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Posted by Memories on February 15, 2004 at 16:00:06:

As Castlebar gets bigger & bigger ( 2nd fastest growing Town in Ireland ),it's very noticeable that families are moving off the main streets and into estates around the town.The streets compared to twenty/thirty years ago are now mainly composed of shops or pubs & the only people living there are mainly in flats/apartments.Take a walk down any street and compare it if you can to days gone by.Even the Mall nowdays looks empty most of the time except on schooldays when pupils are in it.I remember when large Castlebar families like the Tobins of the Mall,the Ryans of Ellision St.,the Kings of Spencer Street,etc would be playing on the Mall & at least there was the feeling that good use was being made of it.
I'm sorry if I'm a bit downbeat - that's progress for you I suppose. Because the Town has increased in population,I'm probably more annoyed at not recognising faces anymore when I do get the oppurtunity to visit the Town.All the best.

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