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Tue Jun 30 1998
David Clark
Useless info list : On the point about the Salmon . . . I'm sure that I remember seeing an archive of the workhouse records in Castlebar and there was a reference to a near riot by the workers because they were sick of eating Salmon caught in the local river !?! (I'd check this out with one of our local historians if they were on-line, otherwise I'm afraid you'll just have to trust my memory !)

Fri Jun 26 1998
Malcolm Raubach
Greetings, I live in Cape Town in South Africa.
My son will be travelling to Ballina in September 1998 and we would appreciate any information on Ballina and it's location relative to Castlebar.
Your website is very good and informative.
Regards Malcolm

Fri Jun 26 1998
: jean mcgreal
Mrs Mary McGreal, Turlough Road, Ken and Una
McGreal and family, Straide, Ger and Kathy McGreal
and family, Pontoon Road, and all my friends, especially,
Annie Mae O'Neill, and Mary and Michael Basquill. See
you all in 1999.

Tue Jun 23 1998
: william hart
Greetings from one of the Hart clan across the sea in the United States. I don't know any useless facts about Castlebar except my Great Grandfather came from there in 1854 and he never went back. Peace!

Mon Jun 22 1998
Barry Campbell

To the best of my knowledge Castlebar is the only town that an aeroplane was driven up the main street , parked outside a pub and left there while the driver/pilot went to wet his whistle.

Thu Jun 04 1998

Peter Jordan

Actually I just thought of a new interesting Castlebar fact whilst reading the one about the railway.

The railway might have never reached Castlebar if it hadn't been for events in the Crimea and particularly the infamous "Charge of the Light Brigade". Lord Lucan was second in command to Lord Cardigan during this incident in the Crimea and allegedly the two didn't get along at all. Because of the dismal and wasteful failure of the "charge" , the most of the blame for which was apportioned with Lucan, he received an "honourable" discharge from the military and so came to Castlebar to devote his attentions to improving his Irish estates. He was one of the main driving forces behind getting the line extended from Athlone and indeed granted right of way thru his lands for the railway line without charging for the land. So there!

Sun May 31 1998

Richard Gahagan (Risteard Gaughan)

Dear Sir or Madam:
Greetings from California. I've been surfing many web sites but have yet to find anything on a bicentenial celebration/festival comemorating the year of the French (1798) in Killala. My g-grandfather was born in Killala, County Mayo, December 13, 1838. My wife and I plan on visiting County Mayo this summer (for the fourth time). Any information regarding a celebration of the bicentenial of the year of the French is appreciated. Slan, Richard Gahagan

[Check out out our 1798 commemoration event list]

Wed May 27 1998

: Connie Dunbar

Hi from LaPlata Maryland USA Will be in Ireland next month

Anything I should not miss?

May 27 1998
Peter Jordan * comments: I heard a lot about this site and my brother in Oregon was getting all kind of e-mails from Castlebar and Breaffy people around the world so I figured I'd better go in and check it out. So if yer our there 'gis a shout. I'm in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
By the way, the 3 best views of Castlebar and surroundings (Best way to appreciate the beautiful scenery) are either from The hill beside Baxter/Volex looking down towards Burren and Nephin or from The Westport Road about 2 miles out (Beyond Knockaphunta) or from the Ballinrobe road out beyound McGovern Motors. Come to think of it, it don't look bad coming in the new road either.
Cheerio all you Fish heads and Breaffy Dudes
Peter Jordan
Ft Lauderdale (and Breaffy, Castlebar)

May 27 1998
Peter Jordan
* youremail:
* comments: More interesting fact on Castlebar:
Well known and otherwise:
1. The town river once ran via the front door of the CT offices on Cavendish lane, thru DH Burkes, Alongside the mall (Behind the aforementioned John Moore Statue) and across Castle street and the carpark before resuming its present course at Barrack bridge.
2. Castlebar once had a red light district and a brothel (Some would argue both are still there)
During it's time as a British army garrison town the "official brothel" was on Ellison street and the "red light" district was down around Newtown.
3. Freight Trafffic on the town river: In circa 1954 the Connuaught Telegraph reported a case of a coffin found floating down the town river. No further explanation was given.
4. According to Castlebar Native Aiden "Lanky" Leonard "It has great amenities for the size of it" whatever that means!
5. Fighting Fitzgerald, an Eton boy, born in Turlough house, caused a bit of trouble to the authorities with his incessant duelling and rowdyism so the hung him in the Mall.
If I think of any more I'll be dure to forward them.
Peter Jordan
May 25 1998
Connie Dunbar
* comments: Hi from LaPlata Maryland USA Will be in Ireland next month Anything I should not miss?

