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The Feeling of Life
By Celia Anderson
31, Jan 2002 - 19:19

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It has happened often that, while one is living one's life, we forget to feel Life itself. At times I catch myself in the mad rut of the world — people complaining mostly about the bad weather — the stress of Christmas — the unfriendly service of the employed — the lonely times they spend waiting for family to come visit. Or people have joy in a great business venture — a job well done — an increase in one's income. And I think….


All these emotions of happiness or sadness are not based on life. A job well done can give one satisfaction, but not happiness. Unfriendly service can cause annoyance, but not sadness. To feel the feeling of Life I must look at a blade of grass…trodden so many times, yet it has grown again, mended itself and has taken on its former shape of perfection. All you need to do is take one of these blades of grass between your fingers and feel the shape — the softness, the indents and forms of the design. Look at it closely — see the deep colours, even where it has been scarred. See the minute edge, fold it and see the line of life appear. Now, if a tiny little green piece of grass can be filled with so much beauty and life, why do we not see the colours in our lives? The fold in our appearance — the edges to our feeling? We can and we should learn to feel the Life in us.

The first step would be to place your hand on your chest and breath calmly. Feel the beating of the heart. Take your time to really feel it. Give yourself the time to feel life. Feel the warmth of life between your hand and your heart. Take note of the surge of life rushing through your body each time it beats. Also notice that that surge of life, is you. It is your Life, your person, your feelings. It is you, alive and feeling. Once you have felt life you will know that this is only the beginning. This is only the wake up call and now it's time for step number Two.

With your hand over your heart - open your eyes. I do not mean lift your eyelids or blink. Open your eyes. Look at the first item or person that catches your eye. That is usually what you want to see anyhow. Look at it. See the life in it. See the colours as you saw in yourself. See the edge of its feelings — the shade of its emotions. Not the aims and gains of a person. The person itself. See the light in their eyes. If it is missing - share your light with them. I once opened my eyes and saw a bird. It was so busy with its life. It cast colour and emotion all around itself. Every tiny little feather was one of its own. The beak was busy and graceful, pulling blades of grass, pecking at twigs — gathering. I had seen these birds around before there are so many and they are so wonderful to see. But to that day I had never looked at it. Seen the life beating in it. I was aware of the fact that it was alive. But I had not seen that it was Alive. I had a great urge to lay my hand on its body, to feel its heartbeat. I knew that I would frighten it and rather appreciated it as it was. Once, many years ago, I found a baby pigeon that had fallen out of its nest. I had picked it up and held it in my hands. That day, as many more days before and to come, I felt the feeling of life.

There are so many more steps to the feeling of life to be taken — steps that don’t include weariness or pain — steps to be enjoyed while you learn. Start with step One and Two and the remaining steps will follow, setting your greatest machine into action, programming your senses to receive on the ultimate level. You feel no pressure, just the pure and ultimate feelings of Life.

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