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Message from the Chairman

THE Mayo League has made many great strides over the last number of years in terms of summer football, sponsorship, Super League and the setting of standards. We now need to move forward once again and concentrate on developing the game further by means of coaching and improving playing standards.

Although many individual players have gone on to achieve greater rewards at both national and international level, our junior clubs have failed to deliver the ultimate prize at provincial or national level over recent times. It is now time for both the clubs and league to use the resources that are available to develop all our players at every level. With this in mind I hope to put in place a coaching structure within the county that will facilitate this need. This, however, will require the assistance, co-operation and support of clubs, if it is to be successful. By working together and having a common goal, we can achieve our objectives and reap rewards for years to come.

A lot of time, effort and energy has gone into the preparation of this fixtures schedule. It is essential to the smooth running of the League that it is used as intended, and that clubs communicate the information therein to their players, coaches and officials. Make sure that you pass on a copy of the booklet to your club P.R.O. to further promote the game with your local media.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to our generous sponsors, to whom we are deeply indebted for their ongoing support over the years The Welcome Inn Hotel, T.S.B. Bank, Chadwicks Ltd., A.I.B. Bank, Flannelly Insurance, Westaro Hosing Ltd., Stauntons Intersport, Oliver Kelleher an the Connaught Telegraph. I would ask all the clubs to support our sponsors at every opportunity.

Finally, I would like to appeal to all clubs to make every effort to seek additional referees. The local branch of the I.R.I.S. is in dire need of new recruits, and the onus is on all of us to ensure that we have a match official for all games, and to secure the future of the game. Unless we act now, the consequences could be critical.

I would like to wish all clubs, their players, officials, managers and coaches, together with our referees and members of the media, a most successful season. With clear communication and working together, we can all be winners at the end of the season.


Chairman, Mayo Association Football League

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League Management Committee 2001

Chairman: Joe Butler

Vice-Chairman: Ivan Carroll

Secretary: John Durkan

Treasurer: Tom Kelly

Assistant Treasurer: Donal Benson

Registrar: Michael Fox

P.R.O.: Pat Quigley

Fixtures Secretary: Tom McDaniel

Disciplinary Secretary: Jimmy McNicholas

Coaching Secretary: Walter Tuffy

F.A.I. Junior Council Rep.: Donal Benson

Connaught F.A. Delegates: Pat Quigley, Joe Butler, Tom McDaniel, Michael Fox

Connaught F.A. Reserves League Delegates: John Durkan, Ivan Carrol

Executive Committee: Joe Butler, John Durkan, Tom Kelly

Fixtures Committee: Tom McDaniel, Tom Kelly, Joe Butler

Disciplinary Committee: Jimmy McNicholas, John Durkan, Michael Fox

Referee Appointments: Tom McDaniel, Brendan Gibbons, Chairman of Referees Society.

Junior Team Liason Officer: Jimmy McNicholas

Milebush Co-ordinators (matches): Tom Kelly, Donal Benson, Jimmy McNicholas, Michael Fox

Milebush Allocation Committee: Joe Butler, John Lavelle

B Teams Monitoring Committee: Michael Fox, Ivan Carroll

 Jimmy McNicholas

League Tables/Golden Boot: Tom McDaniel

Club Liason Officer: Jimmy McNicholas

Youth Liason Officer: Tom Kelly

Milebush Development Committee: Joe Butler, Pat Quigley, Tom McDaniel, Donal Benson

Insurance Committee: John McNicholas, Michael Fox

Milebush Signs: Henry Downs, Donal Benson, Walter Tuffy

Dinner Dance Committee: Pat Quigley, John Durkan, Donal Benson, Jimmy McNicholas

Committee: Joe Butler, John Durkan, Tom Kelly, Ivan Carrol,

Donal Benson, Tom McDaniel, Michael Fox, Pat Quigley, Jimmy Mc Nicholas, Walter Tuffy, Gerard Sweeney and Harry Geraghty.

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