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Free Noticeboard for those seeking their long lost cousins in and around Castlebar. Send us some details of your relations or ancestors. We will post them here with your e-mail address and hopefully someone will recognise your family and let you know.

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31 Dec 1998
James Kelly
Seeking: Kelly and Munnelly
Details: My great grandparents were Thomas and Ellen Kelly, (Munnelly). They had six children, five girls and a son,My grandfather, James Kelly, Clerk of the Killala Union. My great grandmother was a sister of Arch Deacon Munnelly. I am looking for any family background I can get. I would also like as much information on my great grandparents and their siblings as well. Thank you.
James Kelly -USA

27 Dec 1998
Matthew T. Crosson
Seeking: Thomas F. Curley
Details: My brother and I are the grandchildren of Thomas F. Curley who we believe was the sone of Michael Curley and Sarah Croghan. We believe that Thomas was born in Castlebar in or about 1877 and that Michael emigrated to America in or about 1882, Sarah following in 1883. We are trying to ocnfirm that Thomas was, in fact, born in Castlebar and the exact year of his birth. We believe the siblings were Alec or Alex, John, Gregory, Michael, James Joseph, Sarah Elizabeth.

22 Dec 1998
Richard Tolster
Seeking: Patrick Tolster and spouse Mary Welsh (Walsh)
Details: There children were born in the 1870's and 1880's. They were William John, James Joseph, Mary, Margaret and possibly others.

22 Dec 1998
Lynn West
Found! Kilcoyne
To my newly found cousin, Michael Kilcoyne, of Castlebar.........It was absolutely wonderful talking to you on the telephone tonight! Should you wish to make a sidetrip to Ohio during your February visit, my home is your home. I have two extra bedrooms and you could have your choice! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Stay in touch!
See earlier request from Lynn on 12 December

21 Dec 1998
John O'Hara
Seeking: McNulty
Details: Inquiry of Oct 25. Many McNultys listed in County Mayo inGriffith's Valuation. Family Treemaker's Family Archives Index lists them. Closest parish name to Aglass is Attymass
18 Dec 1998
Sean Moran

Seeking: Gaol Records + Drowning Victims + Widow Bourke Ratchford Hello
Would anyone there be so kind for me and tell me if there are any records of prisoners held at the Geol in castlebar in 1880s.
I am also after any info on a report of three men found drowned in England, who were from Castlebar, on Sept 12 1880. The names of the men are Patrick Devaney, William Bourke And a Patrick Ratchford.
I Have found info on this incident in a local paper in Cheshire. Last year whilst on holiday in Castlebar I found a report on the drowning in your libary, dated 18 sept. Any more info on this would be appreciated, as I have no access to the Connaught here in England. I also know that William Bourke was married to a Mary Devaney who was later known as the Widow Bourke. I would love to find out what happened to her.
Regards Sean

18 Dec 1998
Daniel Dasey
Seeking: Members of the Dasey family.
Details: The Dasey family arrived in Australia, where I was born, in the 1860s. Nobody is quite sure where they came from. The two most popular theories are France and Ireland. I see there's a mount Dasey in Castlebar. Is this where the Daseys of Australia came from?

17 Dec 1998
Richard Tolster
Seeking: William John Tolster/James Joseph Tolster
Details: Brothers, supposedly both born in Castlebar area in the 1880's. Think their parents were Patrick Tolster and Mary Walsh (Welch). Also interested in there brothers and sisters.

12 Dec 1998
Lynn Elizabeth West (of the Kilcoyn'e of Mayo) Seeking: Kilcoyne or Hession
An Irish/American searching for roots! GGgrandpa: Thomas Kilcoyne m. Cecilia Kirby. Ggrandpa: Patrick Kilcoyne m. Mary Agnes Hession (father, Patrick Hession and mother, Mary Flatley). I see that we still have a butcher and an undertaker left in Mayo and, surely others. We must be related. Would love to talk to any Kilcoyne or Hession or anyone who knows my family.
See Later Entry on 22 Dec - success!

11 Dec 1998
Susan Christine Riedle
Seeking: MacFadden
Details: My maternal grandfather, Michael Patrick MacFadden (dropped the "Mac" when immigrated to U.S.) was born in Castlebar, County Mayo in 1900. He immigrated to U.S. in 1927. He had a brother John who remained in Ireland.
Are there any MacFadden's in Castlebar today?

