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10 May 2001
Eimear Feeney
Details: Hello Everybody! Just back from Castlebar....had a great time as always, the sun was even shining! While I was there I was also at Mandy Denning and Vinny Keanes wedding. Everyone enjoyed the day and I want to wish them both all the best for their future together! I also want to send a big congratulations to Carol Redmond who got engaged recently...fair play to ya Carol! Hello to Julie and Noreen in Australia also and all my friends at home. Love Eimear.
7 May 2001
Details: Hello; Looks like a lovely town, and a place to grow old at. We are thinking of retirement in Ireland, coming from California. Thanks for all information that we got from your Site.
3 May 2001
Mark & Teresa
Details: Big hello to the Keanes and O'Connors. Thanks to Suzi/Bridie for getting the wedding sorted. Home in June 02 to get wed!See you all then. Mark O'Connor, Teresa Keane. Very good site!
2 May 2001
Anne Duffy
Details: My father was Christopher Miller from Rock Square, Castlebar and I grew up hearing many stories about the town and convent.I was recently saddened to see that the convent was almost totally destroyed by fire.
1 May 2001
Edward T. Graney
Details: Ah! Yes, April showers did bring Southern California an abundance of flowers. God is good. Hope Castlebar enjoys same. Just a 'drop by' to say hello and a special Hi to the P.J. Burke and Marley families of your great town. God bless all. Plans changed - see you next year.
28 April 2001
John Clancy
Details: Hi 2 sunny mayo!I'm in sunny new york and never coming back ha ha ha!!!
10 May 2001
Stephen Daly
Details: I took part in Stephen Garvey's production of the Country Girl in the Town Hall , Castlebar in 1944. This was a most popular musical comedy which featured most of the society of Castlebar of that era. It was a musical comedy first produced in Daly's Theatre , London in 1902, the year the Boer War ended in South Africa.. Those people in Castlebar who took part in Stephen's production of 1944 will I am sure remember most of the hit tunes of that Musical Comedy. Stephen Garvey produced the musical " The Belle of New York" in 1945. I gave commentaries on the various Carnival acts in 1946 and '47such as the Real Rudis of Austria" (plunging from on high into a small tank of flames in the Military Barracks and the " Dirt Track Riders from Australia" which enlivened the crowds who flocked to where the 3rd level Institute of Education is now. The work for our Transition Year of 1944 was emptying lorry loads of turf into railway wagons at Castlebar Railway Station from 8am to 6pm to keep the home fires of Dublin burning. We had to go for the rehearsals of the musical comedies in the town hall after work. After drinking pints of cider in Buckos we were fit to dance all the half sets which every Ceili featured in the Town Hall. Memories of Castlebar of this era were" plastic to receive and marble to retain"
21 April 2001
Paul Kelly
Details: My wife Ann is from Castlebar, she was Ann Guthrie from McHale Road, she would love to get in touch with anyone who is from McHale Road.
20 April 2001
Angela Nolan
Details: Hi just want to find out if Patrick O'malley has email??? He's my cousin's son and I'd like to get in touch with the O'Malley family. I'm living in the Philippines at the moment, would like to visit Castlebar this summer. Great Website keep up the great work!
20 April 2001
Mona F
Comments: Hi all how's tings?
16 April 2001
Josephine Pollitt
Comments: What a wonderful web page! I was originally looking for english (as opposed to american) crosswords, and you've got plenty. My maternal grandparents were from Achill (James Gielty/ from Dooagh and Mary Mc Fadden from Bunnacurry). Have visited once, played golf at Castlebar. What a course, loved it! Uncle James (Fr. O'Kielty) in love with knock.
14 April 2001
Mary Thomas
Comments: Just been into the website and looked through the pictures from Michael Donnelly and Keith Heneghan. They are great! Hopefully the pictures entered into the photo competition currently being run (Theme:Winter 2000) will make their way on to this site. Happy Easter to all ...
11 April 2001
Derek Healy
Comments: This is a great site!! Hi from Dresden to anyone who knows me. I hope yis are all keeping well in castlebar and anywhere else you maybe. Looking forward to coming back for me driving test soon.....kinda!
8 April 2001
James Daly
Comments: HI to all in Castlebar from Boston Mass.To my sister Vanessa and husband Frank a big hug to my new God daughter on her big day.All the best and have a wonderfull day. By the way FRANK have a few for me!!!!!
7 April 2001
Edward T. Graney
Comments: Another month passes. April at last. The Resurrection, whereby we were all saved, is upon us again. Merely wish to visit and say, Happy Easter to all my friends and relatives in Castlebar. Especially the John Burkes, P.J. Burkes and Marley families. Oh, was showing my son your web site. And, he being a national sports reporter in the United States, he was happy to read of all the sports represented by Castlebar. And, as he just got back from 'covering' the Final Four college basketball championship for the United States, he was happy to see that Castlebar has basketball enthusiasts galore, and championship teams themselves, as well. Your web site is becoming world famous, as many have asked me here in the States if I know of your city. Seems, as represented, you have the finest site in Ireland, as all who asked go to www. everyday, as I do. God bless all in this Easter Season, and not to worry about anything - for in life we never see a rose without a thorn.
4 April 2001
Laura Liparoti
Comments: Hello from Wembley to my Auntie Joyce, Val, Philip, Joe, Paul, Hilary (Prendergasts Pub)with lots of love from Laura! Hope you're all well x x x x x x x
28 March 2001
Anne-Marie, Rob & Shannon Brown
Comments: Excellent site, Rob is trying to book his tee-off times for our next trip!! A BIG hello to ALL the Horkans and all our friends there, also a big hello from Jayne also. Still thriving in sunny Guernsey, looking forward to seeing you all V soon.Rob also mentions that if you mention his name in the Tweed Centre (Mick Baynes) you are guaranteed a 50% discount on all items purchased!!
22 March 2001
Rose Mary A. Neal
Comments: Thank you for this wonderful site. I made a connection with my Golden relatives and a wonderful young man in Chicago that helped make the connection. Keep up the good work. Rose Mary
21 March 2001
Cyril White
Comments: Hello to all. Well hope you all got over St. Pat's Weekend. Just a big "hello" to all the lads, and my granny Mrs. Casey, Knockthomas Estate. See ye all soon. Goodluck. Cyril White
19 March 2001
Mike Curley
Comments: Perhaps the most interesting Irish website I have ever encountered. Congratulations! I easily found your "Castlebar Links" and launched into an e-mail frenzy when I located my family name on it. Your school pages were fascinating and no doubt instill a feeling of great pride in your students! Loved your webcam but saw no "Irish traffic jams". Disappointed... My only regret is in not visiting your beautiful town while in Ireland this past year! Thanks a million for your hard work! What a tribute!
