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Eircom Brings Broadband to Castlebar and Westport
By Seamus Banim
1, Feb 2003 - 20:28

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Launch of eircom i-stream

·        eircom i-stream to benefit Castlebar and Westport SME and residential internet users

·        Up to 30 times faster, always on, internet access

·        Fixed Monthly Charge

·        Choice of products to suit your business or home

·        DSL now available to over 65% of all phonelines in Castlebar and Westport.


Issued Wednesday 29th January 2003.  eircom has launched its DSL broadband service, eircom i-stream, in Castlebar and Westport. With over 65% of all phonelines in both towns already enabled, business and residential customers will benefit from extremely fast, always-on internet access.  eircom demonstrated DSL broadband to its Castlebar and Westport customers today at an information roadshow in the Wyatt  Hotel, Westport.


eircom i-stream increases the speed of internet access by up to 30 times and brings high bandwidth to customers over ordinary copper telephone lines.  It is a service that is always-on and connected, eliminating the need for customers to dial up for access, and connect and disconnect from the internet.  Customers can also access the internet and use the telephone simultaneously using the same telephone line. The service is charged at a fixed fee for unlimited time online.


eircom i-stream is currently available in three packages; i-stream solo for the home and business user with one PC, i-stream multi for the small business with up to 4 stand alone PCs and i-stream enhanced for businesses with many users working in a networked environment.

Last week eircom announced plans to introduce a new mass market low cost broadband DSL service from March 2003.  The new low cost product will operate at speeds up to 512 kilobits per second and will be available in self-install or eircom install versions.  eircom said it would introduce the new product at a target retail price of €45 per month (excluding VAT) subject to regulatory approval. Consultation will now take place with ComReg (telecommunications regulator) and the industry to introduce the new low cost product at the earliest possible date, with a target of March 2003 at the latest.

Speaking about the launch of eircom i-stream in the area, Andrew Fordham, SME Marketing Manager, eircom, said “Since eircom launched DSL in Dublin in May last year, we have delivered on our promise to enable over 500,000 customer lines.  Outside of Dublin, DSL broadband from eircom is now available in Castlebar, Westport , Galway, Cork, Limerick, Kerry and Sligo.  We are delighted to formally launch the service in Castlebar tonight with a demonstration of eircom i-stream in action. eircom is currently investing €125 million in its national DSL rollout and will have enabled over one million customer lines by the end of 2003.”


Features of eircom i-stream DSL broadband:

eircom i-stream uses ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) - an advanced technology that provides higher bandwidth over a traditional copper telephone line and allows vast amounts of data and images to be transferred, up to 30 times faster than a standard telephone line.   eircom i-stream allows users to browse the internet, send email in virtually real time, without interrupting telephone service.




Connection (ex. VAT)

Monthly fee (ex. VAT)

i-stream solo

EUR 165

EUR 89

i-stream multi

EUR 165

EUR 139

i-stream enhanced

EUR 165

EUR 169


To avail of the service, customers must have a standard fixed telephone line, exchange coverage, and computer equipment that reaches the minimum required specification.  For more information about eircom i-stream, customers can call eircom free at 1800 512 128 or log on to


You can listen to Peter Jordan's Interview with Andrew Fordham, Marketing Manager of Eircom Business recorded at the launch by clicking here

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