May 25 1998
mr &mrs myles
* youremail: terence a easynet. co. uk.
* comments: hi we shall be visiting you again the last two weeks in august as my mother mrs fitzpatrick lives in carha rahins.

May 19 1998
Dan J.J. Kahn
As one of the founding members of Rail Way Ahead, a new pro Rail Transport organisation for improving Train Services in Ireland, I would like to make my own contribution to the 21 or so bits of information about Castlebar. My contribution is that: Castlebar has a Rail Station located near the Town Centre, which has a service of about 4 or 5 Intercity Trains, between Westport and Dublin every day. Most trains have a refreshments service on board, and have a guard's van to carry heavy baggage and bicycles. Castlebar Trains also connect at Manulla Junction with a shuttle train to Ballina, which from early next year, will be operated by a new lightweight diesel-Electric multiple unit Train. There is also a long-term plan to reintroduce Regular Passenger Services on the Inter-Regional Route from Athenry to Sligo, via Claremorris.
May 19 1998
kilkelly, thomas
* Seeking: kilkellys in Castlebar
* Details: Twenty-two years ago, I visited Robert and Mame Kilkelly in Castlebar. They are now both deceased but their sons John, Robert, and Fergus may still be living in or around Castlebar. I will be in Ireland this June and would like to contact them again.

May 18 1998
Melanie Doherty
Looking forward to my trip there!

17 May 1998 sean moran
Subject: Castlebar Gaol
Would anyone there be so kind for me and tell me if there are any records of prisoners held at the Gaol in Castlebar in 1880s

May 15 1998
Guido Schonkeren
* Seeking: Schonkeren
* Details: Just curious, Schonkeren comes from the Netherlands / Belgium. How did they came in Ireland? :)

May 13 1998
J.F."Jim" McLinskey
Unsure this working as each of two attempts upon clicking SUBMIT I was disconnected from the internet?!?.
[Hope it's not us that's cutting you off]
May 13 1998
Lisa Wright
Hi! I was just browsing websites in Ireland when I came across this one. I might actually be heading out there soon with my mom (i'm in the u.s.), and it sounds great from everything I've heard about it. Well done site! C-ya!

May 13 1998
susan Jackson
congratulations to John Lyons and Kathyrn on their upcoming wedding! I wish them the best.

May 12 1998
Ronan O Reilly
there is only one team in Mayo.....the Ballina Stephenites rule the world!

May 9 1998
May 8 1998
Elisabeth Häusle I want to send special greetings to Liz Cronin, my best friend who I got to know in Castlebar. Moreover lots of kisses to all my friend from the RTC: Dave, Andy, Gerry, Terence, Seamus, John, Hugh Sandrine, Jessica, Antony, Triona, Joanna, Cathrina and everybody who knows me.
May 7 1998
Tom O'Connor great site, I've only just found it, I live here in castlebar & I didn't know about the site.I'll be spreading the word from now on.Keep up the good work.
Cheers, Tom.

May 7 1998

May 2 1998
Elizabeth Dupke
It sounds lovely in your area - perhaps I can visit someday soon. Any opera interest out there? Do let me know - even though I'm a "Yank" - don't hold it against me! :)

May 1 1998
Aidan Gill Hi
I went to castlebar rtc for 3 years doing computers and now work in Limerick, so that is my connection with C'bar.