17 March 2001
Shane Canny/ Roger Clarke
Comments: Happy St Patrick's Day from Washington DC
16 March 2001
Eimear Feeney
Comments: I would like to wish a happy St Patricks day to Julie Coughlan, Noreen and Barbara Duffy out in Oz for Paddys day. Also all my family and friends in Castlebar. From Eimear
15 March 2001
Aisling McGreal
Comments: Happy St.Patricks Day everyone, hope you all have a great weekend. Wish I was there! See u all soon, Aisling xx
14 March 2001
Cyril White
Comments: Hello to all my mates in Castlebar. Still out here in Oz, no idea yet when I'm going to make the return trip home. Won't be long now. Big hello to the lads on the hill, John Costello and Dave Hegarty. Hope the deep house is still going strong. Happy St. Patrick's day to all. See you soon. Cyril White
12 March 2001
Edward T. Graney
Comments: Was just thinking, and had to share the thought with my friends in Castlebar. Truely, I have too much time on my hands, and, seeing that I visit this site everyday, here goes: Not to 'lighten' the seriousness of the Hoof and Mouth disease, but the situation reminds me of our American (U.S.) politicians - they always have their foot in their mouths. Yet, finally, after eight years, we have morality and ethics back in the White House. Pray for us, please. And hello again to the Burke families and Marley family of Castlebar. God bless you all.
8 March 2001
L Byrne
Comments: Happy Saint Patrick's Day From the Byrne Gang, Canada.
8 March 2001
David Barry
Comments: Hi everybody, things in the Joy aren't as bad as everyone makes out, its very cosy at nite and theres a great atmosphere. But i have a face like an ironing board, see you all in seven years, p.s. there's a time lock in the Bank of Ireland in Clifden.
7 March 2001
Aisling O'Hagan
Comments: Happy St. Patricks Day, Castlebar.... I'll have my Irish flag flying high and proud on March 17th...
6 March 2001
Sandra Imrie
Comments: Visited Castlebar on 3/4 March 2001 - loved the place, and the people. Liked it so much, hope to visit again later in the year.
3 March 2001
Brian and Becky Dowling
Details: Brian's mum's side of the family were/are Castlebar people (Mc Cormack) and we'd like to keep in touch with the town and any mutual acquaintances.
3 March 2001
Michael Patrick George Martin Donnelly
Comments: Hi Castlebar ! Nice web page. Love to visit someday. Michael in San Diego, California.
27 February 2001
Edward T. Graney
Comments: A special Saint Patrick's Day greeting, although belated - if so be, to the John Burke, P.J. Burke and Sean Marley clans of Castlebar. And, indeed, to all in Castlebar and Mayo, especially. God bless all.
27 February 2001
Michelle Heverin
Comments: Regards to all who know me!! I hope life is treating you well. It's like a home away from home in Orlando at the moment with my family visiting. See you all again in July sometime. In the meantime I'm just going to soak up the sun!
19 February 2001
David McCormack
Comments: Hi! Hope everyone is keeping well. Anyone recognise my name, drop me a line. Slan go foill, David McCormack (Maryland) Castlebar.
18 February 2001
Mary Blackshire
Comments: Happy Birthday Aisling on the 20th!
16 February 2001
Edward T. Graney
Comments: Just had to pop in again and say a belated HAPPY ST. VALENTINE'S DAY to all the lovely ladies and girls of Castlebar. God Bless.
15 February 2001
David Barry
Comments: Hi everybody, just writing to say my face is still long and I look like a horse. Missing you loads
14 February 2001
T.J. Lavin
Comments: I found you while browsing and I'm glad I did. Excellent presentation and coverage.
14 February 2001
Declan Doyle
Comments: If any of you guys are there working for a corporation in the US or at home & would like to put together a web site or would just like to say hello - give me a shout, I'm in Washington DC. Declan Doyle/ St Gerald's Class of 1989.
14 February 2001
Aisling McGreal
Comments: Happy Valentines Day everyone!I`m coming back tomorrow for a few days, hope to see you all at the weekend, Aisling xx
11 February 2001
Sharron Irwin & Family
Comments: Hello Castlebar, I hope all is well there and the weather is improving. Thank you so much for all the wonderful photographs, it was great to see the snow. We will never see the likes of it out here in Bahrain.
Keep up the good work on your fantastic website.
8 February 2001
John Patrick Joseph Barrett
Comments: Hello to my uncle Jim Connors and my cousin Jim Connors and his dear wife Maureen and their children. How are things in Turlough. Love Jack&Gerry.
8 February 2001
Louise Jennings
Comments: Hello there all ye Irish lot!!!! I think I have found Justin Devaney, although I am not sending him home just yet....... jealous yet?????
7 February 2001
Paul Corcoran
Comments: Hello all, beginning to get rock fever here in Guernsey at this stage, might hit the big smoke of Jersey for a weekend. Looking forward to a few Guinness in C/bar though soon for Paddys Day. Cheers.
5 February 2001
John Patrick Joseph Barrett
Comments: Hello to Jim and Maureen Connors.
5 February 2001
Kathryn O'Connor (Parsons)
Comments: Hi to all the Parsons from hot and sunny Perth. Sinead is here and having a ball! Just in from the pool. Sinead is a dab hand at pool maintenance! How is the weather at home? See you all in July D.V.
3 February 2001
Roger Clarke
Comments: Hello from Washington DC
3 February 2001
Daniel Shine
Comments: I spent xmas with a friend from Chicago, Tony Garvey at Glenisland. My fourth time in Eire, second time in Castlebar and first xmas. Tony and his ma Patsy treated me like a king and I can't wait to get back there again. Cheers.
3 February 2001
Sue Hynes
Comments: Hi Everyone in Castlebar. I can't believe it's already the year 2001. Boy does time fly, and so hopefully will the next 6 months, where I look forward to my return home in July.I can't wait to see everyone again. Take care for now, Sue.
2 February 2001
Peter Gardiner, Quincy, MA.
Comments: I was surprized to find while looking around Mayo. Thanks for the news and all the other interesting stuff. Great job. Thanks and good luck.
1 February 2001
Terence McCauley
Comments: Someone told me a recent article in the London Financial Times said that McCauley Driving School in Castlebar Co. Mayo, managed by Michael McCauley has the highest customer satisfaction rate in Europe. I wonder if this is true?
