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A dream come true
By Celia Anderson
25, Aug 2002 - 20:23

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A dream come true
So many people set off to achieve a goal. Some are very simple targets and some are just something they dream of doing or having. As my dream was to move to Castlebar one would think that was an easy step. All along, since the first time I visited this lovely town, I felt I belonged. Now some people would say that is because in one of my past lives I most probably lived here before. Without offending anyone … I don’t believe in past lives. I think sometimes you just have that feeling. You just fall in love with a place. I walked around the town, exploring it. We sat in the park watching the people of Castlebar going about their daily business…. And we both felt that settled feeling. It is like feeling absolutely peaceful and at home. It most probably can be explained in many different ways why one can feel like that about a place on this large globe. I don’t try to understand it… I just enjoy it. Even more since I am living here.
To have a dream come true after trying for 20 months is quite mind-boggling. I still walk around the place and feel as if I am on an extended holiday here, although I go to work every day. I find myself talking to myself .. telling myself that I live here now. That this is my home. That my dream has come true. As if I need to convince myself that this is not a dream one wakes up from. It seems like the mind cannot understand the situation completely. For example, today being Sunday, I became very restless around 4 pm. At first I could not understand what was going on. I kept on thinking that I had forgotten to do something very important, and as hard as I tried, could not remember what it was. Then it occurred to me…. This was the time I used to pack my bags and prepare myself for the 3-5 hour journey back to Dublin, which I am sure you can all imagine, I do not miss at all.
This must sound so selfish and trivial to many of you. Out there in the big world are people waiting for their dreams to come true. It might be a person waiting for a heart, kidney or even to be able to start a family. Big dreams, not as easily solved as mine was. My wait, most probably was as long as for some of those people, but less life threatening. What about the little boy from a low-income family, who has a dream to be a football star, but has no ball. His dream might be small to some, but it is the world to him. He might not become that famous football player once he gets that ball, but his whole heart is in it and it gives him hope and something to look forward to. I know I am being absolutely naïve, but if there was any chance, I wish that people could have their dreams come true, as mine did. Not matter how big or small. A dream is a dream of hope.
Another example of this dream is the news I received last Friday. My daughter, living in Switzerland told me that she was pregnant with her second child. Without boring you all with the details… Jacqueline had told me when she was barely 20, that she wished to have her children early, as I did. She said that she enjoyed her childhood and if she met the right man, she would want a family early. Well, that dream came true as well. She met a wonderful man, Daniel (nickname Max) and married him. Candice was born last September to our greatest joy. She is an absolute doll… and in the next 7 months she will have a brother or sister to share her life with. Dreams come in such shapes and sizes, and dreams give us hope and a reason to live. What would the lives of the people of this earth be, without the chance to dream and look into the future with bright eyes? For those whose dreams have more importance, we pray. For those whose dreams are as trivial as mine was, we pray. Dreams, no matter how big or small, are of the same value at the end.
I overheard a conversation a while ago, where a young girl was saying that she would be the happiest person on earth if she could go out with a certain young man. Her friend told her that she is very selfish, as there were people who have more important problems than what young man to date. In a way, the friend was correct. But not entirely. One person’s problem or dream might seem not so important, but as it is that person’s dream or problem, it is large to them. As I am sitting here, writing this article, I can come up with at least 5 people who have dreams, which I could help make true. I think it is time for me to look further and pass my good luck on. Would it not be great if everyone who reads this article, thinks about one person they could make happy, and goes out to do just that. How about it? As Clint Eastwood so nearly put it “ Come on, make their day!”

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