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Re: golden memories

Posted by oliver killeen on August 17, 2008 at 22:10:18:

In Reply to: Re: golden memories posted by Pit stop on August 17, 2008 at 17:41:35:

i rember the gannons well....they moved into the flat above the shop when dan carroll moved out ....i was away from home then....but i knew they were in the mention knuckle bones and breast bones and you bring a delicious taste to my my day josie mcdonnell and jack lyons from newline ran the shop......they used to fill the bundles of rashers with scrap from the slicing machine...i dreaded having to go and get some bacon there because i would have to bring it back if it was loaded with scrap....bill lacey ran the chill rooms and i remember going to him and getting blocks of ice appears we did have some hot summers so ice was needed to keep the butter ....ah! home made country there was something ....i got many a slab of that out in blaines you rember the many milkmen that delivered milk way back then ...billy mchale [our milkman], john kilgallon,etc, milk was served right from the urn and measured in pint , half pint, and quart amounts....lavelles , comers, gavins, delivered bread in horse drawn rigs we used to break off the crusts when we got behind the wagons....there was a square pan loaf just a top and botton crust we'd peel off some of the hot bread off these loafs.....there was a round loaf that at the time was kind of interesting....knowing how the bakers made it.....i remember the very first pure white loaf.....after the war....and how about that first sighting of sliced bread....we were kind of you remember when they put concrete footpaths on mchale road.....before that they were a rough kind of stone and mentioned murrays shop and we were kind of scared of mrs. murray...although i was a good friend of jimmy murrays....and how about phylis's wrinklets .....clarks shop had a poster of metro golden mayer contract artists on their wall ...the first smell you got when you went into their shop was that of parrafin oil...they sold it...mrs clarke was good to us also eileen and mary....her husband tom clarke harvested oats and wheat in the acres in clarkes field.....sadly tom who worked also for the e.s.b. was electrocuted near the hat factory....we were quite shocked because he was nice to us guys....i guess his years in the states gave him a more pleasant approach to life....what a great time we'd have at threshing time and also when he saved hay......we helped and a bottle of lemonade was a divine treat along with a biscuit. another time i will give a look back to the famous horse caughoo....well thats the way it was ...way back once upon a good time when we lived on mchale road and in castlebar......right now the sun is dancing over lake ontario...and the national exhibition is in full swing the blue jays are playing the boston red bush is determined to make the world a caldron of danger and continue to talk through his ass...the olympics are half way over in bejing....mayo lost to tyrone....padraic harrington is becoming the buzz name name in golf....batman is raking it in the box office ....and you can have it all for one of those golden days way back once upon a good time...joe blowick was minister of lands sean t was in phoenix park, dev was in opposition,stephen garvey led the best orchestra in the town and perhaps the country, bros. walshe a close second billy newell and the skyliners were music to the ears, the cecilian sextet[ messrsreynolds and gavins]wereone the finest sounds in the west and so began the embryo for the ballroom of romance.....anoct...sin e mo sceal....amarach sceal eile...tog go bog e.....

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