Signed, -Mick's brother Tel in London. The One millionth and first customer.

1 February 2001
Kieran O' Brien
Comments: Congratulations on hitting the mill for January. Wicked view on the Web Cam. Where next?
1 February 2001
Marie and Pat Walsh
Comments: Congratulations, a wonderful success for everyone involved. Best Wishes.
1 February 2001
Louise Jennings
Comments: G'day all ye Irish! Writing to you all from this beautiful place down under........Australia!
Well for those of you who know Cyril White.... I am his girlfriend!
Thought I would drop you a line to introduce myself and we will both be visiting ye all soon Take care now.... lots of love LOUxxxx
1 February 2001
Michael Nyland
Comments: Hello to the wonderful people I met while visiting Castlebar last May, especially my cousin, Martin McNicholas from Crimlin road. I consider my Irish heritage a treasure.
31 January 2001
Michael Nyland
Comments: Congrats to all at home working hard to be the best. I believe I'm one in a million!!!!!!!!! Well I must be, Im one of the million that logged on in January to Keep up the good work, its nice to log on and catch up with the gossip. Nil aon thin thain mar do thin thain fein (???????????? spelling sorry oops)
30 January 2001
Peter Gardiner
Comments: I was not aware that there was a i just happened on it. It's neat to get your local news. Pete & Wini
30 January 2001
Liz Kilcourse McCloskey
Comments: Congrats to Mary Rose and Eddie - another milestone - well done !! Love & best wishes, Liz et al in Donegal
30 January 2001
Michelle Heverin
Comments: Hi everybody. Hope all is well. Life is great here in Orlando, in SUNNY Florida!
30 January 2001
Edward T. Graney
Comments: Seems like I'm crowding these pages. Just dropped in again this month to say - CONGRATULATIONS CASTLEBAR for reaching l million hits this month. Had a few friends and even some enemies helping to achieve. As stated manytimes before - You have the finest of all web sites in all of Ireland. God bless all.
29 January 2001
John Humbert
Comments: Greetings Castlebar.Did we leave anything of value behind perchance?
28 January 2001
Chuck and Lyn Crotz
Comments: a big hello to TOM and MARY MURPHY , it's been colder than blue blazes here. Do hope your having better weather there!
28 January 2001
Frank O Boyle
Comments: Will somebody please send me a rasher or sausage or something a little bit Irish. I heard Stephen Steed won a few swimming gold medals in the Sydney Olympics. I'd say the child birth rate has declined since I left. Don't worry ladies, I'll be home soon....
28 January 2001
Justin Devaney
Comments: Howdy to one and all. Special hello to Franny Guthrie and the rest of the Castlebar favourites. Someboby please get me Frannys email address as I've lost it. I hear P. Hanleys become as tight as the ball on a roll on deoderant. Only joking P. Best wishes, hopefully my parole will come through soon and I can make the return journey to the mother land, if anyone knows the where abouts of Fergus D. please let me know as he failed to make the last drop, the keys are in the tail pipe and its a red Pajero. Over and out. Jack keep your hands in your pockets. The post office should be left where it is. Fortfield residents stop whingeing, I'd love to walk from the Tec to the Post Office.
28 January 2001
Michel Opbroek
Comments: Watch out, the limping Dutchman is coming!!!! On june 26th, we will arrive in Castlebar and we will try to drink as much Guinness and Smithwicks as we can. (Together with you offcourse.) Somewhere between the 9th and 11th pint we will walk the 4 days march (The Ramble.) If it is possible we will have our 10th pint on the route. A big compliment to all the girls who are arranging this march. (And Charly offcourse.) I hope he has his "angels" with him again. If you want to, you can see pictures from last years event on my homepage:
See you all in June.
28 January 2001
Mary Keegan
Comments: Just want to let you know, you are doing a great job on the Castlebar web site. We love the new look and features. As an emigrant living in the USA, I LOVE the wonderful photographs especially the snow fall and scenery ones - excellent job!

Thanks for keeping us all informed on the happenings in Castlebar. Keep up the great work.

Mary Keegan. Virginia USA. Formerly Breaffy, Castlebar.
27 January 2001
Brigid Keady Lydon
Comments: Hello to all the Murray's and Flynns. Greetings from New York.
27 January 2001
Sinead Parsons
Comments: G'day to all my mateys in c/bar - missin ye all!!
26 January 2001
Phyllis (Brennan)
Comments: I'm from Weatherfort. I left for the U.S. in 1958.
25 January 2001
Shane Canny
Comments: Belated Happy NewYear to everyone from Washington DC. Anyone with good news pass it along to me. Shane
24 January 2001
Comments: Hello to all the Chambers gang in Tiernaur and Sr Gabriel in the Convent of Mercy from all the chambers gang in london. Hope you are all well. We are all well here :O)
24 January 2001
Comments: Hi Noel, Anne and all the family in beautiful Castlebar. Love from us on the other side of the pond.
24 January 2001
Susan Marie Turek Barfoot
Comments: Dia daoibh. Feicfidh me' ar ball tu'.I so very much enjoyed staying in Castlebar, visiting with relatives, making new friends, eating the salmon, photographing the county. Rinne me 'Turas na Cruaiche' Domhnach. @:)
23 January 2001
Emer Mc Cormack
Comments: Hello Castlebar and to all my relatives, the Heneghans, Kennys. Love from Eileen in Canada.
23 January 2001
Emer Mc Cormack
Comments: Hi, Castlebar. I always keep in contact through the Castlebar web site. It's great to know whats going on at home, and you can even reads the papers, which is great because I cannot buy the Mayo papers here in Athlone. Keep up the good work with the site. Don't forget to visit the Order of Malta web site on the site.
23 January 2001
Richard Daley, Sr.
Comments: Best wishes to the fine folks in Castlebar from the Daley Clan in Monument, County El Paso, Colorado, USA. It's a great web site!
23 January 2001
Pete McManamon- mayo2kPete McManamon
Comments: On Dec.21,2000 our Grand Daughter, Hannah Seibel Tebbens,was born in Port Jefferson Kelly McManamon-Tebbens & Thomas Tebbens. Her Great Great Grandmother (Tebbens) was McNicholas from Balla. We cannot wait to take her to vist her numerous Aunts,Uncles and cousins all over Ireland. Regards to all family members in Westport,Ballina, Sligo,Tipperary & Castlebar and to all who cruise in from around the world. Photos are enroute. Margo & Pete.
