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It's Elemental
12, Nov 2008 - 09:26

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It's Science Week! Digging back through the Castlebar archives we came across a series of 'elemental' articles begun way back in 2001 from one of our then regular contributors. In science week it's interesting to go back and look at this series of articles that were loosely based on the periodic table of the elements - the lighter side of science perhaps - everyday science but with musings on everything from breast implants to holidays in the Greek Islands to recipes for Christmas cakes.

Starting off with the first eight elements Hydrogen to Oxygen:

Oxygen Bars in Castlebar? - 2, Feb 2002 - 19:07
There's Nothing like Nitrogen - 18, Jan 2002 - 18:58
Have a Boron Christmas! - 22, Dec 2001 - 20:02
Beryl the Peril - 22, Dec 2001 - 13:46
Lighten up with Lithium? - 20, Dec 2001 - 13:20
Hydrogen Beer? - 14, Dec 2001 - 18:07

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