May 1 1998
John McHale Hello every one in Castlebar.
I have always wanted to know about my Irish heritage. I was born in Liverpool, England but now live in Ontario, Canada. If any one can send me more info on the McHale name I would appreciate it greatly. I was always told by my father that the McHale clan was from County Cork. Is this a very common name to Ireland?
You have a great web site here and I would love to visit again some time with my father. I know he would enjoy the fact there is a stadium named after the McHale clan and a road too. Thank you,
John McHale

Kev Coleman April 29 1998
Hello Castlebar,
A Fellow county-man here...currently in Co. Limerick...good to see Mayo on the web...
Pity about the Information Age thing....
but keep it up anyway !!

April 29 1998
Kathleen Brammer
I was in Castlebar in December of last year on a visit with my sister. We have family that lived there in the 1800's and were searching for information on them. They were Barretts and Gaughans. We stayed for 2 days at the Rose Garden B&B and were treated as family. Your pubs treated us as royalty and gave us a taste of the town. We wanted to see the Catholic church and walked into Finbar Kelley's funeral and I think the whole town was there. He must have been a wonderful man. Your library was very helpful to us as we searched for information on our family. I just want to say that although it was our first visit to Ireland and to your town, we felt as if we had come home. We hope to return someday soon.
thank you all.

April 27 1998
Joan ward
it's joan here(but really it's Hilary her daughter)

April 25 1998
Tony Devaney
Thanks to everyone I met in Castlebar on Wed/Thu 22/23rd April. Sorry it was only a short stay but hope to be back in October, you have a wonderful town.
Tony Devaney.

April 22 1998
Dr. P. Meagher
Up Mayo and Castlebar Mitchels.

April 17 1998
Frank McGourn
I visited Castlebar years ago and loved it. I hope I can get back some day soon.

April 14 1998
Teresa McCracken Grumm
Greetings from Spring Lake, Michigan, looking forward to the Neary Famiily Reunion in Castlebar (Welcome Inn Hotel) on August 15, 1998. Also looking forwad to curry fries from Casey's and a Cider from the Kingsbridge Inn!!!

April 11 1998
Kathleen Brammer
Happy Easter to all in Castlebar

April 11 1998
Happy to find this website. Visited last December and loved the area. Have a great Easter

April 10 1998
Mr Bernie Wright
Happy Easter to everyone in Castlebar
- the friendly town
Special greetings to my uncle Pat Roach
at Davitts Terrace

April 10 1998
Henk Kuppens
Hello Castlebar,
See you hopefully in july 4-days walk.
bye bye (i love you're Irish music)

April 8 1998
Greetings from Christopher Toney

April 6 1998
Vincent Jordan
Hello all in Castlebar - greetings from Portland, Oregon. Well it's a pleasure to drop in for a look around. I am actually in Castlebar at this time, but return to Portland on Saturday 12th of April. I am returning there after a 15 month stay in Israel which is definitely a recommended place to visit. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter - sorry I am going to miss it.
All the best.... Vincent Jordan (originally from Breaffy).

April 3 1998
Greetings from Nancy O'Hara

Mar 30 1998
Kevin Aronin

Great site! After many great times and an odd sad day in C'bar your fine site brought back many fine memories. I sent a response to one of your inquiries that may bear repeating. Hope to hear from everybody over there and see you soon. My Reply to the American looking for info on C'bar:

I'm married to a Castlebar woman (Anne Stephens, Greenauns, Ross and have thus been there several times. Stay at the Bed & Breakfast's. I highly suggest Kay McGrath's on the Westport Road. Phone 011 353 94 23329 or Nora Ward's also on that same Road. Excellent fine dining at Ardmore House in Westport, say hi to Pat and Noreen Hoban and Philip the barman. Horseback Riding at Paddy Joe Foy's in Westport. Fishing at Pontoon Bridge Hotel (freshwater) and in Westport (seafishing). Best Pint of Guiness in Mayo (maybe the world) is Johnny McHales Pub on the Pontoon Road C'Bar. If your wife wants to see really nice Euro Fashion theres a small, unpretentious shop called Marguerites in C'Bar with great selections at great prices. Tell Mairead that I sent you. For Irish Sweaters go to Fallers on Main Street, tell Maura Jennings that I sent you. If you want to bring back REAL GOOD IRISH SMOKED SALMON see Padraig Kennedy at Westport Fish and Poultry. Tell Padraig I said hello. Ashford Castle is a 30 minute drive, and must be seen. Go to the Dungeon Bar in Ashford Castle for some really great craic (fun in gaelic). Quick cheap eats at Casey Jones in Castlebar, The Bar at the Pontoon Bridge Hotel, Chipadora, The Davitt, Healy's in Pontoon, and Flanelly's on Main Street. Don't miss day trip's to Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, Kylemore Abbey, Ballintubber Abbey, and Achill Island. If you have more time allow a couple of days at some of these places. If you're leaving via Shannon a fitting place to say goodbye is Moran's The Weir Oyster Cottage in Clare. Enjoy,
Kevin J. Aronin