23 January 2001
James Kelly (Massachusetts USA)
Comments: I have very fond memories of my stay in Castlebar. Just knowing there is a web site where I can see a live picture brings a smile to my face.Thank You!I wish you all well, and I look forward to seeing you again some day.
20 January 2001
Edward T. Graney
Comments: Must be somewhat of an "omen," this lovely city of Castlebar. Relatives by marriage, John, P.J. Burke and Mary Marley living in Castlebar, and now the Aladdin production highlighted. For my youngest, now a National sports writer, was in the play Aladdin many years ago, here in Laguna Beach, California. He played the lead as Aladdin, yet at Children's Theater. Nothing so prestious, although, as your production, but nonetheless another link, so to speak, with your wonderful community. This is my "hi" stop this month. Hope you don't get tired of me. God bless all in Castlebar and, indeed, in all of Ireland.
20 January 2001
Eileen Holden nee Mc Greal
Comments: Michael T Murphy please get in touch with Eileen where I maybe able to help you with your enquiry,thanks.
19 January 2001
Mary Thomas
Comments: Well done Sinead - I hear you are doing great as Aladdin.I have not been able to get your email address, can you resend it to me.
18 January 2001
Ruairi de Barra
Comments: Web site looking better every time. Was up at New Years had a ball
18 January 2001
Mary Mulchrone (formerly Kilkenny from Belcarra now living in Harrow, London.)
Comments: This message is for Linda McCallum, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. Welcome to the Castlebar Guestbook !!! Hope you are enjoying your new computer- keep the emails coming. Hello to anyone else that knows me. Regards, Mary & John.
16 January 2001
Niall Murphy
Comments: Hello to Lillian Mc Nicholas, who owns a ladies boutique on main street, Castlebar.
15 January 2001
Frances McDermott Driscoll
Comments: First visit to the Castlebar site. My dad (Frank Chambers) was born there in 1901. He emigrated to the US in 1927. Left eleven brothers and sisters behind, (George, Wendy, Bridget to name a few). Mydad passed away in 1992 .. someday I have to go and see Castlebar !!!
10 January 2001
Frances McDermott Driscoll
Comments: Hello. We were able to visit your lovely town this past July. We stopped by to say hello to Eugene and Patricia McDermott and their 3 lovely daughters.We had a most lovely time.
9 January 2001
Eimear Feeney
Comments: Hi everybody! Just got back on sunday from Castlebar. Had a brill Christmas, great to see everyone. A special hello to Julie Coughlan, we all missed you over the christmas Julie. Hope to see you in Portugal in september for the big day!!!Talk to you soon.
5 January 2001
Ross Barrett
Comments: Hi!
3 January 2001
Jane Taylor
Comments: Just a general hello to all the folk of Castlebar - especially to all at the credit union office. Last time I visited (I've only been twice!!!) was October and had a grand time celebrating TM's 40th birthday at Fr Lally's cottage. It was absolutely fab - rained all week but it was still fab. Here's to the next visit which won't be too long off...
3 January 2001
Miriam Dwyer
Comments: Hi All! Just a quick note to wish you all a very happy 2001. Hope you all managed to bring the new Year in with a bang!! I went to the Riverland (about 2 1/2 hours from Adelaide) for the weekend which was great fun, watersking, drinking beer and topping it off with a party by the river.

It is very hot here in SA at the moment with the gauge getting close to 40 degrees all this week with the overnight low last night being 25 degrees!!

Anyway hope those of you in Ireland are staying out of the snow and cold. Hope to talk to you all soon.
Love Miriam D
1 January 2001
Eoin Naughton
Comments: Hi. It's Eoin here & I would like 2 wish everyone a happy New Year on behalf of Maggie and I.
1 January 2001
Peter Punch
Comments: Have a wonderful 2001 from all the Punch's in Warrnambool, Australia.Castlebar looks beautiful....Would love to visit.
1 January 2001
Aisling O'Hagan
Comments: Happy New Year to all in Castlebar. To my's official- I'm coming to Ireland in October 2001. So if you can make it up to Dublin (that's as close as I'm gonna get to Castlebar) for Oct. 7th. & 8th. I'd love to see you. Email me for more info. if you want. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.
31 December 2000
Edward F. Gilligan
Comments: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all in Mayo. As the Mayo men shout here in the USA, up Mayo. Note my e-mail Looking to hear from any of you.
30 December 2000
Paul Corcoran
Comments: Happy new year to all who know me in Castlebar, especially Ronan & Maura, Joe O Grady (the future best man), and all in the Connaught Telegraph. Won't get a chance to see you until March. Cheers for now.
30 December 2000
Julie Coughlan
Comments: Hope you all have a very Happy New Year. Enjoy the celebrations (and the snow)! By the way, it's sooo hot here in Sydney, it's too hot. Ah well it's a hard life!
30 December 2000
Marion Knott
Comments: Happy New Year to all the Hynes in Castlebar and Ballinrobe from their USA family from Boonton, NJ Marion, Joe, Frieda, and George.
30 December 2000
Tony and Maureen Mal
Comments: Got out of Knock. Back in England. See ye soon.
29 December 2000
Edward T. Graney
Comments: Where in Hades did the year go? Yee, gads! Just dropped in to wish P.J. Burke and his 'child bride' and Sean Marley and his 'wee' Mary and their children, along with all Castlebar residents a happy, holy and prosperous New Year.
29 December 2000
Arlene Mc Cormack
Comments: Hi to everyone in Castlebar town. To Ger Brennan, Caroline and Emer Mc Cormack. For my two best friends Caroline Staunton, and Brenda mc Donagh......Happy new year lots of love Arlene Mc Cormack. From Jersey, Channel Islands !!!!
29 December 2000
Caroline King
Comments: Happy New Year to one and all that I know and from our family here in Castlebar and in the States and England.
29 December 2000
Nick Mulchrone
Comments: Happy New Year to all Mulchrone's from Nick Mulchrone in sunny Sydney, Australia. I would like to hear from all Mulchrone's to ICQ# 12779597
28 December 2000
Mary Pat Murphy-Carey
Comments: A very Happy New Year to all of my relatives in Castlebar. Had a great visit last August and looking forward to another visit in 2001.
28 December 2000
Nick Mulchrone
Comments: Happy New Year to all Mulchrones. From Nick Mulchrone in sunny Sydney, Australia I would like to hear from all Mulchrones too! ICQ 12779597
27 December 2000
Mary K. O'Hara
Comments: This message is for June Tuffy. June works as a hair stylist in Castlebar (I don't know the name of the shop). June: Dan and I want to wish you a very happy new year!! We will see you in the year 2001. Much love.
