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During the famine one of the most common occurrence’s besides burials and emigration was EVICTION.

Eviction mean’s been thrown out of your home by another party.

One day Mairé & Dathí McMullin were moving to Louisbourg. At the time louisberg had a bit of a bad reputation so they found some cheap-rent generous sized land. As time went by their small little brick slatted house was soon home to a family of 10.

Maire and Dathi thought that time was flying and everything was grand.But in ’47 (known as the ‘black 47’)times were bad and they were struggling so they decided it was time to separate the land between the children(to try and survive).

The family was lucky that they only had one girl so they only had to pay for one fare out of the country.But were would that money come from???

Their neighbours who were well off but were kind used to give some of there dinner to them if they were desperate.One evening the father of the rich family came over to the McMullin’s with some bad news.

Neighbour: "Dathí theres some news for ya",

Dathí:"Well spit it out",

Neighbour:"Theres a new cop in town"

Dathí:"A new WHAT!"

Neighbour:"A cop,the english have sent him in from London so he’d be pretty experienced and cruel."

Dathí:"I bet he’s on good wages for putting innocent families out of their homes!"

Dathí went and told the family the bad news.

Dathí:"Maíre ,Anne and the rest of you listen up.There’s word that an English cop is in Louisbourgh town and is very cruel and dosen’t spare ya."

There was more news to come the McMullins youngest son Danny died of starvation the following month!

So while they were at the very,very,very small funeral the policeman walked up to Dathí,

Policeman:"Excuse me sir but would you like to come with me?"


Policeman:"You’ll see"

Dathí:"Not NOW!"

Policeman:"Yes Now, It’s involving you and your family so do you want to get into more trouble by not coming with me?"

Dathí:"No, I guess not"

Dathí went with the policeman and the policeman said, Dathí:"Clear out your belongings or let them be burned too."

Dathí went inside with a tear in his eye.

His family were just walking home when they seen fire on their land.Personally I do not know where they got the energy from but they ran like a cheetah.

Dathí seen his family and went to explain what happened.

Maire: "No!Oh god No! Help! Help! HELP!"

Dathí: "Are you glad with yourself ya good for nothin tan!"

Policeman:"It’s only my job sir!"

Dathí:"Yeah,but I bet you enjoy it!"

Policeman:"Well I must admit there is a bit of a thrill in this job."

Just then Dathí went to fight him when the policeman interrupted Dathí.

Policeman:"Now,Now,Now you don’t want to be done under section c13a:police assault."

A sellar was walking down the road with tickets to Dublin,London,New York,Washington,Liverpool and Belfast.

Sellar:"Bargin!Bargin!Listen to it be said.That you might be able to sleep in a comfortable bed.Believe me because I have been there,Unless you don’t wan’t to go and Live in this Nightmare!"

The McMullans all died except Anne who lived in America until she was 70 when she died of old age.