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Foxes 1

Foxes 2

Sports Day

Snowflake Story

Foxes 1

Foxes live in all parts of the world, especially Ireland. They live in an earth. That is what there home is called. They have a long fury tail and it is called a brush. Sometimes when foxes are hungry they eat chickens and turkeys for dinner.

David G.

Once there was a fox, he saw a hen. The fox was so fat that he could not run after the hen. So there was ten hens and they said look he is so fat he cannot get us. A storm came and the fox died so the hen was very happy.

My favourite animal is the fox. The fox lives in the forests and woods. The farmer hates the fox because it kills his chickens. The fox is a very sly animal. He looks like a dog with a bushy tail. He is a reddish brown colour.

Jason McD.

Once upon a time there was a fox in my house. He was my next door neighbours fox and we could not find where he had hidden. We found him at 3am.


Once I saw a fox running around our Halting Site. The fox lives in the forests and wood. The foxes tail is called the brush. The fox is breed of vermin. The farmer hides his chickens because the fox will kill them. The fox hunts for food. He is a reddish brown colour. People say you are as sly as a fox to insult you. The fox is never a pet because he cannot be tamed.

Michael Mc.

Foxes live in all parts of the world, especially Ireland. They live in an earth. That is what there home is called. They have a long fury tail and it is called a brush. Sometimes when foxes are hungry they eat chickens and turkeys for dinner.

Once upon time there was a fox called Foxy. He had 7 brothers & 5 sisters. He was bought in a pet shop. His first owners were the worst owners in the world. After 1 week he killed there only son called Jimmy Joe Patrick. Then he ran away. His second owners were alright but they were very noisy and he could get no sleep. He ran away again. His third owners were ok but there neighbors were very bold and they kept kicking him. So he ran away his forth owners were very nice and he decided to stay there. But one summer there Dad got a job in Spain, but the only problem was that animals can't go on planes or boats. But then one day when he was walking away sadly a girl picked him up and brought him home. Then one year later he was happily playing in the garden the owner threw the ball the ball went on the road and the fox ran on the road got hit by a car and died.

Gary O'M

Once upon a time I saw a fox in my backyard. Four days later I saw another fox in an old barn not too far from my house in Skibbareen. The fox that I saw in my backyard was the biggest. They were both a rusty colour with bits of white on their stomachs and tails. When the foxes saw me they ran away. They were as quick as lightning.

Jamie G.



Foxes 2

One day in early Spring I was on Jacks Uncle Tom's farm. Kevin and Jack were counting the sheep when they found that one lamb was missing. They saw a track of footprints leading into a forest. They went back to Uncle Tom who was very sick with the flu. So they got the dog and went after the fox they found the blood of the lamb the dog went after the sent and ran after the fox. They had a big fight. The dog got a big scrape across his face. But the fox was dead.

Kevin and Jack

Once upon a time in a wood there was a fox named Bottlebrush. He lived in a den. He also had a bad reputation for stealing and killing. You would not be surprised as he hanged out with the Hill Killers. There were five foxes in the Hill Killers including the following: Bottlebrush, Spike, Rex, Hill and Killer. They are called the "Hill Killers" because Hill and Killer founded them. One day as they were walking past a house they heard that a very ancient vase was found in Egypt. But they had to get past certain obstacles. The "Hill Killers" were so interested in this piece of news that they decided to go to Egypt right away. All they packed was fox food. They ran all night and ran all day to their destination. Soon they were at England airport. They decided to catch the plane to Egypt straight away. They sneaked onto the plane and ended up in Egypt. Some very funny things happened on the plane like tripping up the porter. They came to the tombs and saw some stampers. First Bottlebrush went and made it. The next three made it but Spike the last of them all tripped over his tail and died. Next they came to a whole load of spikes. Hill and Killer went first. They died but as they were so very old the jump was too much for them. Next they came to cannons they had to run past. Rex died here. Now it was just Bottlebrush left and he was so ashamed of having no friends he killed himself.

Joe and Liam.

The fox's home is called earth. They eat birds and other animals. They carry F.D.M. That is what some people think started F.D.M. Foxes can be very dangerous. You should never go near a fox or even a cub.

Luke and Steve.

Once upon a time lived a fox called Jim and his Daddy Paddy. Paddy and Jim lived in the middle of the town in a bin. Paddy was a great hunter at night for owls and other birds. One night a farmer shot Paddy's Dad for stealing the chickens. Paddy still got the chickens one night they decided to move to the countryside to get more chickens. Paddy's wife Molly thought it was a great idea and had Cubs in the countryside one of them got shot. The farmer that shot him was big and hard to beat so at night they went to the chicken house and stole all the pregnant chickens so they would get more chickens. Soon all the chickens were eaten. The farmer came out and shot all of them.

