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Mr Armstrong

Our Class News

Brian and Fergus were part of the Castlebar U-13 Relay team that came 3rd in the Claremorris Swimming club competition.
David, Ioseph and Alan are part of the Castlebar U-15 basketball team who are playing in Longford on Saturday week.
Cormac came second in the scouts regional quiz.
Alan, Ioseph, Raymond and Shane are taking part in the sports Quiz on Friday.
We will be making our confirmation on Sunday the 3rd of June.

The Big Match

When I went out on the ground
I heard a loud cheering sound
And then I ran and kicked the ball
I scored a goal, I heard a call
It was the crowd cheering loud
It made me feel very proud.
Then they started an attack
he ball was with the left full back
He passed the ball to the number nine
There was a shout "That ball is mine".
He took the ball on his chest
He shot towards the net
The goalie dived to the right
He tried to save it with all his might
He missed the ball we drew one-one
It was exciting and great fun

Gaelic League 

Mr Armstrong and Mr Mahon organised a gaelic league with six great teams. The teams are named The Lions, The Spring boks, The Eagles, The All Blacks, The Barbarians and The Wallabies. The captains are Daniel, Raymond, Sean, Michael, Alan, Kevin. The Lions are so far, coming out on top with a undefeated reputation. Going into the fourth round there are six games remaining in the league stage. the top two teams go into the semi final and the other four teams battle it out in the quarters. At the moment the table stands like this:

Name: Wins: Loses: Draw:


The Match

I was going to a match With my best friend Patch.
It was finally the day So we did not delay.
We left in the car It was very far.
Man United were playing I was praying.
It was the final minute
There was nothing in it.
Suddenly, someone scored a goal
It was Andy Cole.
It was a good game.
But the other team had them selves to blame.

By: Paul o'S.


Wallabies 1 2

All blacks 0 3 0

Barbarians 1 2 0

The Lions 3 0 0

Spring boks 2 1 0

The Eagles 2 1 0

The next game shall be played on Wednesday. It will be

The Lions vs. The Wallabies. Results on Thursday.