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JP Grealis - Missing Person
13, Jan 2009 - 07:32

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Dear All,
I have a favor to ask as my brother, JP, is missing in the Netherlands. Could you please pass on this mail with the information below – I know it’s a long shot but it may reach someone that has seen him in the past few weeks, we will try anything at this stage. We have been doing everything we can to find JP with the Police and the Embassy and my family and JP’s friends have searched various places in the Netherlands but there appears to be no trace of him since he was last seen in Eindhoven during the first week of November. It seems unlikely but he may have travelled outside of the Netherlands so we are also searching in Belgium/Spain/Germany etc.
Thank you, 

Have you seen this Man?

Nationality: Irish
Name: James Patrick Grealis, known as JP
Date of Birth: 14/03/1984 (24 years old)
Hair: Red (curly/wavy)
Height: approx.1.75 meter/ approx 5’ 9’’
Build: Slim build with broad shoulders
Clothes: Generally wears T-shirts, jeans, hoodies etc (he has a habit of walking with his sleeves pulled down over his hands)
General Information: Smoker, works in construction industry, likes to socialize  
JP was last seen in Eindhoven (1st week of Nov) and last called home from Breda (23rd of Oct). He may have travelled to Rotterdam in November. Any information please contact me (00 353 (0)87 2393993) or the Irish Police on 00 353 (0)98 20830 or the Dutch Police on 00 31 (0)79-345 8882 (case number 08261250 for Dutch Police) 

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