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Mayo Photographic Club -26 Nov 2012
By Monica Flanagan PRO
26, Nov 2012 - 09:34

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The Distinctions meeting of November 22nd was very informative. Keving Murphy, Fellow of the Irish Photographic Federation was the speaker, and in a frank and amusing way he took the sting out of the apprehension felt at putting panels of our photographic work forward for adjudication. He showed us all of the photographs he had presented himself for his Licentiate, Associateship and Fellowship and it was fascinating to see how his style and presentation had evolved over the five years.  He wittily explained that the path to Fellowship had not been at all easy as he had failed both his Licentiate and Associateship once.  That made his attentive audience feel better immediately.

The May weekend away is to take place in scenic Leenane. Those members who were absent last Thursday and who wish to join the group should quickly get their names to either David Browne or Eamonn McCarthy.  (Details on the website

Next Thursday's meeting (Nov 29th) will be held in the GMIT (Room 14) at 8 pm.  The topic is Workflow and will cover processing photographs through to folders and filing.  All interested photographers welcome.


The first meeting of December will take place at the Michaela Hall, Lough Lannagh on Monday December 3rd at 8 pm. It's competition time and the theme is Autumn.  As usual there are three categories; Projected, printed Black-and-White and printed Colour.  Each member may enter three photographs in each cagtegory. The judge is Eamonn McCarthy.


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