27 December 2000
Comments: Greetings to all my old friends in Maryland. Have a very Happy and peaceful New Year. Especially to Tommy and Una Moylette and family
26 December 2000
Stephen P. Moran
Comments: Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes from California to those in Castlebar, land of my father.
26 December 2000
Comments: "Alive & Kicking"! Greeting's to all especially old friends in Maryland.
26 December 2000
Colin Haugh
Comments: Would like to say it is nice to c my home town on the web,and all the imformation that u can get. I'm origional from Moneen cottage's. To my father Tommy Haugh, aunts, uncle, my brother Sean,and his wife Michelle, son David to wish them all a very happy New Year. From Colin, Maura, Caoimhe, Cillian, Sorcha Haugh in Malahide, Co Dublin.
24 December 2000
Comments: Christmas greetings to all my family and friends in Castlebar. See you all in 2001.
23 December 2000
Kieran Deasy
Comments: Hi all, I would like to wish a warm christmas greeting from Sri Lanka to all my family and friends in Castlebar
22 December 2000
Comments: Hello. The most wonderful time of the year!!!!! The four days walks. See you next year!!!! All the best for you
22 December 2000
Bernard J. Halligan
Comments: A Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year in 2001 to all on McHale Road, especially: The Halligans at #7, The Halligans at #21, The Redmonds at #33, The Quinns at #35, The Redmonds at #17, the Devanneys on Garryduff Drive, The Feeneys in Milebush, and all my other relatives and friends. We are having quite a "white" Christmas this year with lots of snow here in Ontario, Canada. We will be thinking of all of our friends in Castlebar this Christmas as we sit around the Christmas dinner table with a nice fire burning in the fireplace. All the very best to one and all. Bernard Halligan
22 December 2000
Happy Holidays to all in Castlebar.
20 December 2000
Dave O’Halloran
Comments: Since I’m not coming home for Christmas (first time in 15 years!), I’d like to say Happy Christmas to Granny Lohan on Gallows Hill, Mum in Springfield, my sister Pauline in Knockaphunta Park and my daughter, Amanda in Carracastle (see you soon honey!)Love and best wishes to all in Castlebar and surrounding areas.
20 December 2000
Lynn West
Comments: Merry Christmas to Castlebar! I enjoyed my visit last April and admit to being very homesick for Ireland! Hoping that a Kilcoyne or Hession relative will read this and contact me. God Bless the Irish!
19 December 2000
Mary McGreal Blackshire
Happy Christmas to all my family and friends in Castlebar.I hope I will see you all again in 2001.DV.
11 December 2000
Edward T. Graney
Must send this recently written poem as my gift at Christmastime to Castlebar. If I may. My Ireland. A mystical land, always true, an Isle of Leprechaun. Oh, so few. Where hearth and heart are entwined to warm the lives of me and you. The birds of Spring toll melodius tunes far all to hear aside life's gloom. It's Irish hearts that shine the way, for all to wonder thru the day - then pray. The lilth of laughter sounding clear, to all that listen throughout the year - is heralded near and far, like Northern Star. Her people hard through 700 hundred years, because of British rule, stand tall as when in bondage, never to play nor be the fool. As life came down to Dublin Town, the Viking capital still, to say the rule of heart was never a tart, a sin upon the hill. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
6 December 2000
John Heskin
From (?) The Neale Ballinrobe. Sang in Cabaret in Breaffy House during the summer, enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks especially to Michael Brett. Best wishes to all my friends in Castlebar especially for the Christmas.
4 December 2000
Edward T. Graney
Would like to take this avenue to send my fondest and most sorrowful regrets to Mary Marley and P.J. Burke of Castlebar on the death of their saintly mother, Mary Burke, nee Fahey ,on December 2nd, of Ballinrobe, County Mayo. Mary Burke, my wife's sister, left widowed with five children ro raise, was the purest example of Irishness it has ever been my pleasure to have met.
3 December 2000
Aisling O'Hagan
All the best for the Christmas Season and upcoming New Year to all my friends in Castlebar. Don't hesitate to drop me a line when you get a chance. Look forward to catching up in person sometime in 2001.
3 December 2000
This is one hell of a nice site and I'd love to send my regards and Christmas greetings to everyone in Castlebar.
1 December 2000
peter garrity
Hello Castlebarians and greetings from a snowy Montpelier VT USA! God bless the Irish
30 November 2000
Patrick J O Malley
Just a note to say that we really enjoy your site and the Mayo GAA site. You can find the Mayo GAA site at They have information on our New York club which has 4 Castlebar lads on it at the moment. I hope you keep up the good work. Happy Christmas to all at home
29 November 2000
Drewby Doo
Big ol howdee to Jim King, Brendan, Elanor, LeAnn, Lukemeister, and all the other peeps in 6th. year with me... "Whiskey's good, Guinness fine, we're the class of '99!" -Drew
29 November 2000
John Henry
I am looking for help locating a town or hamlet that I got off a tomb stone, here in America and I am also seeking Thomas and Mary Henry. I have had no luck. It reads from Balindrum, County Mayo, Ireland. Someone said the land registries in Castlebar might know. Is there a address that someone might know.
29 November 2000
Peggy Joyce-Hoffner
Hi from California. Great to see Castlebar on the web. I will be there in a few days for a quick visit and looking forward to it. Check out my web ( and let me know what you think. I can help send you lots of tourist, and special interests travel groups let me know what you have that may interest my clients, I'm always promoting Mayo and the West and proud of it..Peggy.
29 November 2000
Martin Francis Bryan
Details: Would like to hear from anyone from home. Like to keep up on the sports news. I live and work in Chicago, Illinois, US.
28 November 2000
Edward T. Graney
Tne last post noticed as I visit this web site everyday, is a page last written on it November 6 to stay. So I use my sense of wonderlust and think of a poem to say the lonliness of almost a month reminds one of the poem by James Joyce about a house with nobody in it. One stanza says, This house on the road to Suffern needs a dozen panes of glass,And somebody ought to weed the walk and take a scythe to the grass.It needs new paint and shingles, and the vines should be trimmed and tied; But what it needs the most of all is some people living inside. So I'm here once again to make sure this ideal page is not without a pen or two or three. Hope I'm not making a (Yankee) ass of myself. God bless all in Castlebar.