Nigel and Mike.

Foxes live in all parts of the world, especially Ireland. They live in an earth. That is what there home is called. They have a long furry tail and it is called a brush. Sometimes when foxes are hungry they eat chickens and turkeys for dinner. They are 1metre long. They are good for hunting. They are very fast runners. They are one of the fastest runners in Ireland. Some foxes are very shy to people. I would like to have a fox myself.

Rory and Mark.

The fox is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. It is most known for its beautiful bushy tail. It is called a "brush". You would mostly find foxes in a forest. There home is called an earth. Every spring the male fox mates and the female has cubs. When the cubs are about ten months old they can go out with their father to learn how to hunt for food. When the cubs are old enough they will leave their parents and live alone in the woods or in the forest. Around once a week a fox gets killed on the roads. This is very sad.

Shane and David.

Once upon a time there was a fox called sly. He lived in the forest with his mother & father. He never helped out with the housework and never went hunting with his father he only went on his own. He was always up to mischief. Slys best friend was called Danny. Danny was a good friend and he always helped out.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Thomas. He was looking forward to camping out in his back garden with his friend Fergal. He asked his mum to make some rice crispy buns. Then Fergal rang to say that he would be over at 7.30p.m. So he went up to the attic and got the tent there were a lot of cobwebs on it. So he dragged it down the stairs. He took it out to the garden and set it up. Then Fergal came over to Thomas's house. They got the sleeping bags ready and went out side. During the night Fergal woke up he heard a fox out side then he woke Thomas up. Thomas looked out of the tent and he saw the fox. Then the fox ran away and was never to be seen again.

John and Conor.

Once upon a time there was two boys their names were Paul Quinn and David Walsh. They lived on a farm. They had all sorts of animals. Most of their animals were chickens. One day they went to bed. A fox stole twenty chickens. When the farmer woke up in the morning he fainted. "I wanted to have one of those chickens for dinner". The fox ate all the chickens. He did not feel so well. The fox learned a lesson 'DON'T BE SO GREEDY.

Alan and Alan.


Sports Day

At school one day there was a lot of noise in third class. Everybody was talking about Sports Day. Sports Day is in three days. In three days time everybody was in their shorts and t- shirts. Finally everybody was let out. Mr. Cabbage was the organizer of the Sports day. Ready, steady, go, the 100-metre race was off. Everybody was shouting for Green Broccoli. Mr. Cabbage blew his whistle. Green Broccoli was the winner. Mr. Cabbage blew his whistle the tug of war was between Olly Orange and Annie Apple. Annie Apple was the winner. She jumped with joy. Next the egg and spoon race. Peter Plant and Stephen Straw were in the race. Mr. Cabbage blew his whistle again. The race was on. "Try not to fall" said Mr. Cabbage. Stephen Straw crossed the line twenty seconds before Peter Plant did. Soon it was time for the medals presentation. For the 100 metre sprint Green Broccoli won the medal. For the tug- of- war Annie Apple wins it. For the egg and spoon race Stephen Straw gets it. Congratulations to all the winners. Everybody went inside. Mr. Cabbage asked did everybody enjoy them selves. Everybody said yes. And that's how the Sports Day of 2001 went on.

Sports Day

It was Sports Day all the veg & Plant heads were very excited & were showing off running. Mick Mushroom & Cathal Cabbage were very fast & were running in 100 metre sprints. Soon it was time for the race & they were very tired. They both drew last. Daryl Strawberry was first. Cathal & Mick were very angry & tried to run after Daryl but were not fit enough to run after him. It was the relay the fitters against the Sprints. Sprints won by 3 seconds. It was the tug-of-ware. It was Patty Potatoes team against Ben Broccoli's team. Ben Broccoli's team won. Then it was time for penalty shootout. Footy flowerpot was against Gary Peach & Gary was taken first and he's hit it wide, Footy scored, And it was on the last penalty, It was 4-3 to Footy & Gary scored & Footy scored. Soon it was the cross-country & there were two veggies running in it Connor Carrot & Ben Broccoli. Ben won it and got the gold. Then it was the finals of the penalty shootout and footy was against Connor. It was the last penalty and it was 4-4 and Connor has missed and footy has scored and he has won. The winners are Footy Flowerpot Connor Carrot and Patty Potato.





Once upon a time there was a snowflake. His name was snowy. One day he was falling from the sky. He fell from the sky and landed on the top of the school And he fell off the school. He fell to the ground and some People nearly stepped on him.

James and Shaney.