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Castlebar Senior Citizens Club
Castle Street,
Tel: 094-21378

April 2001

Our New Year started off very slowly as with the spell of bad weather over the Christmas left roads and footpaths very dangerous especially for the elderly. It was the middle of January by the time our activities got going. We had some good news also. The Western health Board kindly allocated a new Mini-Bus to us which wil be of great benefit to the club.

We suffered another break-in towards the end of January, with quite enormous amount of damage caused, internal windows and doors smashed and generally everything turned upside down, and also the theft of some expensive equipment. It took a few weeks to get ourselves back to normal again.

Our A.G.M. scheduled for February was cancelled due to the breakout of the Foot and Mouth. Restrictions were put in place as regards the movement of people. There was quite a few gatherings cancelled over this period of time.

We rescheduled our A.G.M for March in which quite a good crowd turned up. A new Committee was formed with new ideas and plans for the coming year. We also has a very successful bag-packing day in March with the help of the Transition year students from Davitt College aided by our own volunteers. It was a great success and we are very grateful for everyone's help. We also had our Church Gate Collection which was another successful day and thanks again is due to our volunteers and of course the generosity of the general public