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Fourth Class Stories
Fourth Class Travel Stories - boy have they been around - click here



A Scorpion's long body and large pincers makes it look like a small lobster. But the Scorpions eight legs show that it is an arahnid, not a crustacean. The sting at the end of its long arching tail is occasionally used to paralyze prey, but mainly for self-defense. Several kinds of Scorpion can infect very painful stings on larger animals and people and a few are even fatal. So a Scorpion should never be disturbed or handed. Although Scorpions have from four to eight eyes like spiders their sight is poor. But this is not important since most Scorpions hide by day squeezed into a rocky crevice or mud. The sting of the Scorpion may kill a person or animal. When the poison goes into the blood stream it poisons the blood and also the animal. Then the animal goes drowsy and in a minute or so the animal dies. Suddenly the Scorpion catches his prey and eats it to pieces. Baby Scorpions are not even an inch long. When the male catches his prey it brings the food to the female and baby Scorpions. Scorpions


It was a weird halloween. I was out tricker treating on my own and then suddenly before I could react bang. somebody had hit me over the head with a toy axe with a patch of metal on the side. whoever hit me with that axe I thought really wanted to kill me but did not hit me on the side of the metal patch. when I got up I kept on going to the next houses getting money or sweets. I knew a man had hit me because heard something in the bushes and I heard him sneeze. but then just as I was coming out of toronsville I heard something in the bushes. then out of nowhere came the worst reptiles I ever dreaded snakes live snakes fell on top of me two cobras , two pythons and one anaconda and just as they were about to squeeze me and poison me to death I woke up it was all a terrible nightmare it was St. valentines day and I was safe. the end by john k

Michael's Holiday Adventure

Hi my name is Michael. I'm here to tell a true story. It all happened when Christmas was close. We were going to go to Austria to a small village called Lech for skiing. We stayed in a hotel called the Gothard Hotel. Once we checked in we went to rent skies and ski boots. They had to measure our feet. When we had that done we walked back to the hotel and went to bed. The next day we went to the ski service and got our boots and skies. Then we walked to the ski school where we met our teacher Martin Zimmerman. The first day it was hard to remember everything we learned the other three years but we got the hang of it in the end. We ate our lunch up on the mountain in a restaurant. I can still remember that my sister had Germcnoodle. It was a pudding type of thing except it was white, brown and had custard all around it. I had Kiesershmann it was a pancake/omelette sort of food. I also had a food called Snitsil. It was kind of like a flat fishfinger but instead it was full of either pork or lamb. My sister went snowboarding and she hurt Her foot really bad so my mum had to stay behind and take care of her. On the t.v were mostly German channels except two, which were American. CNBC and CNN were the two American Channels. They mostly had the news on. They also had a weather channel for Lech and Zurs the village nearby. On the last night we went to Zurs to go to a festival. We met Santa Clause there but he didn't speak any English he only spoke German. We had a great time in Lech. When we were home in Dublin airport the luggage was very slow and there were a lot of people too, We met Santa Clause at Dublin airport as well. He gave me two lollies and a badge. So if you're ever in Lech and you're staying in the Gothard Hotel tell them Michael sent you.

THE END by Michael W.


Lech, Austria on the left and Gran Canaria above.

To get to Osno we flew to Berlin in Germany and it took 2 hours to cross the border. When we got there we stayed in my aunt's hous4e for 2 days. After that we went to Bogdaniec and that is where my granny and grandad lives. We stayed in my uncle's housew close to my grandparents. It started snowing on the 24 of Decmber and for the next 2 weeks it was snowing and we went sledging every day. On the 26 it was my grann's and grandad's 50 anniversary. We went to a restaurant and had a meal there and that was the same restaurant that my mum and dad their wedding reception. On the New Year we went to Osno to see the fireworks display. It was the first time I saw so many fireworks. There was a rope tied from one tree to another and there was little volcanoes thatdropped a lot of sparkles tied on to the rope. They also had bangers that were noisy and when someone put one into a dusbin and closed the lid the lid blew open. Some people had screamers and some hed jumping jacks. When we were coming home there was a big queue of people at the passport control. We went to Berlin and flew home.



