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Re: golden memories

Posted by oliver killeen on August 17, 2008 at 21:15:09:

In Reply to: Re: golden memories posted by MC on August 17, 2008 at 19:13:05:

we on the road had alot of excitement way back then....those 'cattle drives"...with cow S@@@ everywhere....some cows were in such condition they did not make it to the factory they were put down on the spot and hauled away by paddy mohan in a big truck...i remember the pig pen on denning side of the street and a mr. moylette from down market square bought the pigs ...we'd go this barn and watch the pigs "millions" of them squealing ....then maybe the next day we'd watch the kill....they'd be driven acroos "pen" style to the holding pen outside the slaughter house...there they'd be shackled by one leg and slotted into a conveyer chain where the hung upside down until they came to their executioner mr.mcgeal.....a stab to the gullet and a slit ....blood squirted like a waterfall.....they squeal and squeal until they arrived down this chain wher they were thrown into a vat of scalding water then they were hoisted and brought to what i called bill corcorans inferno ....this chamber opened up and we'd gaze ate the pressured flames and listen to the sound of this inferno......out of there they were greeted by paddy "lawhy" mcginty where they were split open....pushed along for inspection by vet o'malley...and on inspection they moved onto the next phase before becoming rashers or "pigs ass" for cabbage....mick gavin , harry farrell and myself used to ask lawhy for the bladders...back then i loved wathching them produce lard white.....over in the other slaughter house where they killed the beef .......toady roache stood on the dock with his humane killer then one cow at a time was driven into the death chamber where one pop to the skull dropped them...they were hoisted and their throats cut....blood everywhere...they were then skinned by mick flynn , paddy mcdonagh and others and and then onto the big chain saw where they were cut in two...then the cut thay divided front and hind quarters....the gut room was another experience tommy lally,jimmy madden, donal dunne [until he moved up the chain of cmmand.....danky was the bacon factory manager in those days....paul holmes ran the boiler house and his lodger[ his name skips my memory]mr hornby i think...ran the sausage house....he had a remarkable handle bar mustache....paddy merrick and tom moran hauled the product in horse drawn floats to the varios shops ...sides of baco...big boxes of sausages and puddings......which reminds me ...several people on the road made black pudding....i remember annie fair making it and mrs conway.....
the war of the ends....the lowere end and the factory end the lower end was from joe mcginns in number one to o,connors...the other end was from hughes's to julia holiens? that feud was more or less created by the most famous of gangs...the bowerey boys....east side kids....i remember been engaged in many skirmishes john doherty was the main man at the factory end we were led by many dick dunne , paudgeen guthrie, etc eventually i led my own gang ....i never played second fiddle too you know i was nicknamed tarzan....myself rocky moylett . joedy mcellin mick gavin shamy keane liam keane tommy guthrie etc defended our turf.....and at the end of the wars we'd light a fire on the backroad boil potatoes or roast them in the fire and have a you remember pinky prendergasts shop.....a fairgreen topic another time......thats the way it was way back once upon a good time....tog go bog e mo cara.....

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