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The Razor's Edge
By Ryan Sloan
19, Feb 2002 - 07:09

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I've observed a lot in my twenty-five years on this third rock from the sun: The good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing takes the cake, however, when it comes to people who are given numerous opportunities to succeed, just to end up falling on his or her face, time after time.

The first person who comes to mind is Darryl Strawberry. He was a talented ballplayer who managed to swat one hundred "dingers" in his first four years in the Majors. This was a major accomplishment in and of itself, and Mr. Strawberry was destined to have more successes. The sky was the limit for this former New York Mets slugger, until he caught a cloud in the sky, a white cloud called drugs that has hung over him ever since. This is the same cloud where the subject of this column finds over himself.

His name is Scott Hall, most famously known as Razor Ramon, a Tony Montana-wannabe who threw toothpicks at his opponents and riled up the crowds before delivering the Razor's Edge, a crucifix powerbomb. He was a fan favorite, even as "the bad guy". Multi-World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Intercontinental champion, Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall seemed one day destined to carry the WWF title strap. However, like Darryl Strawberry, Hall found himself caught up in substance abuse.

He became a multi-time drug offender, got his foot ran over by a car and found himself in such a rut as an alcoholic and coke head, that Hall found many of his demons played out on national television. The man who was the "Survey Says" promo-spewer in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), slurred his words and staggered about before the national audience who embraced his edgy mannerisms. He and his partner Kevin "Diesel" Nash, as WCW tag team champions rarely defended their titles, no doubt, due, in part, to Hall's substance abuse. Now, Mr. Hall finds himself back where "the party started".

The WWF has embraced Hall and Nash and Hulk Hogan as the forefathers of the New World Order (NWO). Vince McMahon, WWF owner, hopes the attitude and the ratings success that the NWO lavished WCW with will come to his company. What he also has is a problem, in the form of Scott Hall.

One month after the group returned to the WWF, information has been leaked about Hall's problems backstage. Because he relies on medication to keep him from drinking, Hall appears to have a bad attitude. Already, a scheduled program between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin is in jeopardy because Austin refuses to wrestle him.

So the man who became famous for his attitude and delivering the Razor's Edge finds himself the victim in the same inauspicious predicament as his opponents who stare up at the white lights from the canvas while the referee smacks the mat. Hall still has a chance to raise his shoulder and slide away from the cloud before the hand strikes the mat once more, otherwise he may be on the outside looking in.

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