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Third and Fourth Classes

Fourth Class Stories and News - just one click away!

Third Class  a. Short Stories, b. Jokes,   c. Pictures - just click the name.

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                                  Hi and welcome to our webpage

Spring is here and we have made some nice pictures!

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Basketball                                                                                                                     TOP

On the Chicago Bulls team Scotty Pippen left and the Chicago Bulls are not that good anymore.

If you are a small person you can get around the big people and if you are a big person you

can slamdunk. This is a famous move. It is when you hang on to the hoop and throw the ball in.

Michael Jordan left too and became a move star. His first movie, SpaceJam, was a comedy.

By Michael M. 3rd Class


Learn About Rugby

My favourite game is Rugby. My favourite team is Ireland.

My favourite player is Keith Wood. Some people have a cardboard picture of Keith Wood.

My dad’s sister painted a picture. I’ve been to the two matches.

Australia against Ireland the score was 7 Australia won Ireland against U. S. A

Ireland hammered U.S.A.  The under 10s are playing against the Cregs. I like New Zealand.

This is the song. Ireland, Ireland, together standing tall shoulder to shoulder we answer Ireland’s call.

By David C (3rd Class)

 New Zealand

New Zealand are the strongest rugby team. New Zealand got into the world cup semi fianl. But they lost against France.Austraila bet South Africa to get into the world cup fianl. Before New Zealand play a match they do the Hacka and it is very popular. Johnnah Lomu is leaving New Zealand and so is Jeff Wilson. Johnnah Lomu is the best rugby player in the world . Australia beat France in the world cup final. Australia are the world cup champions.

By Luke S. (Third Class)



Jokes by Gary F. & James F. 3rd Class

1. What do you call an insect that hums a lot? A humbug.

2. Why did the lift get ill. Because it went down with something!

3. Miss Smyth must love little Kevin. Why? Because she puts kisses next to his sums.

4. What has a bottom at the top. A leg.

5. Why are rivers rich. Because they have two banks.

6. What lessons do witches love the best. Spelling lessons.

7. If a red house has red bricks and a blue house has blue bricks what colour bricks has a green house. Glass!

1. What did the skeleton say to his girlfriend?

I love every bone in your body!

2. Why didn’t the skeleton jump of the cliff?

Because he did not have the guts too!

3. What goes all around the world but stays in one

corner ? A stamp!

4. Why do leopards never escape from the zoo? Because there always spotted!






Fourth Class Stories and News


On the 21st of January I went to the new laser world called Q2000. You have to shoot a light in the other teams base. They have new guns that have standard Shots auto fire and smart bombs. At the start you have to energize you’re gun you also have to energize when you get shot about ten times. Raymond shot me about fifteen times. We were the orange Team. Eoghan was on my team and so was Brendan. The green team was Thomas, David,Raymond, Alan and Stephen. They shot our light lots of times but we still won. I came first out of it all. After that we went to the astro turf pitch.


Tommy got up early on Sunday morning. He got his breakfast and his mother gave him sandwiches. Tommy and his dad drove to the station. There were hundreds of people on the train, each wearing the red and green of Mayo.They walked up O’Connell Street in Dublin to Croke Park. They watched a great game. Mayo were unlucky and Tommy was sad that they lost however Tommy had a great day.