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Easter Bunny Stories

Third Class - Ms. C. Lane

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1. Brian B.
2. Darragh C.
3. Darragh H.
4. James C.
5. Liam W.
6. Michael Mc.
7. Paul R.
8. Peter L.
9. Rory W.


The Capture of the Easter Bunny.

One day the Easter bunny was in the chocolate factory making eggs. But another Easter bunny came through the window. It was the evil Easter bunny .He locked the Easter bunny in the cupboard. Then he put poison into the eggs. Then he said that will kill all the children. The Easter bunny heard him. He knew that he had to tell the kids. At night he burrowed under the ground .He got out to warn the kids because it was two more days till Easter. The next morning they went to the factory they kicked the evil one out and they took out the poison and everybody enjoyed Easter.

By Brian B.


The Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny was getting ready to give the Easter eggs to the children. When he noticed Some of the Easter Eggs were gone. So they went to the Easter egg factory and got Some Easter eggs when he got back he noticed He still didended have enough Easter eggs So he started looking for his Easter eggs. When he found the eggs he gave them out And they all lived happily ever after



Easter is Coming.

"Easters nearly here" shouted all the children. "I can't wait" said a boy called Matt and his sister Laura. Then the weeks went by and the children can't wait to eat loads of chocolate. Then it was Easter morning and the children found no eggs Their mam and their dad woke up from all the crying Then they went to the pub to cheer them up Just then when they came in the pub they saw a fat fella with chocolate all over his mouth Matt said he wasn't fat he was the new Godzilla said Matt. Soon he started to eat chocolate eggs. He went out laughing and his eyes turned red. They saw a good Easter bunny across the road crying. They went over to see was wrong with him he then said the evil Easter bunny stole my eggs. They went to find the Easter bunny that what was evil .Then Matt said how could Godzilla run so fast his sister said he could probably fly like a a a plane . They saw the evil bunny on a building and then dad said I will hit his leg with the knife I used for my dinner and he then threw the knife and it hit the evil bunny's stomach instead of his leg . then he fell of the roof and on to the ground then Matt, Laura their parents and the Easter bunny got the eggs and gave them tool the sad children the end by

Darragh H.


Easter Bunny.

It was the week before Easter and all the children were very excited. But meanwhile, the Easter bunny was sitting in his burrow Looking very sad he had just broken his leg. So Easter Sunday came. But no children got any Easter eggs. The children were very disappointed. But there was nothing they could do. They begged their parents to buy them some Easter eggs. But they kept saying" Its Easter Sunday they're all sold out in the shops, just wait until next year". "That's ages away" replied the children. At about 2'o clock when the parents had finally persuaded the children to forget about it. The children went out to play and decided to find out why they hadn't got any Easter eggs. So they went to school the next day. And Josh, Brian and Mark asked the bully if he had stolen their Easter eggs, of course he said no. But the children didn't believe him and before they could really make sure, the bell rang for class. The teacher asked them did they enjoy their Easter eggs yesterday." We didn't get any" said the children disappointed. "Ye didn't get any exclaimed the teacher. "No the Easter bunny must have forgot or something" said Josh. "Your probably right" said the class. Then the teacher made the class write a page long essay about how they felt on Easter Sunday when they didn't get any Easter eggs. Stupid bunny the class mumbled to themselves. When the class was finished it was time to go home for lunch. Josh, Brian and Mark were walking home when they saw the bully again. Immediately they ran over to him. Again they asked him about the Easter eggs. "How many times do I have to tell you I didn't steal the things" he said. But they still didn't believe him. When they went back to school they told all their teachers about the day before and how they got no Easter eggs.

By James C.


The Mystery of the Missing Easter Eggs

It was nine-o clock at night. I was watching the news. It said the chocolate factory had been blown up. It said that the Easter bunny was ok. But one thing was not Ok the Easter Eggs were missing. It was getting near to Easter and if the Easter Eggs were not found soon the Children would go crazy. So I decided I would go looking For the eggs but one thing I did not know where to Start, so I started out side my house I was walking Along the road and I saw a wrapper of an Easter Egg as I walked along I saw more wrappers then I saw an old building I decided to take a close look Inside were Dr. evil and his slaves with the missing Easter Egg I crept in and in a brown bag I grabbed The bag and legged it as fast as I could I nearly fell over a rock but I kept going until I got back to town. The Easter bunny was waiting at the police station and I gave the eggs to him. I told the policeman where Dr. Evil was hiding so he and his men went to arrest them and all the the children had a happy Easter.