10 Dec 1998
Diana Cauvel
Seeking: TIMBLIN
Details: Searching for any Timblin's in Mayo Co. Ireland

9 Dec 1998
Richard Rice
Seeking: Naughton
Details: My grandmother Delia Anne Naughton was born in Islandeady in 1883, daughter of John & Catherine (Donnelly) Naughton. She came to America in 1897 and lived in Clinton, Massachusetts. I'm seeking descendants of my grandmother's brothers: John (b. 1878) and Martin (b. 1881). Her sister Bridget and brothers Edward and Peter also came to America.

9 Dec 1998
Fred Havron Jr.
Seeking: Robert Havron
Details: Emigrated to New York around 1854-57; settled in Lower Westside of Manhattan. Worked as a steamship fireman. Lived in Knockaphunta, Castlebar - leased from a Bridget Flynn, lived on Church street. Could church Street and Chapel Street be the same ? Church street is what is listed in the Griffith's Valuation. Any Info. I can get is appreciated. I'm looking forward to making the trip "Home".

7 Dec 1998
Tami Smith
Seeking: Costello
Details: I am looking for information on my greatgrandfather Patrick Costello who was born there in 1857 to Micheal Costello and Sally (Sara)Campbell, whose grandmother was Maureen (Nan) shea. Any help would be appriciated and any family wishing to contact me would aslo be appriciated.

6 Dec 1998
Delia Graham Rasmussen
Seeking: Ryan, Heenan, Hannighan,Durkin
Details: Have ancestors by name of Ryan, Heenan, Hannighan and Durkin all from Co.Mayo. Although my Peter Ryan, born @ 1849 was from Culnakillew, his family was supposedly from Castlebar area. Any Ryans still there? Durkins from Feenune area. Heenans from Westport and Hannighans from Ballinrobe. Wondering if I have any cousins over there with information on these families? I live in Washington State in U.S. Contact me at: wldwd6@aol.com

3 Dec 1998
Donald Ruxton
Seeking: Ruxton
Details: John Henri (Henry?) My GGGGrandfather who married a Mary Ann Brethop (Brethorp?) and maybe then moved to Liverpool in mid 1800's. Also any other Ruxton. Thank you.

1 Dec 1998
Hugh F. McGrail
Seeking: Ruane / Rowan Family from Swinford
Details: I am trying to contact relatives of my mother Margaret. She was born in Swinford, on the River Moy. Her father was Michael Ruane. Her mother was Catherine Moran. She had one brother, Michael Rowan. Her sisters were named May, Teresa, Catherine, Helen, and Julia. They emigrated to the Boston area. Another sister Anne is buried with her mother in the Meelick Cemetery.

30 Nov 1998
Lynn West
Seeking: Kilcoyne, Hession, Flatley, Kirby
Details: Looking for my Kilcoyne and/or Hession relatives. My ggrandfather was Patrick Kilcoyne m. Mary Agnes Hession. Patrick was the son of Thomas Kilcoyne m. Cecilia Kirby. GGrandma Mary Agnes Hession Kilcoyne was the daughter of Patrick Hession and Mary Flatley. Ggrandpa came into U.S. through Baltimore (we believe) and eventually settled here, in Springfield, Ohio. Surely I have a cousin or two left in Mayo? Would absolutely love to hear from you!

29 Nov 1998

28 Nov 1998
Pat Deese
Details: My mother is Bridget WALSH she was born in Gortbaun I am interested in any information on the following names in her family Maureen SHEA b Gorthbaun 1786? died about 1890 married a COSTELLO she was also know and Nan COSTELLO Daughter Bridget COSTELLO married James CAMPBELL Daughter Biddie CAMPBELL married John MURPHY of BallaBurke Daughter Bridget MURPHY married Peter WALSH of Culeen all of these familes at lived in Gorthbaun. Any one having any knowledge of these families please contact me visit my web page
http://people.delphi.com/patdeese genealogy in Castlebar/Westport area

27 Nov 1998
Eileen McDonough
Seeking: Kelly, McDonagh, McGreevy, Basquill Families
Details: Looking for relatives of Martin & Bridget (Connor) Kelly from Creeragh, Ballyhean. Martin & Bridget married in 1833 and had 6 daughters and 1 son John. Daughter Alice married William McGreevy, Anne married John O'Donnell, Catherine married Joseph McDonagh a widower with 7 children and had 7 of her own, sister Honor married Michael Basquill. Any information would be helpful.

