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Posted by Tempus on March 15, 2004 at 20:46:58:

Curious to know where will all our NB contributors be on St. Patrick's Day? Does it hold much or indeed any significance for you if you are far from Castlebar? Do you do anything "special" or is it just a normal working day.
I was thinking the other day about a few years ago when we were kids (!) in our house and the rush for the dinner, followed by having to get the uniform right for the band,and the marching in the parade, the freezing cold, the frozen fingers and legs,the kilts, the long socks that never kept out the cold,the great shine on the black shoes, Bro Augustus, Frank Nolan,Mike Griffin, Larry Bourke, Bro. Julius, Sonny Guthrie on the bass drum, followed by Tom Rice and later Paul Heverin.
It comes back to you as you watch the parade passing around, only now it doesn't seem so cold! This year as in so many others, we will proceed en famille to the old homestead and watch from there. Its always fun to spot the next generations, following in the steps of their parents and grandparents,and the comments at times are only priceless. I look forward to the day, it's relaxed and enjoyable and there's no pressure. I think we should have a few more each year, not just one.
Wherever you are, I wish all the N B contributors a very happy St. Patrick's day and hope you have a good one.
Now, what are your own memories of that day from years ago?

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