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Letters to the Minister                              


Dear Mr Woods

My name is Jarlath from Mayo. I want to know why the government is not letting the refugee’s in Ireland work I think it is a disgrace that people who’s lives are in danger are not aloud work. They are out on the streets starving. During the week I heard that there is 281million pounds going to be spent on a national stadium, 70million on the Eircom Stadium and at the moment you are repairing Croke Park for 80,000.All this money could be spent on getting homes a proper education and food. At the moment we are talking about the right’s of people. I think everyone should have the right to life do you agree with this? Should everyone in Ireland get a good education. Please answer these questions and write back soon.




My name is James and I am from Castlebar, I am concerned about the money Ireland is wasting. I know this is not in your line but if you could try and give it to Jim Mc Daid I would be very pleased.

REFUGEES We are taught at school to respect others but Ireland don’t treat the refugees with respect. Refugees are forced to leave their homes and reluctantly leave to go to richer countries. When they reach Ireland they are told that they can’t get any work here even though we are short of nurses, docters etc. I think that a special factory should be built for refugees only.

THE NATIONAL STADIUM is the worst money wasting scam I have ever heard of in my life. We don’t need another gaelic pitch or soccer pitch or rugby pitch. All we need to do is build a running track and that wouldn’t cost a quarter of the money. And we don’t need an arena either-as we have the RDS.

JAMES from castlebar


Dear Michael Woods,

I am very concerned about the way money is being spent in Ireland.I think it is a total waste. For instance you have the eircom stadium , just think to yourself do we really need it?

Over the millenium all the money that was spent over fireworks,parties ect. Could have cleared off third-world-debt!I think it is a disgrace over the new stadium’s.We are fine with what we have got.We like Landsdown Rd. and Croke Park just the way they are.I think that we should invest more into charities more than sport.Haven’t we enough.

If the refugees keep coming into Ireland it would be a better country.There would be buildings going up faster and more jobs but the down side is they will tell their families and keep coming in.Just make the right descisions sir. John


Dear Mr. Woods

I would like to complain about the fact that there is 281 million pounds

being spent on a football pitch that could be used to house everyone in Ireland with every facility they need. We pay taxes to pay for a football pitch why not spend more money on the poor people of Ireland sport is important but it is not as important as people. Remember that we are taught in school to respect the rights of others and that everyone has the right to reasonable comfort yet there are people living on the streetand why is this so when there are so many jobs in Ireland.Why do you not let refuges work?

We see adverts in the paper for work every day.

Thank you for your time