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Re: Mayflowers

Posted by MM on May 03, 2006 at 02:49:56:

In Reply to: Re: Mayflowers posted by Ould Stock on May 02, 2006 at 18:50:48:

I hopped over the wall into Henry Kenny's field,well not exactly hopped,more like very gingerly sitting on the wall and sliding both legs over and down to the ground.Being careful to avoid the inevitable as there were cows in the field again.I was revisiting my childhood days and on a quest for my favorite flowers,the primrose,violet,cowslip,daisy and mayflower.As I made my way to the stream,I found some daisies,reminding me of the many hours spent making daisy chains with my sisters.I had to cross over barbed wire to get to the second field where I was convinced I would find the primroses.Along the banks of the stream which separated the fields I found them,as beautiful as I remember.I bent low to inhale their beautiful aroma.I did not pick them as I did as a child,prefering to capture their image on camera.I found watercress in abundance in the stream and the beautiful violet peered out from grassy area's.I searched in vain for the cowslip,but maybe it blooms later.From there I crossed over to Baynes field or whats left of it after the new housing construction.The brilliant yellow of the gorse dimmed as it started to rain.Having arrived at the boreen,I made my way back out on the Turlough Road.I was looking for the woods,orchards,my enchanted forest.My brother later tells me I didnt go far enough along the river.Next time perhaps.I continued on down to Curradrish,turning left by Brian Morans and headed for Tuckers Lake.After finding some Mayflowers or Marsh Marigolds and crossing into another field,I fell into a very wet ditch.I sat by the lake shore and tried to clean up a little,thinking this would never have happened to Yeats at his Lake Isle of Inishfree.Walking back out on the now paved road across the newly constructed bridge,I was greeted by a ferocious dog who turned soft as butter after I spoke to him.There were two swans on the lake,I never got close enough to see them very well.Back now toward Castlebar on the Pontoon road,I must have looked somewhat bedraggled and muddy as I got some strange looks when I stopped in to say hello to my brother.He asked me if I was ready to climb up to the Booster yet.I told him I was ready,but thats another story.
These meanderings are now an oasis in my heart to where I retreat every now and again when life gets too hectic

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