Mar 28 1998
Good show just found it this evening ks

Mar 25 1998
Greetings from Edward Loftus
Mar 28 1998
John Farrell
Hi mum

Mar 25 1998
David Dittmer
Happy Mother's Day to my most wonderful mother...Ann McHale-Dittmer and my most wonderful grandmother....Catherine McHale!

Mar 23 1998
Greetings from Brian Garvin
Mar 22 1998
Greetings from Helen McNicholas
Mar 22 1998
Breda Fallon
Wishing all of my relatives on McHale Road a wonderful Easter holiday! :)

Mar 22 1999
Sean Gallagher
I couldn't aford the stamp mom so the internet comes to my rescue. Hope you have a very enjoyable Mother's Day. We'll be in touch in the next few days!
Best wishes, Sean & Malo

Mar 21 1998
karen bourke
happy MOTHERS day
love:karen xxx

Mar 20 1998
This is one of the best Irish Websites that I have encountered!!! Great Job!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Jack Murphy Omaha, Nebraska

Mar 19 1998
Betty Maher George
Hello to all but a special greeting to my relatives whom, I hope, will be happy to get a visit from a bunch of their Yanks this June.
John and Bridget (Fahey) Corley
Michael Walsh (I've met your sister Kathleen)
Pat and Mary Kennedy

I got your names (and addresses) from Betty Corrigan Mauk (my aunt) whose mother was Sarah Kennedy.
I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

Betty Maher George

Mar 18 1998
Patrick Rogan
Dear compatriots
Please visit my home page on
In the middle of the Indian Ocean I remember my old home at Glenhest near Castlebar
Patrick Rogan

Mar 17 1998
emer downes
hi henry and bernie, greetings from boston,thomas jr. and sr. are doing great. call you at the weekend
love emer. xxxx

Joan (Flannery) Dare
Dear Kevin and Mary,
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the other side of the Atlantic! Love, Joan

Mar 17 1998
Máximo González Rodríguez Well people from Ireland, I´ve got friends in that lovely town, and I wish to all of you a great party today. I will have a drink over here, In the Irish Pub we get in my hometown Salamanca.
Dear friends, I am a Spanish who have spent 2 years in Ireland, I have got a friend in Castlebar, and I want my sister to go with her this summer for studying english, she is fourteen.
Do you know whether there is or not any Language school in Castlebar, could you please send them to me?
Waiting your answer
Yours Faithfully.Maxi.
[Can anyone help?]
Mar 17 1998
Lionel Knott
Congratulations on your excellent website!!

Mar 16 1998
Dara McGarrigle
To everyone in TY in St.Jo's (especially TY3) Have a brill St. Paddy's Day, And don't forget me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See Ya in July,
Slan, Dara.

Mar 15 1998
Les Gilbert

In December of 1971 I spent 10 glorious days visiting Ireland. Two of those days were in Castlebar. It was a wonderful experience, walking the countryside, meeting the the people of Castlebar. Every St. Patrick's Day since I raise a pint in toast to the folks of Castlebar and I say "Thank you for giving me and my friends memories to treasure." May this St. Patrick's Day and all the days that follow be days of peace, contentment, health, and friendship.