21 Nov 1998
James Patrick Byrne
Seeking: Seamus Byrne and family Spencer St Castlebar
Details: Just bought Ashley a P.C for Christmas and wondered if any of the family would contact him. More fun than a phone call.

21 Nov 1998

18 Nov 1998
Boris Drlièka
Seeking: *** Eva Kostolanyiova ***
Details: Hello friends!
Can you help me? I find every information about one excellent Slovak singer Mrs.Eva Kostolanyiova. As I am trace, she was take part on the festival in your CASTLEBAR, in October 1973. (But at that time=Czechoslovakia, not yet Slovakia). She was sing the song "Voda tecie" (="The water flow") - music: T.Seidmann, lyric: Alexander Karsay. And she was fit in 4. place in some section (at that time it was altogether 45 songs in 4 sections). These are alone informations, that I have about the festival in CASTLEBAR´73. And this song was never record in Czechoslovakia !
It is possible after 25 years find anymore photos, newspaper article, or maybe too any recording of this song (of some phono-amateur, or so on) ?
Thank You very much for any help!
P.S.: Excuse my bad english.

16 Nov 1998
Ann Bessette
Seeking: DEACY
Details: DEACY family from Straide. Descendents of Patrick James Deacy and Mary Ruane.

12 Nov 1998
Patrick Kenney
Seeking: Sheridan
Details: Pat Sheridan was a shoemaker in Castlebar around the turn of the century. Lived on Spencer St. Originally from Ballyheane

12 Nov 1998
Thomas Garney
Seeking: McDermott/McHugh
Details: Looking for relations to gg grandparents Michael McDermott and Mary McHugh, farmer, married Knockmaria 1847, related to Reap, Coleman, Mullen,Murphy, McCarrick, Sheridan, Grady, Brehon, Ruon McCarrick, possible (Burke)Brogan. Found letter with the name John Murray who has a sister Kate Flynn in Ballina who may have some information but cannot locate her, alos indicating where family cottage was. GGrandmother is Hannah McDermott, born in Lehardin around 1865. Any and all help appreciated. Checked w/family history center and got Hannah's birth certificate but could't find any further info at the time

11 Nov 1998
Joann Gill
Seeking: Gill
Details: Were horse trainers, lived in Balla, 16 children in all, my grandfather - Michael - came to the US in about 1918, also a sister Catherine, brother John remained in Ireland and I'm not sure what happened to the rest or their names. I never met my grandfather as he had passed away before I was born. There was a Winnie and I know another brother drowned in a well. If you know of these brothers and sisters or any information, please contact me.
Thank you

7 Nov 1998
Susan K. Quinn
Seeking: Relatives of Martin John Foye b. 1865, Castlebar, Mayo and Relatives of his wife Nancy Ellen Hanavan b.1875 in Monaghan.
Details: Martin John b.1865 (Castlebar)-d.1918 (New York City) Siblings: Malachy Foye
John Foye
Thomas Foye
Mary Foye
Father may have been John Foye

6 Nov 1998
Chris Neary
Seeking: Neary
Details: When I was a young boy, my father took me to Mayo to the family farm. I remember the farm being in the countryside. A few miles away from the farm (a donkey ride) was a huge stone at the corner of a field. I was told it was thrown there by a giant in Scotland who was angry with an Irish Giant. Further away was a great mountain (An extinct volcano) with a lake near the top on one side. More than that I cannot remember.
Now I know that there are five Neary families in the Mayo area, and I think the farm might be in or around Connaught? So the question is:-
1/ Does anyone know where I'm talking about?
2/ Is anyone online at the farm or able to contact me?
3/ Is the person I refered to as Great Aunt Mary and Uncle Patrick still alive?

4 Nov 1998
Susan Kathleen Quinn
Seeking: Foye Family
Details: Descendents of John Foye, Malachy Foye, Thomas Foye who were brothers and were born around 1870-1890. My great grandfather was their brother. He came to the USA as a young man. His sister Mary came as well.

2 Nov 1998
afaq muhammad
Seeking: Dr. Muhammad Wasi
Details: He is from Karachi, Pakistan. He works in the Co. Mayo General Hospital for the last three years.

