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I’d like to go to space some day
Rocket to the moon
My Friends and I would fly up high
Glide right passed to the moon


We’d go to Saturn
Maybe Mars
And if we have time
See the Universe.


And after we’ve done everything
We’d go home once again
We’d have some coke
Some chocolate chips
And wake up once again



I like a lot of books
Quite a little lot of books
Big ones and small ones
New ones and old.


I like a lot of books
Quite a little lot of books
Maths books English books
Story books most of all


Books Books beautiful Books
And so you see
I like books a lot

By Mark Conlon


Irish Fairytale

The King and his daughter lived in Tri na n Og.
His daughter’s name was Josephine. She was a Beautiful woman.
There was a witch in the North of the city.
The city was called neverending.
She was a very, VERY, VERY bad witch. She wanted
To be Queen of Tir na n Og. She taught she was beautiful
But she was as ugily as a pig in a sty. She had a
Servent that knew everything. She asked him
Who is the most beautiful woman in the world,
The king’s daughter he said. She went as pink as a pig.
The next day she went to the king’s house he fell in
Love with her. They got married. She did not like
His daughter. She put a spell on her and she turned
Into a pig. The next day the king could smell a bad
Smell from the witch. He found out that she was a
Witch. He killed her and the spell was broken.

The End.

By Cormac Mc G.


The wicked witch.

There was a man who lost his wife.
His name was Tom and he was heartbroken.
He had four children and all them were good. One day Tom/s sister came and said you need a mother for the children. One day a girl named Aoife came and said can I have shelter she asked Tom. And Tom said Yes.

After a few months Tom and Aoife fell in LOVE. Tom and Aoife got married. One day one of the children said I am going to a Disco. Aoife did not like the children. So she followed him. When the disco was over she turned him into a DUCK. The father heard about it and killed her it was the end of the wicked witch.

 By: Gerard and Shane.


The day of all days

I woke up in the morning to find I have an extra day of my life. I was very excited. I was going to go to America first. I went to Disney land first in Orlando. I went on the rollercoaster’s. On one rollercoaster I got stuck. But it wasn’t long before I was back on the ground.Then I went to Hollywood. I met Arnold Swarznigger and Wesley Snipes can’t forget Pamela Anderson. I got all their autograph’s. Then WRESTLEMANIA 2000.I met all the stars and got there autograph’s. Then I watched the big match The Big Show vs The Game. After a while The Big Show hammering away at The Game. Then The Big Show done the biggest chockeslam in the WWF history. Then The Big Show pinned The Game and he became world wrestling federation champion. Finally, I went to a top Itallian Serie A match. Juventus vs Inter Milan. After the match I got Ronaldo’s, Del Piero and Zinedine Zidane’s autograph’s but who could forget Roberto Baggio’s autograph is well. That would be the day of all day’s.

By: Ioseph  and Sean .


Fairy Wars   By Kevin Mc D

There once was two Fairyforts wheir two types of Fairys lived.They where in battle over a very old oak tree.The first Fairys where called acids and the other type where called toxic.So one day had a fight at the lake with the type so they wanted to settle it over war.The next day they the acids and the toxics meet at the tree,it was six o clock in the morning.They started the fight it was terrable Fairys died and where hurt badly.Two hours had pasted and then one of the Fairys noticed a sign at the fence it said a house is to be built on the site.And then a truck came and knocked down the tree.The fairys got so mad that they broke everything and the builders caught them and they where never seen again........apart from the time at a football match in Liverpool.

The best day of my life.

 One morning I woke up and it was 29 of February. I went to the kitchen and had my breakfast and turned on the radio. The man on the radio said you can do anything you want to do for free today. So I ran out to my car and drove to the airport. I ran in and booked a holiday to America. A hour later my plane came in, so I got on the plane. When I arrived in Florida the weather was very hot. I called a taxi and he brought me to my hotel. I had a bite to eat and I had a rest. Later I went to Disneyland and I had a great time. Then I went to the park and there was a go-karting track. I stayed there for two hours and then I went around town, it was packed so I called a taxi to bring me to the airport. When I was on the plane I thought it was the best day of my life.

By: Paul O S


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Money Doesn’t matter to me on Feb 29

I woke up on Feb 29 very happy. I said I could do what ever I want. So I got a plane to America to meet Sandra Bullock. She was cool. I flew to England and went to the Millennium Dome. It was class. I saw Bono and Brittany Spears. It was not as good as meeting Sandra though. I flew back to Ireland and went to my school to teach the teachers. It was brilliant. I really annoyed them. I gave them a thousand lines each. Then I blew the school up. When I was walking home I saw Cillian Sheil jumping into a septic tank.

By: Cillian G.