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Gate Pillars at C/bar Convent

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Posted by Royal on February 10, 2004 at 18:12:06:

I welcome the news that the old convent is being redeveloped into a hotel & into other facilities.It has being an eyesore for too long and it will bring much needed employment into C/bar. However,I hope that the two Gate Pillars at the entrance to the Convent / Barracks are preserved.
According to the noted historian J.F.Quinn in his book "History of Mayo -vol.1",the location of the two pillars are proof that the Castle of Castlebar was situated in that area.He also states that Lord Lucans (Bingham's) title to the property was founded upon the ownership of the castle and that Lucan was careful to preserve this remnant of it.
Indeed, when one of the pillars was knocked down during the First World War by accident,a corps of engineers spent weeks examining & docketing the stones and it was built exactly as it was originally. This was it believed in fulfilment of the lease from Lord Lucan,who was still drawing ground rent from the barracks.
I hope the authories preserve this unique piece of C/bar history.

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