Mar 15 1998

Stephen Weidman 20 Raymond Street
Falmouth, Massachusetts USA 02540

Help wanted with guidebook to Ireland - Can anyone supply information on Castlebar to Stephen? Copy of his questionnaire re unique, pubs, restaurants, things to do etc.
Mar 14 1998
Catherine Hennelly
Hi to the Hennelly family - have a great day on Tuesday!

Mar 14 1998
Tom Feeley
St. Patrick's Day greetings to all the McGarrigles of Ballynew.
Tom, Derry, Tomas and Ann

Mar 14 1998
John (Jack) Murphy
To John and Martina Naughton and family...Happy St Patricks Day from Omaha, NE USA...I wish we could be there with you!!!
Tell Nan "Hello!!"
Take Care and God Bless!!!
Jack, Julie, Jason and Stephen...."The Murphy's"

Brendan O'Byrne.
Marlin Entertainment / Music Products
..I feel that our web sites would have a lot in common ..Many thanks for your time.

Mar 12 1998
Dan Hudson
Happy St. Patricks Day, Love and Peace from an Irish-American in Cleveland Ohio

Mar 12 1998 Toni Emery
To all in Castlebar:
Happy Saint Paddy's Day !!!!!!!
>From USA

Mar 11 1998
Adam Neary
This is Adam Neary here from Arklow. I just thought that I would write and wish ye all a happy Paddy's day.
Hope to see ye all at the Arklow open!!!
Till then.

Mar 11 1998
Shane Malone
Hello to Niall And Derek Malone of Mccarthy's bar (main st) from their brother in New York

Hi there,
Your site, has recently been reviewed and given a 5 Shamrock Doras rating. Doras is Telecom Internet's directory of Irish sites, and we have placed your site within the Counties category, under Connacht.

5 shamrocks[..] In our assessment of the site we have taken into account the following elements; content, functionality, style, innovation and how well the site achieves its objectives.

Majella Reid
Content Editor
[Well - what can we say!]
Mar 8 1998
Michael McHugh
Exellent web site, I am trying to trace my ancestry and this site has been a great help. Thanks
Mar 8 1998
Claudia McKeon Meadows
Visiting from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina USA
Have traveled to Ireland only once, can't wait to return.
Mar 7 1998
As a student of the RTC in castlebar I think the page is cool but needs lot more information....but brill all the same.
[Thanks Jenny - let us have some info from the RTC - or should we say Institute of Technology! We would love to have more details of what's going on for students in Castlebar. As we say on the main page this is the Castlebar Site - anything about Castlebar is very welcome. If it's printable we'll put it up!]
Mar 7 1998
Stephen F. Browne

Mar 5 1998
good stuff !
Mar 3 1998
Derek Healy
Well I just Have to say that this is a pretty cool website.

Feb 28 1998
Just a short note to remind you that Castlebar resident, Ken Armstrong's radio play is our Internet Play of the Month for the whole of March, available on demand in Real Audio at:
Best wishes,
Marja Giejgo
Independent Radio Drama Productions Ltd

Feb 28 1998
Creighton Brewer
I studied in Germany and met a girl who grew up in Castlebar .. She invited me back to Ireland for 7 days, which I had a wonderful time, and probable made one of the best friends of my life.


Feb 27 1998
Feb 27 1998
Gil Cave Feb 26 1998
David Dittmer
I just wanted to say that Castlebar is one of the most friendly places in the world! I love the whole gang at The Brown Cow! And I just wanted to give a message to me Granny, Ms. Catherine McHale at no. 7 Charles Street: "I'll be over for your Birthday celebration and I can't wait to give you a big kiss and a hug!" Keep up the great work!

