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Mayo Photographic Club - 14 Dec 2012
By Monica Flanagan PRO
15, Dec 2012 - 12:44

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Mayo Photographic Club has moved its meetings to Mondays at 8 pm in the Macalla Hall, Lough Lannagh Village, Castlebar.  The first meeting to be held there was on December 3rd when there was a members' competition entitled 'Autumn'.  There were three categories - Monochrome Printed, Colour Printed and Projected Images. The judge was Eamonn McCarthy and the results were as follows: Monochrome Printed 1st Marion Galt, 2nd Conrad Harley, 3rd Nick Brooker and 4th Michael Gannon. (9 entries). Colour Printed 1st Frank Fullard, 2nd John Boyce, 3rd Marion Galt and 4th Nick Brooker. (l17 entries). Projected Images 1st Kirstin Hellmann, 2nd Kirstin Hellmann and 3rd Nick Brooker. (15 entries).  Many thanks to Eamonn for his excellent and helpful critique.

On December 10th Kevin Murphy gave a tutorial on Macro Photography which he illustrated thoroughly with examples of his own work which is fascinating. Following that he demonstrated the use of Flash and photographed drops of falling milk.  The splashes made excellent photography material and gave much amusement!  Many thanks to Kevin for a most enjoyable evening.

Christmas gathering for members is on December 17th after which the Club will break for the Christmas Holidays with the first meeting of the New Year being held in the Macalla Hall on January 7th.  All those interested in photography are most welcome.

Please take note that Beginners' Classes will commence on January 14th in the Macalla Hall (start time 6.30) and will run for six weeks. They will be given by Eamonn McCarthy.  They are absolutely FREE to members of the Mayo Photographic Club. Heartiest thanks to Eamonn for this great opportunity.

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