27 November 2000
Greetings all in Castlebar from Coventry, England...see you in 3 weeks!
25 November 2000
Alan O'Dea
Hello to the Mangans in Rathbawn and the McHales in Breaffy. See you after Christmas for all our presents! Bye Alan and Emma
22 November 2000
Mark Kennedy
How are all the Kennedys in Castlebar!! Long time no hear!! We're off on holiday next week. Up the Blackburn Rovers. Drop us a line!!!! See ya soon!
15 November 2000
Kieran Downes
Albertus Magnus (died 1280) discovered arsenic (As33) and was the first to use the term affinity in the chemical sense. He is of course better known as a Catholic saint and philosopher.
15 November 2000
John Moran
Greetings from Riverdale, Illinois, U.S.A.
13 November 2000
Edward T. Graney
Author travels world writing on Cathedrals. Ever major cathedral he visits has a gold telephone with a sign on it, reading, $25,000- Direct line to God. He finally gets to Castlebar, goes into the church and sees the same type telephone with a sign reading, 25p- Direct line to God. Hey, he says to the priest, "Telephones the world over in cathedrals read $25,000 to talk to God." The priest smiles, puts his arms around the author and says, "From Castlebar its a local call." Had to share this quip with my Castlebar friends. God bless all.
12 November 2000
Sean Gerard McAndrew
Hello to all my cousins in Castlebar and surrounding area
11 November 2000
Mary Sheridan
Hello Castlebar! This is Jimmy (from Chicago)'s daughter. I just wanted to say hello to all those I met in August. Hope you are all doing well!
7 November 2000
Stephen Daly
I taught in St. Geralds College and in St. Patricks N.S in 1947. I left for Drogheda in 1948 where I taught for 15 years and in 1960 for Dublin where I taught for another 30 years. I co-founded St. Brigids Drama Group in Drogheda in 1949 and 10 years later I founded Irish Teacher Projects which opened up the United States to thousands of Irish teachers from all levels of the profession. It is now known as ITP Travel Ltd which operates worldwide bringing groups to China,Australia,South America. Last Summer we went to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, as well as Peru and Bolivia. This coming Easter we go to Jordan, and the E.U. whilst in July we go to New Zealand and Korea, plus Peru and Indochina again. I cut turf in Rahins bog, sold milk in Castlebar and saved hay in Snugboro!!
6 November 2000
Violet and Michael Daly (Blake)
Hello to everyone in Castlebar, Frank Blake, Jimmy, Michael, Connie and Ann, and also to Richard and Elaine Daly. With all our love Violet, Mick and family xxx
6 November 2000
Angela Norton
"G'day" from Melbourne...would love to hear from any of u who know me - c u all in Autumn 2001. Till then. xxx :-)
3 November 2000
Colin Gompertz
Greetings from a Historic Mansion which sleeps 12 in spacious self-catering vacation accommodation in the mountains of central Scotland.Good touring base convenient for Edinburgh, Glasgow & 30 Golf Courses. A family & friends gathering venue. Site has lots of useful history of Balquhidder, Church,and Rob Roy FAQs, plus gaelic translations of local areas and Clan Fergusson.
1 November 2000
Brendan Kerrigan
I just wanted to say hi to everyone in Castlebar.I am coming from Chicago USA, but my father was born in Castlebar, in 1947. His name is Francis Kerrigan. If anyone knows him please write me back.
1 November 2000
Martin Lalley
Someone e-mailed me and said to contact fr. Fahey, Ballintubber Abbey for information. They said he would be at the Castlebar directory. I'm trying to find out about my ancestors, Lally- Lalley. I'm planning a trip to Ireland in the future. Would appreciate any information. Thank you.
1 November 2000
Just wanna give a big shoutout to everyone in Castlebar. It's the town to kick it. Have a good one, and nice website.
1 November 2000
Drew Rardon
If anybody reading this knows me or James (Jim) King, get in touch please.
31 October 2000
Mary Pat Carey
Anyone know the recipe for a pastry called Schlim. Mom,from Turlough, used to make it when we were young and boy was it good!!
30 October 2000
Liam Irwin
Congratulations on a great website. I liked everything about it, design, layout, and mostly of course - content.I spent 3 extremely happy years in Castlebar in the late 70s. Now Limerick based, I don't get a chance to visit often, but always enjoy it when I do.
28 October 2000
Ann Guthrie Kelly
Any one from Castlebar that knows me, get in touch please. I was Ann Guthrie, from McHale Road.
27 October 2000
Edward T Graney
Boo Boo, it's a blast! Halloween is here at last. Love to all in Castlebar, and may all the trick and treaters make it home safe. God bless all.
26 October 2000
Pauline Campbell
Hello to Aiden Campbell and his buddies who are out visiting us here in California. Pauline & Paul
25 October 2000
Donnacha Kenny
Howya! I'm from Breaffy, and have lived out in USA for five painstaking years. Anyways I'm coming back on the 2nd for a while (ye've been warned) so what's there to do for an 18-year old fella these days? Really, I'd like to know. Anyway see ye then
23 October 2000
Aisling McGreal
Hi everyone,hope you`re all doing good, back in London, dying to come home at Christmas, hope to see u all for a pint(or 2). Till then, take care, xx
22 October 2000
Pauric Mc Ginley
I my self am from Killybegs, and hope to visit Castlebar sometime. And do you know of any body by the name of Mc Donagh's. Their son is called Conner, and any castlebar folk planning to come to Killybegs do not hesitate to vist the Harbour Bar
20 October 2000
James Daly
Hellow this is James Daly, son of Tim Daly, Military Barracks. I will be in Castlebar at the end of October. Any classmates around please let the Daly Family in Castlebar know, so that I may contact you.
16 October 2000
Mary Kersting
Hello Castlebar Irish who visited Hoechstadt and Germans who hosted the Irish. This is Mary, Theresa's sister, thanking everybody including my sister who made my trip so memorable.
16 October 2000
come and visit your old world in C/bar!
14 October 2000
Edward T. Graney
Have spent time everyday for the past six months visiting this site, and once again must say you are the finest of all Irish web sites in the system. Although parochial in nature, you allow for exploration to other Irish entities, including the whole of the great County of Mayo. In future a direct chat room for all interested in Irish and world politics. etc. would be a good added attraction, I would think. Althought that is your business. Assuredly, I would enjoy such an addition, seeing that most of my relatives were from Mayo and Sligo. Anyway, here's the best to The Best. God's speed and His help in all future endeavors.
