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Re: hospital on the mall

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Posted by Butch on October 27, 2004 at 23:27:51:

In Reply to: Re: hospital on the mall posted by Old Stock Again on October 24, 2004 at 19:26:14:

Aye, Homer may be noding off, but Johnny here is scratching his head;As to how the answer relates to the question;the answer smacks of insider trading:Cliquis,Clannish,Conspiritorial, between two very knowledgeable,eloquent, contributers, to a PUBLIC "Board". If I may pose as "Advocate for The People": In spite of MD'S scant inquiry!, the thread unwound rapidly. Royal's post setting the pace,with a marvelous missive;ending enigmatically with the still unanswered question; were not there two Doctor Knot's?. Tempus rose to the occasion with an anecdote written so well that one could hear the stammer of the patient visiting the "Dr.Knot", that, reminded me of the day in class, when Bro. Augustus asked Sean Bourke why he was coughing so much,Sean a chronic stammerer, then!. Bravely stood up to face the no nonsence famous teacher, in front of our class,and replied," I have some ph-phl-phl-phle-phle-phleg-phleg-phlegm caughtinmythroat",Sean promptly sat down, and a subdued class + Teacher, humbly returned to business."The Thread"; now turned golden with the excellent historical repast by "Ould Stock", a contributer, by the way folks, who is virtually impossible to fault,quite to the contrary, "Ould Stock" enriches the nostalgia board with his every suberb postings;However just to nitpick; his statement that the said "Hospital" was opposite the 'Mal'(please forgive my spelling as over here'we pronounce it 'Mawl'like 'garage' is pronounced 'gurauge'). As the 'Mal'might be considered somewhat of an oval in shape, to be 'opposite it!' would be akin, to advise someone to 'take the next crossroads on the right!.'Tempus to the rescue puts the matter straight, calling the 'Mal'by it's colloquial handle "The Greeen",and places the said Hospital smack in the middle of the old council yard. The mention of the council yard brought back memories to me. I was a persistent visitor to 'Teach O' Mhuiricu' next door to the yard,and before I headed for home would stop into the machine graveyard,fascinated by the ancient rusted defunct coal fired steam roller that sat staid and silent. It's trundling roar was alive once in my life as a garsun. Before I would see it, My ears pricked up to it's unique sound. I would run like the dickens never ever to miss it and guess whether it would appear on the top of 'Flynn's hill on the Newport Rd.returning to "The Yard" or coming round by P.J. Howard's on it's snail's pace out to the country. Huffing and puffing,closing slowly towards me where I edged on the road it's clamour reaching a crescendo, flickers of red yellowed fire giant piston a turning,my mind squished under the monstrous metal roller,darkened men asmiling, engulfed by the awsome energy of noise and power, I stood mesmerised,and watched faithfully as it plondered away receding regretfully around a corner. Hidden but still heard. I revived and returned to a child's reality. EPILOGUE: Some years ago I was amazed to see on our website here, a video of The annual St. Patrick's day parade, my old friend 'The ancient Steam roller'all spruced up for a sunday mass bright new colours of yellow and green shining brightly, but I could not hear it,it's tantrums,it's rolling big barrel crunching the tarmacadam anymore,nor smell it's coal fire greasy oily soot darkened runing life, I did'nt recognise it no longer. I can see it and hear it thanks to the nostalgia board I just did. I have a new pink spool of thread in front of me here it is 300 metres long and is made in Egypt. Like all threads,is easily broken, and can be knoted up again, but dos'nt sew so smoothly and looks rough and disjointed.Continue yee to sew sweet memories of yore and weave yee webs of wondrous whiles of days gone by, gone but not forgotten. Broaden the horizon of your past to illuminate the picture for our guests. Therein lies our continued success A Dhuine Uaisla,Slan libh, Seamas O'De et.etc.etc.

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