On June 17th my family and I went to America. We went from Dublin and we changed planes it took us twelve hours to get there. When we got there my Auntie was waiting for us. She took us to her house and we played with my cousins. My cousins and I went swimming and after that we played baseball and also basketball. The next day we went shopping. A few days after that we went to six flags and we had great fun.


Images of Australia photographed by David and his family while there recently - see report below.


Hello my name is David and I'm going to tell you about my holiday in Australia. We left Castlebar on the 8th of December to go to Dublin. We stayed in a hotel and that was beside the airport. The next morning when we were in the airport we met S-Club 7. Later that day we flew to London and we had to wait a few hours until our 13-hour plane trip to Singapore. The plane we went on was a really nice one because you had your own TV with a Nintendo. When we were in Singapore-airport we lost our bags. So we spent the first day buying new clothes to wear. On the second day we went sightseeing and then went to the airport and waited. 8 hours later we were in Sydney airport. To our surprise our bags were there. It was in the high 30s when we got a taxi to our hotel. The hotel was brilliant and every room had a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a balcony. But the best thing of all was the hotel was right beside a beach. We went to the beach a lot of the time. One of the days a man called Ray who works in the fire service in Sydney brought us up the mountains to see the three sisters (which are mountains) and other mountains as well. One of the days we went to the Olympic stadium and swam in the Olympic swimming pool. A woman gave us a tour of the stadium. We went down to the track and stood on the podium and stuff like that. Did you know but apparently they are turning the stadium into a rugby stadium. The pool was packed with people. We went out by boat that went under the Harbour Bridge and came home by train. We went under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the Sydney Opera House. One of the other days we went to the top of the AMP tower and then we went to a place where we saw the biggest Christmas Tree in the world. It was strange seeing all the Christmas decorations when it was so hot. After a week we flew to Cairns and then we went to our hotel that was set in a rainforest which looked like a jungle. The hotel had three swimming pools and tennis courts. The bad thing was that it the middle of the rainy season but that didn't stop us. On the first day we went to a place called Kuranda. A man gave us a tour of Kuranda and first he let us buy stuff in the shops there. Then he brought us to wild Life Park and we had lunch there. We were going to go back to the bus station on the famous Sky-Rail but there was a big power storm so we had to take the bus back to the hotel. On the second day we did water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing and tube sailing. On the third day we went to the Barrier Reef. We took a boat called Quicksilver to a building in the middle of the reef. When we got there we went for a practice swim and then we had lunch. My brother Alan went scuba diving and the rest of us went snorkeling. My brother and I went on a special course. We saw lots of strange looking fish and at the end we saw a shark. The day was over and we went back to the hotel. The next day we just chilled out at the hotel and went to all the swimming pools. The next day we went to town looking at shops and we lost our backpack. That evening we went for pizza. The next day we flew to Adelaide. On that flight we had to stop at Brisbane and then at Melbourne. We met our cousins at the airport and they brought us to their house beside a beach. One of the days we went to a wildlife park and there we saw Kangaroos, Koala Bears, Snakes, Tasmanian Devils, EMU's and all types of birds. On two occasions we went to an indoor snow park where we went tobogganing and ice-skating. On two occasions we went to the swimming pool where we dived of a three-meter diving board. We also played water polo. My cousins live near a carnival and in that carnival there is a massive water slide. We went on that slide a lot of the time. At night we slept in a tent but the bad thing was that there was a lot of mosquitoes that kept biting you. For Christmas we had a nice dinner and gave presents to each other. We had a lot of visitors including a woman from France. Our cousins brought us to the massive shopping center. It was new years eve and we went to the carnival to see the fireworks. We had great fun on all the rides. At the end of the holiday we had watched about 30 videos because we had a TV in the tent at night. Before you knew it, it was time to go. We said goodbye at the airport and we headed home. The plane trip seemed to be shorter than the first. We were in Dublin at 9.00am. When we went outside it was freezing. We got our car and then we rang our aunt Terri and she had a big dinner waiting for us



When I went to granda studios in manchester, I saw very interesting sites.The first thing I saw was the cobblestones. They where so uneven. I will never forget the corner shop on cornataion street and the garage. I then went to another studio it was Blind Date.We went to London and to the gates of number ten Downing Street. And I went to a Manchester game, Manchester v Aston Villa. Iwas up for Aston villa. But Man united won 2-1.