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Castlebar Camera Club

Camera Club News - Dec 11 2006
By Michael O'Sullivan
Dec 11, 2006, 06:29

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The torrential rains and galeforce winds on last Wednesday & Thursday forced the cancellation on safety grounds of last Thursday evening's Trade Show - no point in ending up a statistic even for such an important event! But to compensate the Club intends to restage the event in early 2007, weather permitting.

This Thursday 14th is the final meeting of the first half of the club season and we hope a good number of entrants will be there in time for the monthly competition, theme "movement". After the competition the club have arranged a little surprise for all present, suffice to say that it could well have a seasonal theme.

To find out more be sure to be in Room SR14, GMIT, Castlebar at 7.45pm sharp this Thursday evening, for another great evening at Castlebar Camera Club, See you there.

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Castlebar Camera Club
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