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Posted by Murrisk on April 21, 2004 at 17:22:39:

The disease that stole summers - usually children but frequently adults were infected and all were beyond cure. Polio used to be a terrible scourge. There were 499 paralytic polio cases in Ireland in 1956 alone and this does not include those who were only partially paralyzed. Paralysis, twisted limbs,iron calipers and the iron lung.

49 years ago in April 1955 the Salk vacine was declared safe and effective. In October 1956 the Sabin vacine was also declared safe and effective. I remember receiving the polio vacine on sugar lumps - at least I think they were sugar lumps - in the old clinic. Was it Salk or Sabin ?

I wonder how many years this type of vacination was continued in Castlebar and if it is still continued. There was a polio scare in the country in the mid-1970's and additional vacinations/boosters were required. Have there been many since ?

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