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Prosta-Check- A Home Prostate Health Check
By Pamex
19, Mar 2012 - 11:27

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One in 13 Irish Men Will be Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2012

PROSTA-Check A Simple New Home Test.
PROSTA-Check Test

The incidence and death rates for prostate cancer are higher in Ireland than in England, Scotland and Wales (1). One in 13 Irish men (2) will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. PROSTA-Check a new, one step home test which can help men check up on their prostate health, is now available in pharmacies nationwide. PROSTA-Check tests for elevated levels of a protein called Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) which can be an early indication of prostate cancer. Early cancer detection is critical to successful cancer therapy treatments, because treatment typically becomes less effective once the disease has progressed (3). New research just published in US Journal of The National Cancer Institute (4) highlights the need for more targeted screening amongst young and healthy men and particularly those at high risk of prostate cancer.

PROSTA-Check does not diagnose prostate cancer; instead it detects high levels of the PSA protein. PSA is produced by normal prostate cells and then released in small amounts into a man's bloodstream by the prostate gland. While a high level of PSA can be associated with prostate cancer, it may also indicate that there is a benign prostate condition e.g. a urinary infection or even inflammation and a GP visit for further investigation is strongly recommended.

PROSTA-Check is an important home prostate health check kit, as it can provide reassurance, particularly if there is any personal or family history of prostate cancer. If prostate cancer has been diagnosed, PROSTA-Check may also be used as a monitoring tool after treatment, to monitor PSA levels.

As PSA increases with age, there is growing consensus that men should test themselves aged 40+ when PSA levels are lower, as PSA levels increase with age. In a US study , Dr. Hans Lilja, from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, found that PSA testing of men in their 40s was predictive of developing prostate cancer later. The study found that the higher the initial PSA, the greater the probability that the cancer would be aggressive. While there are no agreed Public Screening protocols in Ireland, screening earlier, at the age 40, and repeating every five years thereafter would recognise those with a high likelihood of developing prostate cancer, but also those who will not need further screening because their chance of ever developing prostate cancer is not significant.

PROSTA-Check is available from pharmacies nationwide Price €16.99. For stockist information please contact Pamex Ltd. on 094 9024000.

How to Use PROSTA-Check
1. Wash hands
2. Open protective pouch and take out device and pipette
3. Push small orange rod into body of lancet, until a click is heard (device activated)
4. Remove orange rod by turning left or right
5. Press lancet onto finger and press trigger
6. Massage finger that was pricked to obtain blood
7. Put pipette into contact with blood
8. Pipette blood into device
9. Wait for blood to totally enter well
10. Add 4-5 drops of diluent
11. Read results after 10 minutes




About Veda Lab
 PROSTA-Check is manufactured by VEDA.LAB S.A. in France, one of Europe's largest certified diagnostics companies involved in rapid medical diagnostic tests and kits.
 VEDA.LAB S.A. is headquartered in Alecon, just outside Nice, where its R&D and manufacturing resources are located in an ultramodern ISO 9001- and ISO 13485 accredited facility.
 VEDA.LAB targets its research and development resources on technological applications in immunology, primarily in the area of in-vitro diagnostics, and, thanks to the company's people, entrepreneurial spirit and a tremendous amount of hard work, VEDA.LAB has managed to achieve exemplary growth in the industry. VEDA.LAB is now a reference in the field of rapid diagnostics worldwide.



(1) Irish National Cancer Registry, 2011.
(2) Incidence and death rates for prostate cancer are higher in Ireland than in England, Scotland and Wales, according to Irish National Cancer Registry.
(3) World Health Organisation.
(4) US Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Volume 104 Issue 2 January 18, 2012.


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