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To See or Not To See
By Celia Anderson
1, Jun 2006 - 23:23

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Going through the listings of movies currently showing on Sky, I always come across many I would want to see. Tonight I made time for "Hitch" with Will Smith. Absolutely entertaining and at times ridiculously funny. I seem to always go for movies where people are faced with "life" and have a great laugh. People seem to identify with the type of movie they view. An action thriller stimulates the subconscious desire to do something ruthless that one does not dare in reality as well as our inner urge and need to succeed. In general, everyone would like to be admired and respected for who they are. Whether it’s for their physique acquired by hours of strenuous training or their ability in art, sport, dance or various talents we might have (or not have). Each person is bound to succeed if they believe in themselves and aim for a achievable goal. Someone suffering from acrophobia should not attempt parachuting or sky diving unless they have placed her goals high (excuse the pun) or hope to concur their fear. I personally suffer from Claustrophobia, so stairs have become my only way up. Not to mention music festivals and carnivals, just the thought of the multitude of people and restricted space sets my heart aflutter.

Ask a little boy what he would like to be when he grows up, and most of the time the answer is a policeman, astronauts and of course the favourite, the fireman. Being arsonphobic could wreck a little boy’s dream to ever reach his goal. This is where movies come in. The arsonphobic man can in the movie house and enjoys "Backdraft". Research says that different phobias are just in the mind. I dare them to mention that to a melissophobic woman who accidentally comes across a beehive. The fear is real even if it’s only assumed to be in our minds and until the time we manage to subdue the beast …It is real! Of course, fear, is not the only blockade of dreams, but in the movie house we can be awed by the power of an explosion without feeling the heat. The same melissophobic woman can watch killer bees and feel safe. I can follow "The Tomb Raiders" into the depths. The "wanna be scientist" can marvel at inventions brought to life. We witness heartache, happiness depicted by the characters on the screen and we can empathize. We know this is not reality, but then again, it could be. Not including most horror or fantasy films, but then that’s another story. We can feel emotions which otherwise in real life would hinder us due to our fears, lack of ability, strength or just lack of knowledge. The Scary Movie Series are great to watch. I had watched "The Ring" and it left an unsettling worry with me, but seeing them replayed in the Scary Movies, it dampened that tingling worry. Wonder why I love horror movies such as "Halloween" and now the new "Damien"? First ones scared the living daylights out of me but I can’t wait to put myself through it again. Speak about being your worst enemy. Blood!! Now that is something that I can’t take, in real life that is. I would feel nauseous or faint at the sight of blood, but give me a good CSI series and I am hooked. I have been known to hide behind the lounge cushion when the scenes are bit too yucky… but then I never admitted to being brave. The point is, movies are a great outlet for all. They allow our imaginations wonder. Take the David Attenborough documentaries. Who can say they every have seen, or hope to see animals in their own habitat? Who can ever dream of walking among gorillas, crabs or hear the "Liar Bird" imitate a car alarm? But then, we are back to the dream factor. Movies are called entertainment, and that’s just what they are. If they help us see past our fears and experience new horizons, then bring them on. Is it not better to see then not to see?

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