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Spring Time

The spring time is my favourite time of the year. The sun is shining in the sky. The animals are playing in the fields. The birds are singing and happy. I like to hear them singing. The trees are growing and the clouds are white

by Michael Mc D


S is for the shrubs that grow
P is for the perfect days
R is for the rabbits
I is for ice-cream
N is for the horses neighing
G is for the green grass.

By James C.

The Rotten Spring.
One spring day David was playing when It began to rain. What is it doing raining in spring he said running into his home. The next morning Monday he woke up got ready for school ran downstairs looked out the window and guess what he saw? It was raining even more and it was snowing so when he went to school he felt the rain as if he was being lashed by whip and he had to wear wellingtons to school. The next morning he woke up got ready for school once again but when he got down stairs his mother said he couldn't go to school and if he looked out the window he would find out why. So he went over to the window and saw it was still raining but it had flooded the whole town and all the snow had blocked the door and it was still snowing plus there were hailstones. Then David shouted out when is the sun going to come out as he stomped up the stairs. The next morning he got out of ran downstairs looked out the window but the weather was worse. There car was washed away by the force the flooding. The snow had piled up to the second floor and hailstones were the size of a wheel. Then suddenly there was a crash and the force of the flooding and snow sent the doors and windows shattering to pieces and then...

Jack S.

Why did the boy push his father into the freezer?
He wanted an ice-pop.

What's the biggest mouse in the worl
A Hippopotamouse

Where does dracula stay on holidays?
The vampire state building

Why did the girl sleep in the fire?
She wanted to sleep like a log


Sheep frolicking
Flowers blooming
Sun shining Birds flying
Animals out of hibernation
Badger and the bear
Yes, Yes Spring is my Favourite time of year

Paul R.

Our Holiday Hadn't a Great Start!

Hi my name is Rory and I want to tell you about the time I had a wakey a holiday. My sister and I had just got our summer holidays . My Dad and my sister wanted to go to Florida because we heard that there was going to be a cool new amusement park being opened. I didn`t want to go at all but it was two against one so I had to. My Dad packed the car while I took a last look at my house it was eight hours to Florida so I wouldn`t see my house until the end of the Summer. It wouldn't be so bad I thought but I was wrong. After the first hour in the car the batteries for my Gameboy had run out and I needed to go to the toilet. At last I thought a gas station. My Dad stopped the car and got out. My mom and my sister went into the shop while my dad payed the man for gas. Soon we were on the road again.

Suddenly we heard a loud noise what was that I asked just the airport. Once we got our ticket we had to find a space to park. At last we found a found a space to park. When we got into the airport everything seemed to be a rush. We managed to reach the counter and our ticket for the plane. We were just walking to the plane when mom said "Wheres our ticket". "I thought you had it" I said. "No" said mom. "I thought I gave it to dad". Then it came to me "You must have dropped it". We rushed back to the spot where we got the ticket. But it was gone. what would we do the flight was in half an hour and the building had four storeys. Someone must have stole it. Me and dad went to the Lost and Found counter. There were four tickets found but we couldn't be sure which one was ours. We would have to take a chance that the one found for Florida was ours.

We had ten minutes to get to the plane. We ran all the way to the plane gave the lady our ticket and got on. All the seats were packed except for one row with one man in it. He had a big suitcase which for some reason he preferred to carry. We sat down and waited for the signal that we were taking off to come. Then we heard a loud voice say please put on your safety belts and prepare for takeoff. In the plane wasn`t so bad I could play my dad in chess if I wanted. Soon it was time to land. We got off feeling tired but okay. So began our holiday in Florida. Not a great start but he hoped it would improve from there.

Rory W.