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The annual 'Bazaar' in Castlebar

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Posted by Oldtimer on November 03, 2004 at 17:51:44:

Remember the annual Bazaar that used to be held in Castlebar? I wonder why they stopped. Did Townspeople stop going to them or did the organisation/group who used to hold them just decide to call it a day.They were great & very distinct.Everyone knew everyone else at that time including the organisors & the participants.
Also I miss the bands which used to come to the Mall alot,particularly the Army Band.They would arrive during the Summer & stay for a few days playing away.I know we have the Town Band but unless it's a special occassion or you have to fork out alot of money to see them in Concert in the T.F or where ever,the only time now they give free outdoor recitals is once or twice a year in the Market Square.
I know I'm been a bit harsh but it would be lovely,weather permitting of course, to have the Town Band or anyother one play during the Summer in the Mall.

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