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Lord Lucan Returns to Claim Ground Rent from Property Owners in Castlebar
By Ground Rent
1, Apr 2000 - 11:04

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Lord Lucan Returns to Claim Ground Rent from Property Owners in Castlebar

While most people are amazed at the fact that Lord Lucan has finally returned to Castlebar, local property owners are more than a little annoyed. The first statement issued by the returned Lord's press agent on his return was simply to the effect that he has come to collect. "The long overdue ground rent for my lands in Castlebar has to be paid forthwith", Lucan is quoted as saying. A meeting has been set up later today between Lucan and Castlebar property owners who owe ground rent.

Those who have already met with him say the Lord has aged considerably following long years in the African sun. Mary O'Malley a main street property owner was visibly distressed when interviewed yesterday. "We thought he was dead." She is reputed to owe some £20,000 to Lucan. I can't afford to pay any arrears" she said, I'd have to sell everything I own". "He should have stayed in Africa" said another main street property owner who didn't want to be identified.

Castlebar Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Regina McGarrigle said yesterday: "This could be a serious blow to the economy of the town". "We are not quite sure what the full extent of Lord Lucan's demands are. However, we believe there are good legal grounds for refusing payment. We will know more when we meet him later today" she said.

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Lord Lucan Returns to Claim Ground Rent from Property Owners in Castlebar