1 Nov 1998
scott & shannon eisele
Seeking: thomas & angela dempsey
Details: happy halloween to family and friends in castlebar. thomas owns and operates "dempsey meats" in castlebar. the "yanks" in kansas u.s.a., wish all the dempseys' well.

31 Oct 1998
Margaret Middleton
Seeking: Middleton
Details: I am trying to find info re my husbands gggrandfather... George Henry Middleton and his wife, Eliza (nee Guise). They sailed to Australia 25/12/1841 (the day after they were married in Dublin). It's believed they sailed with 2 of G.H. brothers.. (William and Tibal?). Birth certificate of their daughter Amy (born in Australia) state the father born in Castebar, County Mayo. Any info I've received re this is that Middleton is NOT an Irish name, although I believe that there are some in County Sligo. This ancestor was a teacher in Australia, so presume he was an educated man. Any information VERY much appreciated............

30 Oct 1998
Robert J. Brogan
Seeking: Brogan or O'Brogan
Details: Brogan or O'Brogan relatives still living in County Mayo area. also Coyle, Boyle and Gallagher Families.
Please assist me in my search.

29 Oct 1998
Seeking: Semple
Charles Semple
Comments: I believe my greatgrandfather, William, was born in Castlebar mid l800's. Went to New Zealand as an armed constable then came to USA. Married Ellen Lippy (Tipparary) If anyone has info, would appreciate reply.

28 Oct 1998
Ed McGrath
Seeking: McGrath
Details: My great grandfather, Joseph McGrath left Islandeady about 1850 and a few years later joined the British Army. When he enlisted, he listed his father's name as Maurice McGrath of Islandeady. We visited Islandeady in August 1998 but had no luck...any info appreciated. We live in Florida.

27 Oct 1998
Anne Virga
Seeking: McMyler (More Information)
Details: Below is an exerpt from an obituary found among my grandparents belongings. I believe that the obituary is for the uncle of my grandfather, Michael McMyler, born October 1904, who emigrated to the US in 1924. Date of the obit is unknown.
"The late Mr. P. McMyler
Deep and sincere sympathy is expressed with the relative of the late Mr. Patrick McMyler of Commauns, Castlebar which sad event took place at the Richmond Hospital Dublin on the 21st of November. ....(he) was the son of Mr. And Mrs. Michael McMyler....the late Mr. McMyler was only 39years of age. Chief mourners were Mr. & Mrs. Michael McMyler (parents), Joseph, James, and Michael McMyler (brothers), Mrs. Blaine, Mrs. Staunton, Mrs. Tracey, and Mrs. Allen (sisters) John Staunton, James Tracey, and James Allen (brothers-in law), Mrs James McMyler, and Mrs. Michael McMyler (sisters - in law)."

I believe that Patrick's father was my great-great grandfather, that Patrick's brother Michael was my great grandfather, and that his wife's maiden name was Cunningham. Any info on any of these families would be greatly appreciated.


25 Oct 1998
Thomas Garney
Seeking: Michael Mc Dermott and Mary Mc Hugh
Details: Michael McDermott and Mary McHugh married in 1847 in Knocknaria, Addergoole, Co Mayo. Looking for info and descendants. They are my gg grandparents. Other known relations are Reaps, Coleman, Mullen, Grady, Murray, McCarrick, Murphy, Brehon, Ruon and Sheridan for starters. Known children of Michael and Mary, are Hannah, John, Mary and Bridget. There were others, a possible Anthony and Catherine. Michael was a farmer. Any and all help appreciated. Great site.

Mike McNulty Seeking: Location of AGLASS - does it/did it exist????????
Can you please help?
My family history trail has taken me to a John McNulty, born in "Aglass, near Castlebar", according to his Army record.
This would have been around 1790. I am fast losing my sanity in poring over the local Ordnance Survey map.
Is the place known to you?
Just by the way, this is my first ever internet mail shot, if that is what this is called. Any response would be appreciated.
Many thanks Mike McNulty
[See Reply on 21 Dec 1998]


23 Oct 1998
John P. O'Hara. Jr.
Seeking: O'Hora Family
Looking for ascendants and descendants of Richard O'Hora (Hora) and Mary Nyland married 14/2/1851 Turlough (Parke) Parish in township of Lack. Children: Martin (my grandfather), John, and Michael (all came to USA) and James, Ellen, Bridget and Mary (Howley) who remained in Ireland. Mary Nyland's father might have been Martin Nyland; a Michael Nyland was a sponsor at three baptisms. James had 7 children; Bridget, 11; and Mary, 7. Richard owned land in East Lack about 1848 with Richard McHale. Are any of the family still in the area? What is the address of the current parish? My e-mail address: jpohara@flash.net; my home address: 1885 Hillwood Dr., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. USA. 48304

