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St. Patrick's Day Parade Photos - Overview
24, Mar 2009 - 19:29

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Batareiko Studio

A big Gallery of Parade Photos from Andrej at Batareika Studio, Castlebar
Paddy's Day from G Barry
Patriotic Kid from G Barry's photos

Keith McGreal's Parade Photos.

Keith McGreal took his camera to the Parade
Scoil RaifteirĂ­ at the parade and celebrating 25 Years in Castlebar
Scoil Raifteiri

Alison Laredo's Parade Photos

Alison Laredo had some great photos
Baxter had a float supporting their favourite local charities
Baxter's Float at the 2009 Parade

St Peter's NS, Snugboro

St. Peter's NS Snugboro marched in their striking gold capes
Jack Loftus got a bird's eye view from the review stand
Jack Loftus photos from the Review Stand

St. Angelas approaching the review stand

Another batch of photos from Jack Loftus on the Stand
St. Patrick's BNS uploaded their parade photos
Scoil Raifteiri

Bits of the Road

Bits of the Road - Clowning around at the Parade
View of the Parade from McHale Road as it begins to wend its way around Castlebar's Streets
Wedding Car Girl parading down McHale Road

Snugboro prepare for the parade

Snugboro also had photos of their preparations before the parade

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