some of the attendance at the Ballyheane Senior Citizens Party in Ballyheane Community Centre on Sunday afternoon 14 January 2001. Photo Courtesy Michael Donnelly

St. Pat's Special Christmas Site: Happy Christmas from St. Patricks Boys School - Carol Singing - they raised 1400 in four hours! - Santa's visit to the school, GAA, Rugby, Stories, Riddles, etc....

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