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Senior Infants

Welcome to our Class!

We go to school everyday and our classroom is Room 17. We do our reading every morning and we learn how to write our letters and words. We love to hear about the people in Letterland and Toy Town. We play with the activities and everyone wants to play with the Mobilo especially.

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We have a computer and a printer in our classroom. We love to play on the computer. Our favourite game is Hyperstudio. We are making a book now about us and how BIG we are. Ryan's Mammy came to our class and told us about Ryan when he was small. He was a little rascal!

Lots of people help in our school every day.

We are very lucky to have two caretakers in our school.
Mr. Conlon works very hard every day taking care of our school and we help him by keeping our school and our class neat and tidy too. When we fall in the yard, he looks after us (and gives us a lollipop!)
Mr. Conlon looks after the fish in the fish tank beside the office. We love to look at the fish every morning and see them swimming and getting bigger and fatter. Our caretaker feeds them everyday and he cleans out the fish tank sometimes so they can have a nice clean place to live in too. Some boys help him to clean out the tank.

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Mr. Conlon was once a baby too! He showed us some photos of himself when he was small and he told us funny stories about his dog, Albert, his cat, Katie and his donkey called Bob. Now he has only one cat called Becky. He loves her.

Here you can see our other caretaker, Mr. Ainsworth, working hard. He helps to keep our school clean and tidy as well. He always has lots of lollies in his                                                      pockets!                                     TOP       

Here you can see the ladies who work very hard in our school helping the teachers and the children. They make the notes and photocopy all the stuff for the teachers and sometimes they come into our class with notes and messages for our teacher. They are always very nice to us.

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We love to play in the infants yard. We play football or chasing, basketball or other games with our friends. There is a big horse chestnut tree there and we can collect the leaves and conkers for our nature table in Autumn. There are lots of lovely paintings on the walls. We like our playground.

In Springtime we can see the bulbs growing in the flowerbeds in the courtyard and we love to watch the birds feeding from the feeders in Winter and gathering around the bird tables there. Sometimes our teacher brings us out into the courtyard to play on the playhouse or to play Hopscotch on the squares. That's great fun!

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