14 October 2000
Teresa Conway
Hello to C/Bar, just wanted to say congrats and good luck to Ann Kilcullen and James Dixon getting married on 29th Oct. We are looking forward to coming home for the wedding!!!!B. Donegan is that you my nephew from Newport Rd.??? (Brendan). Greetings from Singapore, see you in a few days.
12 October 2000
Siobhan Kilkenny
Greetings from the US. I would love to hear from anyone that knows me! By the way does anyone know Paula Lenehan's email address? Let me know. Later.
10 October 2000
Hello from Donegal and enjoy the TF and cosmos Saturday night
08 October 2000
Mickey and Mary Garvey
Visiting very good friends in Florida, having a great time, weather is beautiful. Greetings to all our friends in Castlebar. See you all in April 2001. Please God.
07 October 2000
Your friends in the US
Brilliant site, keep up the good work.
07 October 2000
Frank Chambers
Hello to all in the Wild West from Frank in New Zealand
06 October 2000
Patrick J Corbett
Details: I'm P.J. Gaughan from Muindoran, Geesala. Hi to all from New York. See you in Mayo sometime....feel free to say hello anytime...
04 October 2000
Alan Burke
Congrats to all who particapated in Damo Cashin's Stag last weekend. I hear Tuam is thinking of adopting the 'grass skirt' as part of their National Heritage campaign. Well done to Damo who played along in true 'Stag' fashion. Only the Wedding to get through now !!!!!
02 October 2000
Bernard J. Halligan
I just retruned from a trip to England/Ireland with my wife Frances. We spent some time in Ireland. Left Dublin and drove down through Waterford, Cobh (a lovely town) and on into Killarney and on up to the best town in Ireland, Castlebar. Spent four lovely days there from September20th. thru 23rd with my family, Marty & Breege Halligan at #7 McHale Road. Also visited my brother John & his wife Patsy at #21 McHale Road, sister Breege Redmond and husband Vinny at #33 McHale Road, sister Julia Quinn and husband Kevin at #35 McHale Road. Visited the Upper Crust on main street and sampled some of their delicious cream cakes and chocolate eclairs..mmmmmm. I posed a question to Mr. Johnny Mee as to what was the name of the Castlebar river. I have always known it to be called The Castlebar River but Johnny in his infinite wisdom informs me that the actual name of the river is "The Shore River". Does anyone there have any further comments on this or is Johnny Mee correct? Got some very good deals on Irish sweaters at the Tweed Centre on Main Street, Castlebar, also on an Irish Team soccer shirt at Stauntons on Main Street. The receipients of these items here in Canada were thrilled. Thanks to the staff of both shops there, they were great. Cannot wait to get back to good ole Castlebar again as soon as possible. Hello to all my friends and relatives in the town.
02 October 2000
Mary Mulchrone (formerly Kilkenny from Belcarra now living in Harrow, England.)
Just wanted to say "Congratulations & Well Done" to the Mayo Ladies Team on winning the All-Ireland yesterday. Great achievement - 2 in a row. When are ye coming to London with the Cup ???
29 September 2000
Paul Byron
I would like to thank sweet Castlebar for giving to me the finest girl there ever was. Fair Katie O'Neill shines like the sun. Never was there grace so fine that has ever strode the deep green grasses of Ireland like a lightning wild mare.
28 September 2000
Anne, Robert, Richard and Victoria Grohmann
A big HELLO to one and all in Castlebar fromHöchstadt, your new partner town. We reallyenjoyed meeting the Castlebar folks, who were here and who are now on their flight back home. Looking forward to visiting Castlebar and Ireland next year.
28 September 2000
Rory Ainsworth
Greetings to anyone who knows me from New York City.5 friggin years since I've been in C'bar. Drop a line, or let me know if u come to NYC. If anyone see's Br. Dennis, tell him I was askin' for him.
27 September 2000
B. Donegan
Hi everyone .I just want to say hi to everyone who left Scoil Raiftéirí in June and we are having a great time in St. Geralds. Bye Everyone!
22 September 2000
Filippo Burla
Details: Mr. Moran, my teacher in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), is from Castlebar.
22 September 2000
Edward T. Graney
Details: See! After many e-mails I see I was right on..............Yahoo recognizes your wondeful Website. Once again congratulations! God bless all the Staff and management of your great site.
22 September 2000
Kathryne (Kitty) Marihugh
Details: I have roots in Ireland and am planning a trip there toward the end of 2001 or during the first half of 2002.
21 September 2000
Catherine Bennett Colin
Greetings from Chicago Illinois. I stumbled across your lovely page and wanted to say hello. Have visited Castlebar two times and hope to return again soon. I enjoyed my "virtual" visit today!
21 September 2000
James Greene of the Capital
Castlebar is one kick ass place, hope to return there soon. Whoever came up with the idea of creating Castlebar was truely inspired.
11 September 2000
P.J. Mc Hale
Hi,to everyone in Ballyvary. Also looking to get in contact with any of the leaving cert class of 1987 in Davitt college Regards P.J.
10 September 2000
Edward T. Graney
As I was reading the otherday, I came upon a poem by the young American poet, considered to be the finest religious poet we have ever produced. His name was Joyce Kilmer, as most school children know - it was he who wrote "Trees." Joyce Kilmer was killed in the lst World War, in l9l8, in France. Among his poems was a beauty called Easter Week. The last lines I must share with you.

"Romantic Ireland is not old.
For years untold her youth shall shine.
Her heart is fed on heavenly bread,
The blood of martyers is her wine."

One can go to the "web" and write in Poets, as an inquiry, and then hit on Joyce Kilmer and copy all his poems. Thank you for allowing me to share this lovable man's (short) work with you. (Aside - he converted to Catholism when he married his wife, Aline Murray. They had four children.)
08 September 2000
Ryan McGraw
Just wanted to let my distant relatives that Nora Walsh's grandson is coming to town in July. Look forward to seeing the homeland!!!
07 September 2000
Kevin. A. Ryan.
Hello Castlebar, greetings from the City of Kempten, Southern Germany. Has Ritchie Wynne, got the 5th Cav. Sqdn web site up and running yet? greetings to any of my old comrades with the PDF at Castlebar Military Barracks.
Also to any of my brothers, the Ryan family from Knockthomas, Peter and his wife and daughter ( Ann & Andrea ) at Springfield Court, and to Johnny Mee at the Connaught Telegraph. and to any one else who knows me, all the best from Kevin. A. Ryan.
