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More involvement with Local secondary schools - magazines, yearbooks on the web. Old parish magazines HTML'd or PDF'd. Local politics & local government - minutes, highlights, lowlights, maybe UDC sessions could be webcast (how's that for transparency) & charge them a nominal fee for the service. Guests on the chatroom service (local notables at specified times). Buy & Sell, Accommodation Wanted/Available, Local Travel Agents online (charge them for the privilege).

Thanks for your feedback. You have raised so many issues that I have decided to answer each one individually.
Secondary Schools:
Yes, we would like to have a lot more involvement with local secondary schools and would be happy to publish some of their work on the web. We provided each secondary school in Castlebar with a free computer and we have also paid for 600 local second level students to complete ECDL training. Davitt College won an award recently for a project. If you know of anyone involved please tell them that we are interested in publishing this work on the web.

We would be more than happy to work on putting their Parish Magazines online. We publish Castlebar's Sunday Parish Newsletter every week.   The Parish Magazine is published by the Connaught Telegraph.

Local politics and government:
We are working as closely as we can with the UDC and Mayo County Council. In many cases we have been able to help the local Council heighten interest in local issues and distribute information more effectively. The Council has been very pleased with the feedback it received on many of the projects that we worked on together. Some of the work we have already done together includes:
Castlebar Draft Town Development Plan
Market Square Improvements
Mayo County Council
Mayo County Council's First 100 Years
Castlebar Youth Information Centre
You have raised some excellent ideas on how we could work together in the future, we have an excellent relationship and it is something we hope to build on in the future.

Guests on the chatroom service:
The Bulletin Board and the Nostalgia Board are very popular. Our pilot chatrooms had a great level of participation - we will launch a full-scale chatroom later in the summer.

Buy & Sell, Accommodation Wanted/Available:
We have set up a Classified Ads Section on the site. Please encourage everyone to use it. We would love some feedback on its success or otherwise.

Local Travel Agents online:
We are not a web design service, but we would be more than happy to advertise Special Offers for local Travel Agents or indeed any other local business. As our survey has shown 54% of the visitors to our site live in County Mayo. If you have a business and would like to advertise on the Castlebar web site please contact us. Here are some more details on the advertising opportunities we offer.
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