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Crimlin Pupils at RDS Primary Science Fair
By Sheila Jennings
11, Jan 2014 - 14:48

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The 5th and 6th class pupils of Crimlin N.S took to the stand at the RDS Primary Science Fair which took place alongside the BT Young Scientists Awards at the RDS this week. The pupils posed to answer the question, "What are the environmental factors which affect plant growth?" Their presentation included details on a number if controlled experiments, their results and conclusions which were drawn. The pupils looked at the affects of light, temperature, water, carbon dioxide and some stressed conditions on plant growth. The stressed conditions included overcrowding, the presence of sodium chloride and acid rain in the water given to the plants. The children designed tgeir own greenhouse and measuring cups to aid with their experiments.  The plants were monitored over a six week period and the care given to them was recorded on MS Excel and presented in graph form at the exhibition. The exhibition which was opened to the public gave the pupils a wonderful opportunity to explore the topics of science and to see the many talents among our young people in this field. The pupils received an award for their participation in the event and also received very positive feedback from their judge, a Science lecturer at Trinity college. Congrats to our pupils: Sharon Redmond, Roy Sheridan, Simran Singh, Jonathan Quinn, Rachel Murray, Dylan Loftus, Emily O'Donnell and David Cloherty who represented Crimlin N.S at the Prinary Science Fair and who spoke to many members of the public,to judges and to reporters on their project. Acknowledgement to Mary McDonagh (School SNA) and Sheila Walsh (class teacher) for their guidance and support in helping the pupils complete their project.











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