04 September 2000
Mary (Mc Greal) Blackshire
The marriage of Katherine Blackshire and David Waffen was celebrated at the Fairfax Chapel at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, reception afterwards at the Officers Club on August 26th,2000. Kathy is the daughter of Benny Blackshire and Mary (Mc Greal) Blackshire. Joining us from Ireland, England and Canada were her grandmother, Mary Mc Greal, Turlough RD. Her uncle Ger McGreal and family, Pontoon Rd. Her uncle Ken Mc Greal and family, Straide, her aunt Eileen Holden and family from Yorkshire, England and her aunt Jean McGreal from Toronto, Canada.Her cousin Aisling McGreal from Straide was one of the bridesmaids. Other friends and relatives joined us from all over the US. Kathy and David will live in Vienna,Virginia but have a great love of Ireland, especially Castlebar, and Kylemore Abbey where they became engaged last year.
01 September 2000
Bernard J. Halligan
I would like to let all my family and friends in Castlebar know that my eldest daughter Katey just got married on August 5th. of this year. It was a spectacular day and we celebrated an IRISH/Canadian/English style wedding. The weather was beautiful and we imported our photographer from Dublin, a Mr. Jim Hawkins of Jim Hawkins Studios in Dublin. The wedding celebrations wnet on for a full week. We had guests attending from Ireland,Thailand,England and the United States.

My daughter Katey, married a great young man by the name of David Stott. She is now proudly known as Mrs.David Stott and they will reside in Thornton, England (close to Blackpool).
31 August 2000
Eimear Feeney
Hi Everyone!! Hello from Portugal. Have really enjoyed reading this guestbook and seeing so many familar names and catching up on some news....nice to see Louise Dunne is doing well with the line-dancing in London. Never mind Babara, second place wasn´t too bad...maybe next year. Speaking of the Duffy´s....Hope Maria had a great 30th birthday!! Did Kathryn and Kevin come home from Santry, CA for the party???
See you all at Christmas!!
29 August 2000
Colette Clark
Hello mum, Brendan, Lynn & Joe! How's things! Had a great holiday. Lots of love from us all.x x x x
29 August 2000
Donal & Sharron Irwin
Hi everyone in Castlebar. Everything is going great out here in Bahrain, the weather is great, it really didn't get all that unbearable here this summer. We were home for most of July and of course had a wonderful time.Say Hi to all our families if you meet them and thanks for a wonderful site.
29 August 2000
Mary Mulchrone (nee Kilkenny)
I am a Mayo woman true + true but have been asked by some very good friends (who happen to be Galwegians) if I can help them to get some tickets for the All-Ireland Final !! Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to where I may be able to get hold of tickets for the All-Ireland Final ??? Is so, please e-mail me on the above e-mail address. Many thanks, Mary Mulchrone. (formerly Kilkenny from Belcarra, Castlebar, Co. Mayo).
29 August 2000
Dawn Buck
Dawn Buck
Greeting from America; namely Lakehurst, N.J. My name is Dawn and my mother came from Castlebar. Therefore I feel a connection to Castlebar even though I have never been to Ireland, nor out of the U.S. I hope to hear from you to even further my connection. Thank-you.
25 August 2000
Edward T. Graney
Long time - no write. Just had my daily talk to my granddaughter, Alexandra. She's almost ten years and still talks of her stay in Castlebar with Sean & Mary Burke and their children, Clare and Noel. From the mouths of babes, they say - as she said, "Pa, will you take me for another visit to Castlebar. I liked the people there." Ah, ha!! "I surely will, darlin," I replied. See you all next year. God bless.
23 August 2000
Harry Faris
Hi Castlebar! Just checkin back from Philly,Pa., USA. My grandparents, Domnick Callaghan and Mary Hopkins left there a little less than a century ago. So, what's new? I miss not knowing about you guys. I hear you're better than anything.

Take care!
23 August 2000
Brian Sean Neary
Any Neary's left in Castlebar? Iam looking for a family connection. Iam planning a trip over for the first time and would like to see Castlebar!
23 August 2000
Bubbles & Coco
Congrats to Joey Campbell (Castlebar) and Paul Hughes (Mayo Abbey) who got engaged last week!

From all your friends in California :-)
23 August 2000
Jim Struntz
Great website. Hope to see you the first week in ?
21 August 2000
Eddie Scully
Interested in any news from home
21 August 2000
Mary McCaffrey Puccinelli
Hi Castlebar! I haven't been to your fair city since 1985, but I certainly hope to get back. My relatives are Gibbons from the Newport Road. My grandmother was a Rice from Islandeady. Most of her sisters and brothers settled in the Chicago area in the late 1890's. Would love to return to walk Croagh Patrick and to visit with relatives.
19 August 2000
Mark from the 'Boro
Snugboro rules. We will 1 day conquer the people of Castlebar. P.S. Ray Walsh [Ballyvary] and Evelyn Neary [Ballyheane] say hi from Volex @ 4:45 in the morning.
18 August 2000
Mary Pat Murphy-Carey
Just returned from Ireland and had a wonderful time, especially in Castlebar.. Saw a lot of relatives. Doing an ancestral research and would like to get in touch with relatives of Nylands/O Hora's /Howley's and Gibbons descendants from the Turlough area of Castlebar.
16 August 2000
Happy Birthday Ger.See you soon!
16 August 2000
Paul & Pauline
Congrats to Padraig O'Brien and Trish Lydon who just got engaged last week!
15 August 2000
Paraic Kelly
Hi to all my friends in Breaffy School - 4th class. I'm visiting Chicago now and I will see you all back at school in September.
13 August 2000
This is stupid. P.S. C.M. in the Convent is fine
13 August 2000
Pauline & Paul
Congratulations to Joey Campbell and Paul Hughes who got engaged Sunday 13th August! Best of luck to you guys!
12 August 2000
C Murray
We will be visting the area next week. Anything fun going on in Castlebar I need to know about?
11 August 2000
James Kelly
Hi to all in Breaffy from James Kelly in Chicago. See you all again soon.
10 August 2000
Aoife Kelly
Just a quick note to say the best of luck and congrats to Gerard kelly (my brother) and Demma van Dulman who got scholarships to an acting course in scotland.Well Done you two
08 August 2000
Hi Castlebar! Its been awhile since my visit.Hello to all!
08 August 2000
Hi Castlebar! Its been a while since my visit. Hello to all!
08 August 2000
I just wanna say hi to everyone in Castlebar. It's a cool town.
03 August 2000
Scott MacGillivray
Just had to visit the site
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