[See follow-up on 21 January 1999]

23 Oct 1998
Robert J. Brogan
Seeking: Brogan, Frank
Details: Departed Ireland in 1847 at age 19. He was my great-great grandfather

23 Oct 1998
Anne Virga
Seeking: Mc Myler
Details: I am the granddaughter of Michael McMyler (born in October 1903) who left Castlebar and arrived in the US in May of 1924. From a death notice re: his brother found in his belongings (date unknown) he had several siblings. I seem to remember that two sisters also emigrated to the US...
Any information regarding this family would be much appreciated. Thank you.

22 Oct 1998
Tony Perks
Seeking: Fury
Details: Family history traced back as far as ANN FURY born in Castlebar,County Mayo in 1836.Her father's name was LARKEY FURY who possibly had a brother called JOHN. Any help would be appreciated.

Dennis and Noel Doyle Bingham
Seeking: Deb Gonoude
Details: Hi Debbie at the Upper Crust.
Remember us back in the US? Talked to Sr Rosalee recently. She teaches at Merion Mercy, where Lizzie goes. She remembers you AND your nun outfit!
Message passed on

22 Oct 1998
Anthony Deane
Seeking: Anybody who knows the Deane family from Ballynumra
Details: There was Tommy Deane, and Mary Deane P.J., Vincent, Tom, Bridie, Seamus, Sheila May, and Noel.
Basically, they're my uncles and aunts, but did anybody know them from the past!!

19 Oct 1998
Peter Jordan
Seeking: Gertie McDonnell
Details: When I was cycling in the South of Italy last year I met a man in Brindisi who said his mother in law was Gertie McDonnell from Castlebar. From my discussions with him I established that they had a farm and I though (but I may be wrong) that they lived the Westport side of the town. I promised to say hello to them for him when I got back. Can anyone help?

18 Oct 1998
Pat Kenney
Seeking Sheridans from Ballyhean and later Spencer St. Turn of Century. Descendants include Loftus, Addey, Cronin. Still in Mayo

18 Oct 1998
Edward Burke
Seeking: Anthony Campbell
Details: Seeking address & phone # of the Anthony (Tony) Campbell who is married to Mary Joan (nee O'Malley). There are many Anthonys listed, but have not been successfull in locating this particular family. They do not have any children supposedly, and I would like to contact them ASAP.

14 Oct 1998
Edward Burke
Seeking: Campbell, Anthony,(Wife Mary Joan O'Malley)
Details: Living in Castlebar....need address & phone number. Anthony, called Tony.
Wife's maiden name is Mary Joan O'Malley.
Supposedly, no children.

10 Oct 1998
pat Kenney
Seeking: Sheridan
Details: My Greatgrandmother was a Sheridan who lived in Castlebar until early 1900's. Her father was Patrick Sheridan married Bridget Leonard. Family lived on Spencer Street in Castlebar. Offspring include ADDEY family, Loftus/Rose Family and Cronin Family. Pat's father was Michael Sheridan who married a Devine. Possibly Ballyhean area

6 Oct 1998
James J. McGowan
Seeking: Father was born in Charlstown County Mayo around 1917. I'm looking for relatives and friends in Ireland.

6 Oct 1998
Robert J. Brogan
Seeking: I'm seeking info on possible relatives in your area. My Great Grandfather Frank Brogan came from County Mayo in 1847 at the age of 19. Are there any possible relatives living in Ireland now?

4 Oct 1998
Michael Anthony O`Malley
Seeking: O'Malley
Details: My father Michael J. O'Malley came from a few miles outside Castlebar. Both his parents are now deceased, I believe that my father has a brother or two and maybe a sister in law.

4 Oct 1998
EPW4854@aol.com Seeking: Wallace Family
Looking for Information on Thomas Wallace Born Approx 1869 one of 9 brothers,near Castle Bar.

2 Oct 1998
david waugh
Seeking: kerry drain / paul nein
Details: just arived in castlebar from NZ after living there for some time


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