Feb 24 1998
Mark Winters
I stumbled across your very interesting site.
My father was born in Castlebar, I still have lots of family there, unfortunately I have not visited Mayo for years! Which I must do soon.
I actually write a music page for the magazine HOT GOSSIP UK, the url that I have left on your guest book, takes you straight into my page.
I will visit you again.
God bless
Mark Winters

Feb 21 1998
Martin Kennedy
Feb 18 1998
Janis Schroer
Feb 13 1998
Letting you know we are connected.......
breaffy n.s
pricipal;tom higgins

Feb 13 1998
David Dittmer
Hi! My name is David Dittmer and I will be coming to Castlebar in April to visit my Grandmother. Perhaps you may know of her..... her name is Catherine McHale. She'll be 86 year old! I've been to Castlebar in the past and had some of the best times I've had in my life. The townfolk are friendly and full of great stories....especially all of you in the Brown Cow! Hope to see all of you "Net" people out and about while I'm there!
And to Frank & Mary McHale....I'll be looking forward to buying you a round....or maybe a few. God Bless to all the great people of Castlebar!

Feb 12 1998
James Odonnell
HI FROM SWISS VALLEY fARMS DAIRY IN CHICAGO iLLINOIS. U.S.A. Mr James Odonnell, District General Manager and a past resident.

Feb 10 1998
Michael Haverty
Please visit this site if you require information on the upcoming 8th Baxter Healthcare Castlebar Open Racquetball Tournament on the 20th, 21st and 22nd March 1998
Michael Haverty

Feb 1 1998
Beth Swope
Jan 29 1998

Jan 26 1998 John & Ann(Mcgrath) Gleeson

Jan 26 1998
Karen M. Martin (Emmons - maiden name)
I and my family lived in Castlebar in 1980 to1981 and attended St.Joseph's.

Jan 19 1998
john edwards cash and carry bangor landmark
Came across you while surfing.

Jan 19 1998
Adrienne Jordan
Very impressive

Jan 18 1998
Subject: Moneen
I have a friend you is interested in the word Moneen and if it has any special meaning or history. If you could enlighten us I would be most grateful.
Tony Hallihan

Jan 14 1998
James Fox

Hello to everyone in castlebar and balla.

Jan 13 1998
Frank O'Reilly
Great Stuff, my first time spotting it.

The kind of job that will give websites a good name.

Jan 13 1998
paul carley
hello to everybody from castlebar who knows me. I will see you all soon hopefully.

Jan 13 1998
Krystal & Michaela Dyment
We live in a small town in Oregon, USA. I am 37 yrs old and my daughter is 8 yrs old. It has always been our dream to move to Ireland, and we are planning for it. We would love to relocate to Castlebar. Thankyou for your hospitality. Is there any information you could send me on the job market? I have done mostly bookkeeping and clerical. I also have a nursing background, but am no longer in the profession. Thankyou again.
Krystal Dyment

Jan 12
Subject: Uncle Jim Molloy
Dear Sir/Madam,
I visited your Web Site this morning and found it very interesting as well as informative. The reason I'm writing this note to you is because I was just speaking on the phone with my cousins Jamus and Sean Molloy of Carroll Keel last Saturday and the told me that my Uncle Jim (their da) was in the hospital and not doing to well. If you know the Molloys please pass along this message and let them know that we are keeping Uncle Jim in our thoughts and prayers. Also, you could help me if you could let me know the most direct way I could forward an e-mail to them - perhaps there may be a business near them that has an Internet address.
From the Cousin's Across the Pond,
Tom McInnis

Jan 12 1998
Just a wee thing...
Your Connaught Telegraph link is bringing up a mailto:, is this supposed to be a link to the web edition of the paper, it seems that it should..?
Also, nice to see a web page that isn't full of graphic overload...keep it up!!
Jeff Cunningham
Multimedia Integration Quality
Apple Computer Inc.
tel: +353-21-284760

Jan 3 1998 From: Athenafive Subject: Re: Festival of the Five Senses Hi: Where are you based? Do you know that a Festival of the Five Senses™ exists in California since 1996? I would like to know more about your festival which sounds very similar to the one in California. I look forward to hearing from you. Claudia Durgnat

Jan 3 1998
Greetings from Portland Oregon
I am researching the Vahey name since I am a Vahey. Would be interested to have the E-mail address for any Vahey in Castlebar or Co. Mayo.
Nice Web site, love the graphics
Hope to here from you all. Jack in Portland

Jan 1 1998
Sean Mc Donnell,

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