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Welcome to fourth class!

You are welcome to our fourth class web page.

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Below you can read what some of the boys have written about our school and our class and even some improvements they'd like to see.

* Our school is 40 years old. The location of our school is Chapel Street. The size of our school is about 30ft high. I like Computers, P.E, Tv, and parties. I like to go out to break and art. My improvements on are school is I think the toilets are too small. We need a wide screen TV and elevators. The school needs to be bigger.


* Our school is situated in Castlebar town. IT is a very big school and it is forty-one years old. I like p.e, computers, art and the video that is all I like.

I would like computers and leather chairs at every desk.


* In our school we play all different kinds of sports. At break we play soccer. The bigger boys play tag rugby after school.

On sports day we play penalty shoot out, one hundred-meter sprint and two hundred-meter sprint. And then we would have a game of tug of war and obstacle races. Some classes play welly throwing. Some classes have an egg and spoon race. Sometimes we play basketball. We have a Gaelic league for fourth and fifth class.


* We got Internet access on our classroom computer. The computer is networked so we can work in the class or in the computer room and save our files on the G drive all the time.


* We moved into the big yard this year. At Halloween Mr. Mc Hale got new railings in our side of the yard.


* The improvements in our school I would like are a "wrestling ring, normal clothes, a shop for sweets and a swimming pool.


* Our classroom number is number one. The school is two storeys high and is on Chapel Street. Our school is 40 years old and is about 30 ft high.



Turlough Park Project!

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As part of our SIP (Schools Integration Project) work, we visited Turlough Park House in January. Turlough Park is going to be opened shortly as the national folk life museum. We went there to learn stuff and get some information about the house and museum. It was very interesting. Click on the picture above to visit our page on the school's SIP website. There you can read Michael's account and see photos of our visit.


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