Liam W.


The Easter Bunny.

One night I heard someone down stairs. I went down to see who it was and then it hid its self be hind a chair and then I was looking behind it and then I said who are you and it turned around and it had red eyes and long ears.Then it came out and I turned on the lights. There it was The easter bunny. It looked evil and chased me up to my room. I shut the door before it got in. I looked out my window and it ran away.



The Easter Bunnies on Strike.

It was Easter morning and the children were all very excited to get their hands on their chocolate, caramel eggs. I rushed down the stairs early in the morning and ran to the sitting room. That's where the Easter Bunnie puts them every year. He leaves in the press above the oven. I grabbed a stool, jumped up on it and opened the press. But the eggs weren't there. "He must have hidden them somewhere else this year" I said. I dashed all around the house looking for my precious Easter eggs. But they weren't anywhere in the house. Maybe he forgot about me. No I seriously doubt it. I felt very upset. Then I heard a noise outside. I ran out to see what all the chaos was about. It was coming from the park , someone was on strike. The Easter Bunnies were on strike . I began to realise why I didn't get my Easter eggs. I asked the bunnie at the back why they were on strike. Mr.Wonka isn't giving us enough cocoa beans. The next day I decided to take a visit to Mr. Wonka. Why aren't you giving the Easter bunnies their cocoa beans. We don't need the Easter bunnies anymore" said Mr. Wonka. I wasn't listening I was looking at the big bag of cocoa beans on the floor. I grabbed them and ran to the park. I gave all the cocoa beans to the Easter Bunnies and in return I got a lifetime supply of Easter Eggs.

By Paul R.


The Easter Mystery

One day Ann ,John and Joey came home from school. Every Easter the children from Farmsville always look for Eastereggs. They looked everywhere but not one was found. Joey said "there is a mystery here". Ann thought the easter bunny forgot. Joey said again "We have to look for the easter bunny ourselves". John found a big crack in Mr. Johnson's driveway. The crack opened very quickly as they came closer. Joey and John fell in. John got hold of a spike. Ann ran for a rope.She threw it down.When John grabbed the rope he pulled Ann down. Danny Jonson saw Ann fall in so he called the gardaí.When Ann and John fell down Joey was knocked out. Ann saw the easter bunny. She asked why was he down here. Three gardaí came. They held the rope for the children to climb out. They got the Easter bunny out of the hole, Easter was saved.The easter bunny wanted to thank Ann,John and Joey so he gave them A big bunny Easter egg each.

By Peter L.


The Easter Disaster.

It was two days before Easter and it was ten-o clock. I knew I wouldn't get to sleep until about eleven. I wondered what kind of Easter egg I would get. Maybe one with red spots or maybe one with blue stripes. I thought everything was okay but it wasn`t. The Easter bunny lay in his burrow feeling very sad. It was nearly Easter and he had broken his leg. He couldn't deliver the eggs with a broken leg. He could ask Santa but it wouldn't be the same. I know what I`ll do he said I`ll call my Granny. She used to be the Easter bunny so she'll know what to do. So he called his Granny. Soon after there was a knock on his burrow. He hopped over to the door with his left foot because he had broken his right foot and opened the door. His Granny climbed down and he closed it again. He lay back down on his bed and his Granny sat down. What's the problem? She asked. Its nearly Easter and I've broken my leg. What should I do he said. His Granny thought for a minute and said why not ask one of your friends. I can't Jim's on holidays and Paul has the chickenpox. Well then there is only one thing left to do his Granny said ask one of the children. I`ll pick one of the out and tell him or her the situation she said. But how are they going to deliver the eggs. Just leave it to me she said. That night his Granny picked out a boy called Robert to do the job. She sent him a card and told him the situation. She told him to meet her outside his house at midnight Easter night. Easter night came and Robert put on a lot of clothes. That night he met the bunny and they delivered the eggs together.

By Rory W.