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A New Broom always Sweeps Clean !
By Celia Anderson
1, Jun 2002 - 21:29

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Over the past months, we have covered so many subjects. Reading Sheila’s article about “My Love” made me feel good about the world. I just came to thinking that many of us have great partners, whether they are boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives or just someone one lives with. How many of us at times take a step back from the relationship and really looks at their partners? Not only looking at the physical view but the person inside. Do we know them well? Do we know what makes them sad or happy? Do we really appreciate the little things they do for others and us or has it become a habit, and we just accept that they are there for us?

Between us women, I had to get used to having someone around me who did all those little things for me, without making me feel it was too much sacrifice or effort to do it. I can’t begin to make a list of all the things my partner is to me. I am finally being made to feel that the world also turns for me, not just the people around me. I still find it strange to have someone run a bath for me or spoil me with little deeds. After more than two years of knowing him, I still feel that I have to be grateful for what he does for me. Speak about being brainwashed?!? I know I must sound crazy. For most people that is a usual way of Life…. I am just not used to it.

In the beginning when I met my partner, I thought to myself, “Oh Yeah! A new broom always sweeps clean!” Well, this broom has not changed its bristles!

I count myself one of the lucky women in Ireland, who really know what love and respect is. How many can say the same? In my previous article “Dating can last a lifetime”, I covered some of the points of how a relationship could be. I do at times have to step back and remind myself not to take him for granted. I feel ashamed to say that I have to remember to also do those little things for him. Maybe it’s harder to change ones way, than one thinks. I do not see myself as a selfish person, but next to my partner, I realise my past has blinded me and I have much to learn from him. We have a very understanding relationship, and are at ease in each other’s company. To be able to sit in silence with each other or talking and discussing the most interesting subjects or silliest points of view, without the feeling that one is supposed to be doing something or an atmosphere hanging over us, is peace in itself.

Being taken for granted is not mental or physical abuse, and it is just one of those things in life that we live with. Most people don’t even realise it is happening to them. Although it is looked upon as a minor problem, it does add up. Just like the little deeds one does for another, they add up. Why don’t we take up the feeling of love and right now go and do something for your partner? Just think of what would please them. One would be quite surprised to see how little it takes to make the other person feel worth it, and how much it counts.

This article is a tribute to my partner for being who he is. Thank you, my prince!

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